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Young Julius Jefferson was fresh out of law school. He had graduated near the top of his class at Harvard Law School and he was excited about starting a new life at a top Atlanta law firm. He had studied hard and had come a long way from the inner city neighborhoods of Detroit, and here he was with a six figure salary.

As he strode to his office he clung tightly to the expensive black Louis Vuitton brief case that he had been given upon graduation. He was dressed in a sleek black designer suit, a crisply starched White shirt, a bright red bow tie, and expensive black leather loafers.

Julius was considered a handsome man. While he was considered black, he was the product of a one night stand between his black mother and a White man whom she had worked for as a maid, as a result Julius had a carmel colored complexion that was smooth and inviting. He was tall, over 6 feet, with wide shoulders, a large chest, and lusciously full negro lips. His ass was shapely and firm, the product of hours spent running back and forth on inner city basketball courts. He had large hands and feet and good sized cock with a dark mushroom head. Julius had no trouble attracting women, and he had fucked scores of them through his life already.

Julius hoped there would be women at the law firm that he could fuck. He had an attraction to White women and look forward to having them ride his hard carmel colored dick up and down which he sucked on their creamy White tits. Julius had to admit that he had an attraction to all things White. He wasn’t quite sure why, and sometimes wondered if it was just a phase that he was going through.

But Julius put those thoughts aside for the time being. Because right now he had to piss like a race horse and he searched for a bathroom that he could use before he pissed in his pants. Finally he spotted a public bathroom and he ran over to it. He clumped down the stairs and nearly burst through the swinging doors. As he entered he nearly crashed into a burly White man who was wearing a flannel shirt, a pair of dirty jeans and boots and a baseball cap with a confederate flag.

Julius stopped himself right before he ran into the White man and said, Sorry Sir, I’m in a hurry. The man looked at him and drawled in a very slow southern voice, “that’s all right boy, the pisser is over there,” and he pointed to a dirty White urinal on the opposite wall.

Some of Julius’s friends had warned him that he would likely run into White crackers like this old man, but Julius felt confident that he could handle it. But it still bothered him when the White man called him boy and the fact that he be wearing a baseball hat with a confederate flag.

But Julius had to piss so he pushed his way towards the urinal and pulled out his dick and pissed like a race horse. But then he looked to his left and saw the old White man had taken his dick out and was stroking while staring a Julius.

Julius hadn’t seen too many White dicks before and when he had he had found it hard not to check them out. He didn’t know why other than he sometime felt like they conveyed authority and confidence. But he had never seen one hard, and this dick was hard, fat, hairy, and was growing to an enormous size.

He was so shocked that Julius didn’t realize that he was now pissing on the floor instead of the urinal. His trance was broken when the White man said, “boy you gonna need to clean that up”.

The White man walked closer and said almost in a whisper, “you see something you like boy.”

Julius froze. He couldn’t explain why, but he couldn’t move.

The White man moved even closer. Julius could smell the odor of dried sweat, cum, and piss all over the man. Then the White man took Julius’s hand and placed it on his large White cock and moved it back and forth.

It was as if he had been hit by lightening. The electricity of the moment coursed through his black body, and he began to stroke the man’s cock like it was the most natural thing to do in the world. Here he was a newly minted, black professional stroking the White cock of a Southern red neck.

“You do that good boy, you how to respect a White cock.” Julius looked down at the piss drenched floor, embarrassed to look the White man in the face, and said almost involuntarily “Yes Sir”.

The White man continued, “I like the monkey suit,” and pulled on Julius’s red bow tie with one hand while patting him on the head with the other hand.

But then the pats became more like pressure and Julius the president of the African American Student Lawyers Association found himself slowly kneeling on the floor, his expensive clothes, become caked with the mixture of urine and dirt on the bathroom floor. “Thats a good nigger,” said the White man and Julius found himself smiling widely and shaking his head up and down in the affirmative.

At that point the White man jammed his dick past Julius’s fat lips and pushed it right to the back of his throat and then began pushing it roughly in and out of the Julius’s throat and began a spewing a series of epithets at the helpless Julius.

“Nigger suck my dick you dumb coon! You think you all high and mighty, you just an uppity nigger who needs to be brought down a few notches. Looked at you dressed in that fancy suit, crawling on the floor, sucking my White dick.”

With that he continued his **** of Julius’s black throat. Meanwhile Julius had freed his black cock from his suit and was stroking it as fast as he could. He couldn’t believe how hard his cock was. Thoughts were flooding through his head, had he discovered something about himself, was he meant to serve the White man no matter where or when?

But then he felt the bearish White man pull him up by his hair, telling him to strip naked So Julius did exactly that and in just a few minutes he was completely naked, his body shiny with sweat standing upright with his hands behind his back. His nigger dick sticking out like a tree branch and his chest heaving up and down.

“Nigger, put the bow tie back on, I like my monkeys dressed kind of formal.” Julius grabbed the bright red bow tie and tied it quickly around his neck. “Now get back on your hands and knees coon boy,” the man shouted.

