Fun at Work (part 7)

Weeks went by and Peter, my married colleague and friend (well, sort of), and I have been having fun. Everybody was clueless, including his wife. Of course, it's not something that you can broadcast to your friends.

"Hey, Jess! Tom and I are going out this weekend," Shereen, my close friend from work, told me. She and her BF Tom have been going out for almost a year now. "We're meeting this close friend of his. Why don't you come along?" If there's one word to describe Shereen, it's persistent. She persistently hooks me up with someone, arranges blind dates for me, ever since I've become single. My ex and I broke up because of intense jealousy. We loved each other deeply but all those fights were tormenting. Honestly, it was an exhausting relationship so we decided to end it.

Back to Shereen. There's this one time when she "innocently" brought a guy during our girls' night out. She introduced me to him. We spent the whole night drinking vodka and dancing. He brought me home because I was so tipsy, feeling like the world around me was spinning. We were at my doorstep when he pulled me close to his chest and kissed me. He didn't waste time and unbuttoned the top my cardigan and pulled down the tube I was wearing underneath, exposing my tits. He hungrily kissed my breasts, massaging them, toying with my nipples with his tongue.

Then he whispered, "Let's go inside." He was playing with my nipples. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. He was turned on. I looked at him and politely turned down the offer.

"I'm sorry. And do you mind taking your hands off of my boobs? They feel good but I gotta get inside." I said. He smiled but he continued touching me. He probably was trying to turn me on enough to let him in but no, I didn't let him.

We spent the next few minutes kissing and him enjoying second base. Yes, at my doorstep. The guy let me touch him. He ended up masturbating while sucking on my tits. It was good.

"Come on, Jess. It's just lunch." Shereen was bugging me now. I knew she wouldn't stop so I said "yes".


Over lunch, Peter and I didn't eat together to avoid nasty rumors. I mean, we had to lay low. We didn't want to start suspicions, so I had lunch with Shereen instead. We were sending texts to each other the whole time:

P: I miss you.

J: Miss you, too.

P: Your place after work?

J: Might stay back. Got piles of paperwork to finish.

P: Need to stay back now coz of you.

J: Don't. Tomorrow?

P: Nope, tonight. You're addictive.

J: Ladies room won't work. (That's where we last had sex. Unplanned.)

P: I got a better idea.

J: Surprise me.


That night, Peter texted me to meet him upstairs. After piles of work, I was ready for a pick-me-up.

P: Highest floor.

I met him at the highest floor.

J: Where are you?

P: Rooftop.

I suddenly felt excited. It was a breezy night. The view of the city at night was amazing. The moving cars were dwarfed by the city's skysc****rs. The wind was blowing on my hair and my face. I suddenly felt sexy. Then I heard his voice:

P: Hey you.

J: Hey. (I bit my lip as he approached me. Saw that familiar glimmer in his eyes. I got excited.)

P: Come here.

He held my waist and we started to kiss. I touched his member and felt his hardness. I unzipped his pants and knelt in front of him. Looking up at him, I said, "I missed you. I gotta have you now."

I licked that velvety tip of his cock and felt him shiver a little. I slowly put his cock in my mouth and sucked on it. Up and down, up and down. I lapped at his balls and heard him moan.

P: Come here, Jess. (He was making me stand up so he could fuck me but I didn't stop. How can I? When I missed this man the whole day and was daydreaming about him.)

I resisted and continued sucking his cock. I could feel his fingers through my hair, he was holding it away from my face so he could see how I devour his dick, how hungry I was for him. I held onto his ass cheeks and gave them a pinch, feeling my fingers digging deeper into his skin. He moaned even more.

He was trying to make me stand up but I didn't.

P: Baby, I'm... coming. (He said it in between breaths. I didn't stop until his hot cum went straight into my throat. I didn't have the time to think. I, too, was surprised but I continued sucking his dick up to the last drop.)

P: Gosh, baby, you're amazing!

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and stood up. And smiled. It was the first time I had swallowed cum.

P: My turn. (He knelt down in front of me and pulled down my panties. I had been turned on while I was eating him so I was so wet and he liked it.)

He started nibbling my clit, spreading the lapia so he could lick the insides. My knees buckled as I felt myself cum. My right leg was on his shoulder and his face was buried in my pussy.

It was a starry night. A starry, orgasmic night.

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2 years ago
so sweet & naughty
3 years ago
Absolutely brilliant, Love the way you write.
I am turned on to the max, I could just imagine it all perfectly clear.
3 years ago
ur a really great writer u definitely need to continue this saga its so fucking hot