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Calvin Jackson or CJ as he was known was large by any man’s definition.

As a newly recruited half back for a professional football team, he was by definition large - large and muscular, with the ability to move quickly. His primary responsibility on the team was to aid the offensive linemen in blocking, either to protect the quarterback or another player carrying the football. So he had to be tough, and CJ was.

He stood tall at 6 feet, 5 inches and he weighed 260 pounds. He was as dark skinned as the darkest night, with a shaved head and biceps the size of small watermelons. His ass was round, firm, and wide and between his legs he possessed a large cock that was barely constrained by his jock and cup was often visible moving inside his tight laced up uniform pants. But although he was tough as anyone he had a baby face, with bright eyes, long lashes, and a juicy fat lips that were so sweet looking they almost dripped sugar.

Calvin had been playing football almost since he old enough to walk and carry a ball. he was a star in pee wee football, junior high, high school, and college. But now he was in the big leagues, a new star in the NFL and he couldn’t wait to prove himself. He had gotten off to a great start in the first game of the season, helping with several crucial blocks and even advancing the ball down the field a couple of times.

After the game he had stripped down and quickly headed towards the showers to help put the life back into his badly bruised and aching body. It was amazing he could move at all after the pounding he had taken.

He got to his locker and quickly removed his jersey and pads, removed his cleats and socks, and shucked down his pants, jock, and cup until he was stark naked. He didn’t bother to wrap himself in a towel, he just paraded towards the showers, his thick black cock swinging back and forth. He had a sense that the other guys were checking him out, but he was used to that by now.

CJ had always known he had a large dick. Even when he was in junior high he became aware that he had a large cock, even for a nigga, and that he grew used to the attention that it garnered.

But it didn’t bother him, and he quickly learned to use it to his advantage - fucking both black and white girls, but he had a fondness for petite blond girls with slender waists and pert little titties that need to twisted and sucked. He hoped that being a NFL football player would garner even more pussy riding his dick. He loved to make the girls scream his name as they bounced on his black cock.

As CJ considered this he became that his cock was beginning to rise up, so in order to avoid a scene in the shower he turned the water to cold and his cock quickly shrunk back to it’s usual soft 6 inches. He then soaped himself up and then rinsed off and began to leave the shower room.

CJ moved so quickly though that he nearly ran into Cyrus White the owner of the team. Cyrus was over 60 years old, with salt and pepper haircut, and a bit of beer belly. He was wearing White coaching shorts, and a dark blue polo shirt. You could tell he used to be body builder of some type and there was still some muscle in his arms.

“Where you going so fast boy,” said Mr White. CJ stood their stark naked, chest heaving, and water dripping off his large body. He stammered for a moment, intimidated by the owner, and then replied “Sir, I going to get me a towel and dry of dis body.”

The owner ignored his response and continued, “Well boy, you did a great job today protecting Andy (the quarterback), I would like to invite you out to the house tomorrow afternoon for a little cookout that I’m having at my estate.”

CJ was starting to shiver a bit, and the cold air and as a result his large black nipples began to harden and protrude, he replied quickly, “Yes Sir, dat would be great. I be liking to see your house, I hear it be awesome.”

At that point, Mr. White slapped CJ on his backside and said, “Well then, see you tomorrow boy,” and walked out of the locker room, leaving CJ wet and shivering.

CJ walked back to his locker, replaying the conversation in his mind. He wasn’t used to being called boy, but for some reason when Mr. White had called him that he hadn’t raised any objection. It sometime took CJ’s brain a bit to process things, he decided that Mr. White probably called all of his players “boy,” and maybe he wasn’t singling out CJ because he was black. Maybe it was because CJ was only 22 and Mr. White was up in years. Either way he wasn’t going to worry about it, and he be excited about going to da party.

CJ finished drying himself off, got dressed, and left the locker room thinking about where he was going to find some blonde pussy to bang.

The next day after the girl he banged had left, CJ was at his sexy penthouse crib, getting dressed for the cookout at Mr. White’s house. He had already covered his body with large amounts of a musky cologne. He then pulled on a pair of black micro bikinis that were barely able to contain his massive cock, he then pulled on a tight pair of White tennis shorts, a White polo shirt, a couple of wrist bands, and a pair of flip flops. He grabbed his designer shades and headed for his sports car and the ride to Mr. White’s house.

After about 30 minutes or so of driving. CJ approached the address of Mr. White’s house. The driveway was real long, so it took CJ awhile before he reached the house, and when he did all let out and audible gasp. The house was massive, with big white columns and a large circular driveway.

When he pulled up front and got out of his car, he was met by an elderly black man who shuffled towards CJ and said “glad to see you could make it bossman, Massa White be waiting for you.” He took CJ’s car keys and drove the car off to park it.

CJ stood there, thinking, did he just say Massa White? But before he could process the remark, he realized that Mr. White or was it Massa White was standing beside him, leading him inside by the arm.