Julius moved to obey quickly. For a moment he wondered how he, the former head of the black pride college club, ended up strip naked like a buck slave on the floor of this dirty bathroom, panting, waiting, yearning, for whatever abuse this White man, this White master was planning to put him through. Dressed only in his red bow tie like a pet monkey.

At that moment the White master slapped his protruding black ass and told him to put his face on the floor and to lick his piss up. Julius obeyed this command as he had obeyed all the other commands that he had been given.

Meanwhile the White man was removing his leather studded belt. He intended to whip Julius’s black buttocks to make sure that he understood that there wasn’t any place for uppity niggers and to prepare his ass for being rough fucked by his White cock.

With that the crack of the leather belt hitting young Julius’s ass could almost certainly be heard from the street. As was the yell that came from Julius’s throat. But no one would pay it any mind. It wasn’t to unusual to hear the sounds of a nigger being whipped by his White superior. Julius would learn that was just the way things were.

“Count em off nigger,” said the White man, so Julius began to count off each time the leather belt hit his sweaty jig ass. By the time they reached 20 Julius had tears in his eyes and he began to beg the White man to stop. “I sho aint gonna be no uppity nigger Massa, I be a good nigger,” he said. Julius, a cuma sum laude graduate, didn’t know from this kind of nigger jabber had come from, it seemed to rise up in him as it was the most natural thing in the world.

At this point the White man dropped his belt and he got down on the ground behind Julius’s up stretched nigger ass and roughly pried the tight niggers cheeks far apart. He jabbed in two of his fat White fingers and with a pleased look on his face said, “I think we got some virgin nigger pussy here.”

He then spit on his White dick and just pushed it right into Julius’s gaping hole. Again Julius let out a scream, but the White man paid no mind and went about the business of nigger fucking, nigger training, nigger attitude adjustment.

The White man began fucking Julius with long deep strokes. Hold him around the neck , pushing his face towards the floor, and driving his White dick in deeper and deeper. Touching places within the young nigger which had never been touched. After a while, to his surprise, Julius’s dick began to harden and it swung out stiff despite his ape howling, apparently enjoying the ass pounding that he was getting.

Right then the White man lifted Julius’s neck and said “look nigger we got visitors”. Then Julius realized that a group of White men had gathered round and were openly stroking or rubbing their dicks through their work clothes. He began to realize that he was going to be gang fucked by a group of White men and this left him surprisingly excited. For it was good too serve one White man it must even better to serve multiple White men.

All it had taken was one White man to insert his White cock into Julius’s ass to awaken a deep desire to serve the White man; to feel complete.

Then the White man who had been fucking Julius turned him over on his back and then lowered his meaty hairy White ass onto Julius full juicy nigger lips and shouted out “like my sweaty stinky White ass nigger,” and the he added “Zeb, get over here and fuck this boy.” At that point Julius felt the White man lift this legs up over his head and saw the White man called Zeb.

Zeb, a younger skinny White man with a long White dick, moved in quickly and took possession of Julius’s black booty. He started with long deep strokes as if he had owned Julius all his life. Julius appreciated the younger man and the way he was controlling his coon hole and his large negro dick swelled up even larger than it had before.

But Julius couldn’t think about that for long. He was focused on using his long nigger tongue to dig deeper and deeper into the White man’s hairy ass. Julius was overcome by a desire to please this White man, this White man who had exposed his inner most feelings of submission and dedication to negro sex slavery. And so he used this full nigger lips and long nigger tongue to their fullest and before long he heard the older White man shout out “ White Power,” and felt his black body being splattered with White man cum.

At the exact same moment Zeb let our a rebel yell and began to unload his load of White seed into Julius, and shouted, “take my load you big dumb ape.” Then the other White men crowed around and began to excitedly stroke their dicks and shoot load after load onto the nigger. Leaving Julius covered from head to toe in White man cum.

After a few moments, most of the White men had shoved their cocks back into their pants and headed out, bound for jobs around the city. Julius picked himself up, found his clothes and slowly got dressed. He looked in the mirror and saw that his lips were bruised and puffy from the face fucking that he had received, his nipples looked raw and twisted, and he could tell that his asshole was still open and that cum from inside was trickling down his leg - not to mention the cum that be on his chest and face.

Julius wetted some paper towels and cleaned himself up as best he could. He put his clothes back on, found his briefcase and headed up the stairs to the street. He knew he was late for work but he would just have to make up some excuse.

As he reached the top of the stairs he saw a young White boy sitting there and as Julius passed him the boy reached out and swatted Julius’s ass and said “good job Sambo”.

Julius smiled and said “thank you young master,” and sprinted off to work. Confident that he had discovered more of what life was meant to be like for a young nigger like himself.

Da End.
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2 years ago
I believe white men should rule us niggers.
3 years ago
I guess when it comes to sex there is no such thing as political correctness. This is definitely non-PC. It is against everything I stand for but it got my cock hard.