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19 year old Thadeus was riding blindfolded in da back seat of the car. He didn’t know where he was going, and he couldn’t believe he be doing it. But when Mr. Andrews had requested that he attend a “special party,” he didn’t want to say no.

In fact he didn’t think he could say no. Over the past several weeks he had increasingly become aware of the fact that as a nigger, as an ape, as a coon, it wasn’t his place to be asking a White man why. He just agree and do as he told. He come to understand dat da White man was on earth to rule and control da nigger and over time Thadeus had grown comfortable with that fact, and he yearned for da security that came from being controlled by a superior race.

But Thadeus knew that he hadn’t always felt this way. Thadeus had grown up in the city’s toughest projects. He had learned the ways of the street, and knew how to defend himself in any situation.

He was well over 6 feet tall and was as black as the night. He was a muscular all over, with strong legs, and a massive chest that strained against his shirt. His dick hung over 8 inches when it soft and grew to a full foot when it be excited. His ass be round and wide, and it protruded like a ripe peach with just a bit of kinky fuzz on it. His face be classic nigger, with a flat nose and lips that were fat and juicy and the top of his head be shaved clean.

If anyone were to look at Thadeus they would have seen just another young, tough looking nigger thug with lots of street swagger and attitude.

As Thadeus sat in the back seat and bumped along what seemed to be a dirt road. He remembered how it had all started just a few months ago. When Thadeus had been a senior in high school a White guidance counselor had taken an interest in the boy. He had asked Thadeus what he planned to do when he graduated and where he wanted to go to college.

Thadeus had no idea, what to do, but the counselor had suggested a small private school up north that offered full scholarships to young black men. The counselor showed him a booklet for the school that was full of pictures of students and teachers, school buildings, and athletic events. He noticed that weren’t many other niggas like him in da pics, so that made him be a little nervous, but since he didn’t have any other options he agreed to an interview with a recruiter from the school the following weekend.

Thadeus had been instructed to meet the recruiter, Mr. Andrews, in the lobby of a fancy downtown hotel early on Saturday morning. He had been told to dress up in the clothes he normally be wearing to church.

So Thadeus had put on his black suit, a freshly ironed white shirt, white briefs, and freshly polished black shoes. He had made sure to take a long hot shower, and he had primped in front of the mirror that morning to make sure he be looking good. Of course the suit was a few years old, and Thadeus’s body had become more muscular from the last two years spent in da gym at the YMCA. In fact it seemed like his body was straining against thin material of his suit and shirt.

When Thadeus arrived at the hotel he was nervous. He didn’t have much experience with Whites and he was sweating profusely and his face now had a clear sheen of sweat across it and he looked quickly over the lobby to see if he could find the Mr. Andrews he be meeting.

He spotted an older White man sitting on the couch checking his watch, and Thadeus walked toward him to see if he be Mr. Andrews. “Excuse me Sir, are you Mr. Andrews,” he asked. The older White man looked up and and in a second his eyes raked over Thadeus and said “why yes I am boy, its nice to finally meet you,” and he got up and slapped his hand on Thadeus’s shoulder.

Thadeus tensed up when Mr. Andrews call him boy and when da man touch him. He didn’t like it when a White man called him boy or to be touched. He considered himself a proud black man and it wasn’t right for him to be called a boy.

But Mr. Andrews quickly steered him towards a couch in the back of the lobby and started talking to him quickly. Thadeus strained to listen and understand the words that were pouring out of Mr. Andrew’s mouth. Thadeus didn’t spend much time around White folks and he sometimes found them hard to follow. They used so many big and hard to understand words.

Mr. Andrews told him all about the school, sprinkling his conversations with the word boy and occasionally slapping Thadeus’s thigh, or kneading his shoulder. As this went on Thadeus grew more comfortable with being called boy, and allowing a White man to touch him. He decided that maybe he had been wrong to take offense at first, and if it be only natural that a White man as important as Mr. Andrews to call him boy.

