Fun at Work (part 6)

Monday. It's D-Day. It's the first day of the working week and is usually the busiest day. I never liked Mondays. And this Monday, in particular, was on top of the list of all the Mondays that I hate. If there is such a thing.

That's because I was dreading to see Peter, the new guy at work. The same guy I had awesome sex with a couple of days back. Twas a steamy Saturday. And it felt really, really good. I would've considered it a perfect day if only we were a couple; if it weren't for the wedding ring on his finger.

Earth to Jess. As I hurried off to work, my phone rang. It was my boss.

"Meet me downtown. I'm introducing you to one of our long-time clients. You will be taking over this account from now on because Hannah is leaving," said my boss.

Perfect. More work means less time to think about Peter or to hang out with him. I'd be extremely busy and would always have an excuse to avoid him.

Don't get me wrong. The sex was awesome but he's my colleague and he's married. And I don't go around sl**ping with my colleagues. And married men. That one time was a mistake. That Saturday was a huge mistake.

The meeting went well, except for sudden thoughts of Peter touching my body and caressing my breasts. He was so gentle that his tongue felt like cotton tickling my nipples. And his kisses? They were perfect. You know, the kind that just lets you kiss back and leave you wanting for more.

By the time I had reached the office, it was almost lunch time. I ran to my workstation and was relieved that almost everyone has left to eat out. I heaved a sigh of relief. As I sat on my chair, I reached for my mobile phone in my purse. I had five unread messages and all of them were from Peter. He asked me if I was coming to work, if I wasn't feeling well and taking medical leave, if he could go to my apartment to check on me, if I was mad at him, and why I wasn't replying to his messages. I headed to the ladies room instead of replying.

As I was washing my hands, the door opened. It was Peter. He was motioning me to go outside so we could talk. When I didn't move, he went in and locked the door. I was shocked.

"Why weren't you replying? Are you mad at me?"


"Then what's wrong? I missed you yesterday. I was tempted to drop by your apartment."

"Please don't," I said. He looked at me, confused and hurt.

"Why?" He asked. I kept silent until I mustered the courage to say, "This isn't right. We have to stop this, whatever this is. You're married."

We stood there for few seconds, frozen.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." He hugged me so tight and apologised again. I turned to look at him and apologised, too. And then I kissed him.

I kissed him passionately and didn't care if he's a married man. I missed him, too. All those suppressed feelings came out and the next thing I knew, he was pinning me on the wall, unbuttoning my blouse, kissing my chest, removing my bra and sucking on my nipples. His hand made its way down to my belly. He reached for my pussy from under my skirt and pulled down my panties.

"God, I miss you," he whispered in my ear as he inserted a finger in me. I bit his lip and smiled. He continued to lick my nipples and playfully bit them. Then, he bent down to a squat so that his face was right in front of my pussy.

"I wanna eat you," he looked at me with a naughty smile. I raised my leg, giving Peter full access to my wet pussy. I was trying hard not to moan as he flicked his tongue on my clit and sucked on it hungrily.

"Fuck me," I whispered. "Fuck me, Peter, please." By then, I was already panting.

He was such a tease. He continued to lick me before standing up and asking me to bend down.

I saw my reflection in the mirror as he was penetrating me from behind. Unbuttoned blouse, exposed tits, hiked up skirt and Peter pumping me from behind. Deep thrusts sending sexual vibrations all over my body. What a way to start the week!

He told me not avoid him while he was fucking me and cupping my breasts. He would pinch my nipples lightly and I would reach for his face for a kiss. He was panting now and sweating. I know, deep down inside, I won't be able to resist this man.

We spent the next few minutes dressing up and me running my fingers through my tangled hair. My lipstick had been totally erased. Peter left the ladies room uncaught. Everybody was still out.

I was smiling all afternoon. I was happy. I smelled of Peter. And sex.

That night, he showed up at my apartment as I was making dinner. I straddled him on the kitchen floor. We simply can't get enough of each other.
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very good
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Very hot :) Can't wait for more :p
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Very good. Mmmmm and very juicy hot