Once they were inside, CJ scanned the room and realized that he didn’t know anyone there. and that the guests were all White. But then he spotted Andrew the team quarterback. Seeing a familiar face made CJ relax a bit and he smiled at Andrew.

Andrew walked over and said, “good to see you bossman, glad you could make the party, I know Mr. White was anxious to have you come over and learn the ropes”.

“Ropes”, wondered CJ. What did Andrew mean by that? But before he could figure that out Andrew was grabbing CJ and leading him back outside towards the barn.

As they began to enter the barn, CJ wondered why it be so dark, but before he could finish that thought he was wrestled to the ground by several muscular White men. They quickly stripped his clothes from his body, tied his hands behind his back and placed a bridle between his teeth. CJ tried to resist, but there were too many of them and in a flash he was on his knees, naked, hands tied behind his back, with someone pulling his head up from behind.

Andrew walked up in front of him and shouted, “look what we got here boys, we got us a genuine nigger ape, one of the dumbest darkest darkies I’ve ever seen” He then spat right on CJ’s face and the spit ran down CJ’s forehead and seeped between his open lips.

CJ struggled to free himself not just from the ropes, but from the psychological assault he was experiencing. He had never been called a darkie, an ape, or a nigger before. He wanted to fight, and he struggled to free himself from the ropes that bound him, but he was also struggling with how Andrew was treating him.

Andrew pat CJ’s shaved head and continued “listen nigger, you need to learn a few things, a few White Power truths. You are here for one reason, and for one reason only to serve your White superiors. You’ve been bred for that purpose, your buttocks are large and round, your coon pussy is tight, for one reason -- to pleasure White cock”.

At that moment he brought his black leather riding crop down across CJ’s massive muscular behind and CJ yelped in pain. Andrew laughed and said, “nigger you ain’t felt nothing yet.”

He continued, “boys hook him up to the cart”. CJ was lifted up and pulled towards a small wooden cart that was low to the ground. Before he realized it, he was on all fours, his hands attached to the handles of the cart, reins attached to the bridle in his mouth. C.J. felt humiliated, but what was even more humiliating was the fact that his large black dick had risen to its full length and was nearly touching the ground.

Then Andrew climbed on the seat of the small wooden cart, grabbed the reins, and then swatted CJ’s ass and shouted “move it nigger, I ain’t got all day.” So CJ began to crawl as fast as he could, out of the barn and towards the house. The whole time Andrew was swatting his ass and telling him to move faster.

As they approached the house, CJ was horrified to see everyone outside pointing and laughing at him, and shouting for Andrew to whip his ass to make CJ move faster. The whipping only served to make CJ’s cock harder and he crawled as fast as he could.

Andrew pulled up on his reins and yelled “Whoa Nigger,” and brought him to a stop. At that point C.J. looked up and realize he at the feet of the team owner Mr. White

Mr. White looked down at the large sweaty black b**st and said “well it looks like we put this uppity nigger back where he belongs, at the feet of his White superiors.” Mr. White then pulled his zipper down and hauled out his hard White cock and said “ape, why don’t you put those pretty, pretty nigger lips around this White cock and show me why niggers got such fat lips”.

CJ had never had a cock in his mouth, but he felt strangely drawn to this one. It was as if Mr. White knew something about CJ that CJ hadn’t know about himself. So CJ opened his full lips as far as he could and then pressed them down on Mr. White’s very hard White dick. He pushed down as far as he could, resisting the urge to choke because he had an over whelming desire to do it well please Mr. White.

So CJ moved his fat lips up and down as quickly as he could, each stroke seemed to go farther down his black throat as Mr. White held his head and roughly fucked his mouth. Every so often Mr. White would stop, and remove his dick from CJ’s mouth and CJ would plead with Mr. White to let him keep on sucking it. Mr White would respond, “you gonna be my good monkey,” and CJ would respond “Yes Sir, I be yo good monkey.” Mr. White then pushed cock back into the happy niggers smiling mouth.

Meanwhile Andrew had opened up his pants and was stroking his beautiful long White cock until it had reached its full 8 inches. He spit on his dick and then moved behind CJ and spit on the muscular black ass, letting it seep down into his hole. He then yelled out “White Power, you big dumb ape,” and slammed his cock into the nigger’s hole.

While CJ’s cries were muffled by Mr. White’s long hard cock down his throat his eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure.

The audience that had gathered to watch the taming of CJ clapped and yelled out “that’s right Andrew, fuck that porch ape.”

Mr. White and Andrew began to furiously fuck both of CJ’s holes until they simultaneously yelled, “White Power,” high fiving each other, and emptying their cum into the CJ’s willing hole.

Andrew pulled his White dick out of CJ’s now gaping pussy and walked around to CJ’s mouth and told him to “clean this nigger stink off my dick.”

And CJ greedily cleaned off both of their dicks, then collapsing on the ground, covered in sweat and cum, exhausted from what had transpired.

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7 months ago
that's a hot story!!!