Fun at Work (part 5)

(Parts 1 to 4 are available for viewing, too!)

I paid the pizza delivery guy, closed the door and locked it. There's a man waiting for me in the living room. Peter, my colleague-turned-friend, the guy I had just started kissing a few minutes ago before the pizza arrived. I had just moved into my new apartment and he volunteered to help me get settled.

I placed the box on the coffee table and turned to him. He was seated on the sofa, gazing at me. I was standing in front of him, smiling and teasing him.

"Now where were we?" He asked shyly as he motioned for me to sit on his lap. I smiled and sat on his lap sideways, so that my arms was around him, kissing him passionately. He started massaging my breasts again and after a few seconds, he tried to unzip my dress.

He pulled my left leg toward him so I could straddle him and face him freely. Kissing me hungrily, he peeled me off my dress and kissed my chest while stroking the twins. He kissed me on the lips, cupped my breasts, and said: "I couldn't stop thinking about these. And you can't stop me from kissing your tits now."

"I won't stop you," I whispered. I could feel his hardness. My pussy was getting wet.

He removed my bra and sucked on my tits. Hungrily kissing, licking and sucking on one as his other hand played and pinched my other nipple. I was moaning loudly now.

I unzipped his pants and made my way into his crotch. It was so hard. I took off his belt and pulled down his pants and stroked his cock.

"That's it. You're going down," he jokingly told me. As I laid on the sofa, he touched my pussy and pulled down my panties.

"Spread your legs, I wanna taste you," he said. I obliged. His warm tongue started to caress my clit and he inserted a finger. He massaged my pussy and sucked on my clit.

Yes, I was having sex with a married man. Thoughts of him being married completely blurred out. I was euphoric. We were both in cloud nine.

He lay on the floor and reached for my hand. By then, he had removed his shirt and his pants completely so that he was an irresistible sight on the floor. There he was, looking temptingly delicious, motioning me to eat him.

I bent down and placed his cock in my mouth while he was eating my pussy. Man, 69 is definitely better than a piping hot pepperoni pizza!

"I wanna ride you," as I looked up and straddled him. His hard cock was throbbing. I rode him like a cowgirl, my tits bouncing. He would bend up to lightly bite my nipples in between moaning and rocking my ass. He would rub my clit and look at me as I moan. I rocked back and forth, up and down, until I was about to cum.

"Almost there, almost there," I said, in between moaning and puffing. I finally exploded and couldn't stop myself from scratching his arms and shoulders, and moaned loudly. He smiled.

"Good girl," he said. "Now it's my turn." He led me to the sofa and had me stand on all fours. His hard cock entered me from behind. He reached for my clit and rubbed it while he was fucking me. He would lightly spank my ass and squeeze my breasts. God, I love what we're doing!

"I'm cumming," he said. In anticipation of his climax, I bent down so that my forehead rested on the sofa and my pussy was completely his. He removed his cock when he was about to explode, and I felt his hot cum on my back, my ass and my legs.

We lay on the sofa and cuddled in the next few minutes, our clothes s**ttered on the floor. The pizza was no longer hot but we didn't mind. The sex sure made us hungry and wolfed it down. Naked.

And we spent the whole afternoon fucking each other in between organising my stuff. In my apartment.

The following day, my body was aching. I was tired from organising my stuff and the whole-day sexual activity that Peter and I had.

He texted and said he missed me. I didn't reply. I wouldn't want to spark any suspicion from his wife. The fuck fest was enough for me to feel guilty.

That night, I couldn't sl**p. Saturday's sexual episode is the first and last, I told myself. That's done. Nothing will follow.

Little did I know that it was just the beginning.

To be continued...
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very good
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omg this is fucking great! love it!