After about an hour Mr. Andrews asked Thadeus if he had any more questions and when Thadeus said no he said that he only needed Thadeus to do one more thing and that was to have a physical exam. Thadeus didn’t know he need an exam, but in just an hour he had come to trust and respect Mr. Andrews and quickly agreed and followed Mr. Andrews to the elevator.

Mr. Andrews ushered Thadeus into the elevator and pressed the button for penthouse. Thadeus thought to himself that he never been to a penthouse before. Then just as quickly as the doors closed they opened and Thadeus thought it was the hottest crib he had ever seen. There was lots of wood, rugs, crystal, and fancy furniture. Mr. Andrews said “ you like it Thadeus”? Thadeus quickly shook his head up and down, and “yes Sir, I sho do.”

Mr. Andrews then ushered Thadeus towards the middle of the room where there was a portable exam table, a video camera, and a small screen. He then said slowly, “Thadeus I want you to go behind the screen and strip down to your briefs, and then put on the dressing gown, and come back and sit on the table and we can begin the exam”

Thadeus walked behind the screen and started to slowly undress. Meanwhile Mr. Andrews was making sure the video camera was pointed directly at the table. When Thadeus walked out from behind the screen he was wearing the dressing gown with a small pair of White briefs that were packed so full of his nigger dick and ass they seemed like they could easily burst open from either direction.

Mr. Andrews said “Thadeus why don’t you sit on the end of the table.” Thadeus answered “yes Sir” and hopped up on the end of the table. Mr. Andrews then approached him wearing a stethoscope around his neck and brought it up to Thadeus’s chest and started to listen to his heart and breathing. He told Thadeus to take deep breaths, and Thadeus’s black chest rose f***efully and his large black nipples seemed to rise and harden with every breath.

Mr. Andrews took him through what seemed like a regular exam, and he also had Thadeus stand up so he could take the measurements of his chest, waist, neck, and even somewhat embarrassingly the size of his testicles and balls. The whole time Mr. Andrews hands seemed to glide over Thadeus’s body, occasionally stopping to talk to Thadeus while his hands would rub back and forth almost as if we was considering a purchase.

Then Mr. Andrews told Thadeus that he need to do a prostate exam and had him lie back on the table and put his legs up in the stirrups. Thadeus was embarrassed by this but he went along because he had begun to like the White man and didn’t want to disappoint him. Thadeus was confused because he had never had these type of feelings of admiration for a White man before but he told himself not to be dumb nigga and to just go along with what he was being told to do.

So he laid back and lifted his long black legs up into the stirrups. Mr. Andrews then adjusted them so that they were spread wide and his opened up Thadeus rectum for observation and examination. Mr. Andrews put on pair of gloves and then covered his fingers with gel and started to gently prod Thadeus dark black buttocks with his fingers.

Thadeus had never felt so open before, and Mr. Andrews fingers quickly seemed to go deeper and deeper into his asshole and then began to move in and out in a steady rhythm. Thadeus began to sweat profusely, his began licking his lips, and he grew afraid that his nigga stink was going to fill the entire room. Then to his horror, his dick began to stir and began swelling, and rising until it had reached its full 12 inches. It was so hard and black that you would have thought it was a policeman’s night stick.

But Mr. Andrews paid no attention to Thadeus erect penis he seemed intent on plunging more and more of his fingers into Thadeus gaping hole. This seemed to go on for an eternity, but it probably wasn’t more than a few minutes. But Thadeus was worried, he felt that tell tale rumble in his dick, that rumble that foretold a massive cum shot.

He cried out “Mr. Andrews, Mr. Andrews, I fixing to cum,” and at that very moment his coal black penis erupted in volley after volley of thick White cum -- shooting high into the air and then splattering all over the boy’s ashen chest and face. At that moment Mr. Andrews looked up from his task for plunging the boy’s hole and said simply, “good, we have our semen sample,” and proceeded to swap up some of the cum and place it in a test tube.

