"Deeper, deeper. Deee... peeer!" I was telling Peter to go deeper in me. I was down on all fours on the kitchen floor where Peter was doing me. I was just making pasta one Saturday afternoon when he dropped by my apartment unannounced. And with a hard-on. Who could resist that?

My shirt was pulled up, my bra unhooked. My tits were bouncing like crazy and Peter was giving them lots of squeezes as he continued to penetrate me from behind. Turning to Peter, I saw him sweating and panting and making all effort to pump me with all his might as I commanded him to go deeper.

P: Gosh, Jess! I miss you! I can't stop thinking about you!

J: Just shut up and do me, baby!

He spanked my ass and I yelped. I could feel his nails digging deeper in my hips.

And with a few more deep thrusts, Peter suddenly pulled back and masturbated. His warm cum came shooting on my back and suddenly, I turned and kissed him on the mouth. I held his cock and masturbated him, his cum trickling down his cock and onto my fingers. I stood and leaned forward to his face, making sure my breasts touched his mouth. Without uttering a word, he sucked on my hard nipples and touched the other breast with his wet hand, rubbing some cum onto my body.

I sat on the kitchen counter and spread my legs.

J: Eat me, baby.

He obliged and ate me with gusto. He inserted a finger in me, and then two. His fingers went in and out of my wet pussy while his tongue flickered on my clit. A wild fire exploded in me, making me want him more. I shivered. The next thing I knew, my cum was all over his mouth and he was licking my pussy lips dry.

After a few seconds, we paused and he carried me to the sofa. We sat there for a few seconds and cuddled.

P: Now what's for lunch?

J: Pasta, silly! I was making it before you barged in like a maniac hungry for a pussy.

P: Your pussy.

J: I know. (And I giggled.)

P: You know, the more I think about us stopping this forbidden relationship, the more I find myself missing you. Wanting you. I don't know, Jess. I'm so addicted to you.

I kept silent. I imagined the night when I had to watch porn and masturbated in front of my laptop at the sight of a Japanese girl being kissed and licked all over her body parts by five men. Or was it six? I rubbed my clit fast as I imagined riding Peter that night. That night when I was so horny and couldn't call Peter to satisfy me simply because he's home.

P: The other night, she caught me in the bathroom jerking off.

"She" meant his wife. Yes, Peter is married. We're colleagues and we fell for each other. And yes, the wife now has an inkling about us but hasn't really confirmed the forbidden relationship. She thought it was still on its early stages where her hubby is developing a crush on his colleague (aka me). Well, deeper than a crush, I suppose. I just couldn't find the right term for it. She has no idea that I was satisfying her husband and that we were having sex most days of the week. I'm bad, I know. If stopping this relationship is as easy as saying "I'm sorry," believe me, I would have done it months ago.

J: Uh-oh. So what did she say? And what did YOU say?

P: Nothing. We haven't had sex for so long now. It's... it's not like the way I feel about you.

That explains why this hot-bl**ded male just comes barging into my place anytime he feels like it. I'm not complaining. I like it. His cock is always rock-hard when he sees me. It probably comes with the challenge that, you know, he really can't have me legally.

Besides, I know that I'm the second woman Peter has ever had sex with. He and the wife were both virgins when they became a couple. Naturally, there's a comparison. And he was so used to having routine sex with the wife that I have become an adventure fuck. He didn't say it that way but that's the way I see it.

I wasn't sure of the way out of this relationship. The sex is addictive.

And we have started to fall for each other. Sometimes before I close my eyes at night, I ask the stars why I couldn't have him all to myself.

And a voice inside me just brings me back to reality by reminding me that he's married and unavailable. Ouch.
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2 years ago
that is the problem work lust turns into an obsession
2 years ago
bodies pasted together before fun...hehehe