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Grover Washington sat in the back of the stretch limo gliding through the morning traffic. He could hardly believe it. It wasn’t so long ago, dat he had been just another boy in da projects, hanging on the corner, shooting hoops, and getting into trouble.

But here he be on da way to his first day as da CEO of White Industries. LIfe had turned around when he had been picked for a scholarship to Coon College. It was a college designed to mold young black bucks into promising negroes that would be a credit to their race.

The curriculum emphasized both athletic training and book learning. Every day students were required to spend half of their day in da gym and da other half in da classroom. Grover had entered Coon College at 6’ tall and about 175 pounds, but in da last four years he had added another 75 pounds of pure black muscle.

By all account he was a strapping black buck, dark as a piece of coal, with big muscled pecs and nipples that stood out like pointers. He had a slender waist and his ass stuck out like basket ball that was still bouncing. He had big hands and feet, and his lips were among the fullest of any nigger on campus, and Grover had learned to constantly apply chap stick to them so that they would be shinned and soft.

He was clearly an impressive nigger, and White men and black boys alike would admire his physique when he walked, especially when we was running track shirtless in his skin tight White athletic pants.

When he graduated, the President of Coon College told Grover that he had been recruited to serve as the CEO of White Industries. Grover didn’t know much about it, but he be happy to have da job. The company paid for him to move to da city, and had even provided him with clothes to wear on his first day. So he was dressed in a tight black silk suit, and crisp White shirt, red tied, and expensive black leather slip on loafers. Underneath if all he was wearing a White silk thong. Da thong kept rubbing up against Grover’s 10” long black dick and Grover was having a hella time trying to keep dat dick from getting all hard on him.

The driver who picked him up was a short little nigger, about 5’5” but he was very muscled, with a slim waist and an ass that was as round as a Georgia peach. He had said much to Grover other than to tell him dat his name was Tyrone. But he seem nice enough and smiled at Grover when he got into the car and told him he was going to have a great day.

Finally da limo came to a stop in front of White Industries, and Tyrone jumped out and opened the door for Grover. As Grover climbed out of da back seat, he stood up and stretched his sleek black muscular body straining under the tight shirt and suit. He thought I gonna like being a CEO.

He was greeted at the door by another young nigger named Dwayne who was also about 6 feet tall, but long and lanky with real lite skin, whatcha call yella. He looked like he could have played ball, but he was also very pretty for a dude with long lashes, high cheek bones, red lips, and he almost sound like a girl.

He say, “welcome Mr. Grover, I here to show you to your office.” When he following Dwayne onto da elevator he notice that his black jacket just came down to his waist and that his pants very super tight - it almost look like he not wearing anything at all.

When Grover got to his office he couldn’t believe how nice it be, all White furniture, lots of rugs and comfortable chairs with large round White conference table with 8 White chairs around it. Dwayne showed to his desk and said the Board meeting will be start shortly here in yo office. I’ll buzz you when they here boss. Grover settled back into his desk chair and surveyed the scene.

Who would thought that a nigger could rise up so high and be the CEO of a company. After a few minutes Dwayne buzzed him and said the Board members are here.

Grover walked to the door of his office and saw about 8 White men in suits and ties coming down the hall towards his office. As they approached, Grover thought they had funny looks on their faces, and some of them be jabbing each other and snickering. When da first one got to Grover he said “welcome aboard boy,” and slapped him on da back. Each one of the 8 White men said something similar and some of them slapped his ass or patted his head. He thought it strange dat they would greet him that way. After all he was the new CEO.

Each of the White men took a seat around the White table, and then told Grover to join them. He asked where am I supposed to sit, they all laughed and said your place is under the table. He thought that was strange, but he took off his suit coat and crawled under da table on his hands and knees.

Then he heard one of the White man say, “boy why don’t you crawl over here and we can get this meeting started.” So he crawled over in his expensive suit and shirt to where the White man had instructed. Next thing he know the man is pulling down his zipper and pulling out a hard White dick.

Then he heard, “boy what are you doing down there, get to work on my dick.’ Grover couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he was the CEO, wearing expensive clothes, who came to work in a limo and had a college degree. “Nigger, don’t make me ask you twice, suck my White dick.”

Then Grover had the realization that no matter what niggers have, it don’t matter how rich a nigger is, what job he have, or anything, he’s always a nigger, and niggers always have to serve the White man.

So then he starting coaxing dat White dick down his coon throat and using those big juicy nigger lips dat he be so famous for. After a while he was rewarded with a three fat spurts of White cum. It came so fast dat Grover almost lost some of it, but he made sure to swallow all of it down his coon throat.

He felt someone pulling on his ears and say “me next sambo,” and he crawled over resigned to the fact that he was expected to suck the remaining seven White men of their cum. All the while he heard the White men talking White men stuff like sales, and revenue at White Industries.

Grover crawled like a dog from one White man to da next, sucking each of their dicks, swallowing their White load, and then cleaning the dick with his tongue before he tucked it back into their pants and zipping them back up. When he done one of the White men said, “ nigger we feel bad about having you under the table, after all your are new nigger CEO, you should be on the table not under the table.”

Grover smiled and crawled out from under the table. His lips were puffy and swollen from all the cock that he suck over the last hour. He tried to smooth his wrinkled pants and straighten his silk tie. The White man who seemed in charge motioned him over and placed him at the head of the table, but then before he could react da man pushed him down so his head was on the table and brought his hands behind his back and quickly cuffed them. “Now lets see dat ass we’ve all heard so much about,” and Grover felt da man reach around the front of him, undo and remove his belt and let his expensive pants fall around his ankles, and he was left there with his ass up in the air wearing nothing more than the White silk thong.

“Damm, this nigger’s got a fine black ass. I ain’t never seen one so round, so full and firm, its just like what they describe, a basketball ass,” said the White man. “I need to heat this up before I tap it.”

Before Grover could react he heard the crack of his belt as it came down across his black nigger ass. “Count em nigger,” exclaimed the White man and Grover barked out the numbers until he hit the number 20.

Then he heard the belt fall to the ground and the White man jammed his dick into his coon pussy as hard as he could and started to roughly fuck Grover’s coon ass. Grover turn his head and looked out the glass windows of his office and saw people jammed up against the glass, pointing at him, taking pictures and movies of him being fucked with their phones.

He also realized that his assistant Dwayne was at the other end of the table with his pants down around his ankle and dressed in silky pink panties being fucked face down on the table as well, hollering like girl and begging to be fucked harder and harder. After a couple of hours each of the White men had taken a turn fucking Grover and his coon cunt was raw and cum was running down his legs all over his expensive clothes.

At one point one of the White man had maneuvered him over to the window and he looked down and saw that Tyrone the short little nigger that drove the limo was bent over the front of the limo being fucked by the fat White parking lot attendant. His back was arched and his butt was high up in the air.

At that very moment, Grover realized that all niggers were meant for this life and dat the sooner they realize it the easier life would be, but meanwhile he was getting the shit fucked out of him by one of the eight White man and he started to shout out, “Oh massa, please fuck dis dumb nigger, I begging you to fuck dis coon monkey.” The White man got a smile on his face and obliged Grover and fucked him even harder, shouting out White Power as he thrust his superior White dick deep into Grovers round black bottom.

Eventually da White men left the office and Grover and Dewayne were left gasping for breath, but then Dewayne smile and say “Mr. Grover, we’ve only got about 10 minutes for the junior execs are going to be here.”
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