Fun at Work (part 2)

(Do check out the first part for a backgrounder on this story. Enjoy!)

I went to the ladies room to check if I looked good. "Adjusted" the blouse and made sure that the cleavage is still there. And by "adjusted" I meant I pulled my blouse down so that some "cheeks" are showing.

I made my way into the conference room and I could feel my chest pounding. I was excited and, at the same time, nervous. This colleague of mine is making me feel this way.

"He's married," a voice inside me reminded me of this harsh reality.

"So what? It's just a brainstorming session," the other voice replied back.

I opened the door and saw Peter. Yes, Peter, my new colleague who requested for this session. And who's married. And who's extra attractive today.

And who also stole a glance at the twins. I love it!

The session started quite awkwardly. Minutes passed and we were at it. Brainstorming on some ideas and accomplishing the first stage of the project. We were good. Damn! I like this guy. I could tell by the way he smiles at me that he likes me, too.

The last 20 minutes of the session were no longer about work anymore. We were already sharing stories about ourselves. Whenever I would ask about his f****y, he would answer but he would change the topic immediately. I wasn't really sure why but it made me feel comfortable talking to him.

It's wrong, I know. But it went on for a few more minutes until he asked me to have lunch with him.

"Sure," I said. Why would I say no?

I smiled at him and exited the conference room. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked out.

True enough, when I turned, he was looking at my ass. He nervously glanced away. I was feeling so good. And sexy.

To be continued...
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2 years ago
i would look & then look in your eyes & licked my lips
3 years ago
id stare at ur ass too were i walking behind u!