At that very moment something changed in Thadeus. He was beginning to realize that he had much to learn from this White man and that he best pay attention and do what this White man wanted him to do.

Now several months later he was sitting blindfolded in the back seat of car and unsure where he be going. But the car slowed down on what sounded like a gravel drive, Thadeus shifted uneasily on the car seat. Thadeus was on edge, have driven for quite sometime with a black blindfold tied around his head cutting off his vision and forcing him to rely on his sense of smell and hearing.

All of a sudden the car came to a halt. He heard Mr. Andrews say “we’re here nigger.” It gave Thadeus comfort to know that he was Mr. Andrew’s nigger. That he belonged to someone who made the decisions for a dumb nigger like himself. Next thing he knew he heard Mr. Andrews walk around to his side of the car and open the door and grab Thadeus and slowly pull him from the car.

Once Thadeus was upright, Mr. Andrews untied the blindfold and before Thadeus could get his bearings or understand where he was, Mr. Andrews told Thadeus to strip naked and to fold his clothing and place it back in the car. Soon Thadeus was standing there stark naked, with only his slave collar around neck. The collar was locked and was something that only Mr. Andrews could remove.

All of sudden Thadeus was aware that there were others around. Other niggers and other White men. The White men were all clothed and the niggers were all naked as monkeys. Then Mr. Andrews told Thadeus to get down on his knees and to crawl behind him into the big house that stood before them. But as Thadeus got down on his knees he saw a large white banner strung across the front of the house with caricatures of black sambo like drawings of either side of the banner along with a drawings of monkeys and the sign read “Welcome to Coonfest 2011.”

Thadeus felt Mr. Andrews nudge him with his boot and he quickly started crawling behind Mr. Andrews into the house and notice that all the other niggers were doing likewise. Once inside the house he saw a large White man come up and pat Mr. Andrews on the back and exclaim “welcome back to coonfest Andrews, I see you’ve brought another one of your fine black college coons. I hope I have a chance to take him for a test drive,” and then he broke into loud laughter. Mr. Andrews replied that he was glad to be there and that a test drive might be arranged.

Mr. Andrews nudged Thadeus and gave him permission to stand on his two feet and indicated that he should follow him to registration table. Once they were at the table and Mr. Andrews told the White man behind the table what his name was and then he said this is my coon Thadeus. At this point Thadeus stood up straight, with his hands behind his back and pushed out his chest as he had been taught by Mr. Andrews.

The man came out from behind the registration table with a small can of White spray paint and a stencil and he painted the number 23 on Thadeus buttocks and on his left pec. He then told Mr. Andrews to deliver Thadeus to the slave pen in the ballroom.

Even though the slave pen was at the far end of the ballroom Thadeus could smell the nigger stink as soon as they entered the ballroom. Mr. Andrews walked Thadeus up to the pen and handed him over to one of the nigger wranglers that was in charge of the pen of niggers. The wrangler check Thadeus all over for lice, sores, and looked in his mouth and even put a finger up his ass. Once he pronounced Thadeus ok he sprayed him all over with a thin covering of oil so that Thadeus was a shiny as a brand black car.

Mr. Andrews went to join the other guests for a drink in the bar while Thadeus was left in the nigger pen with all the other jigs who had been brought to the party. All the niggers were jabbering like monkeys and telling each other about why their “White master” was the best.

Thadeus approached one older nigger and said “what’s coonfest”? The nigger chuckled and said, “boy, this is your lucky night”. He explained that coonfest was when every White man in the area brought at least one nigger to the fest and would spend the whole night fucking the niggers that belonged to the other White guests. He said there were contests and prizes for the niggers with the fattest lips or roundest ass and for the darkest nigger and the lightest nigger.

He went on, the fest starts with the jungle circle game. Each White man draws a number out of the wooden watermelon bowl. The lower the number the earlier he gets to pick a nigger out of the nigger pen and the nigger then stands and says their name out loud, tells their occupation, and then says I hereby declare that I believe in White power and that I am a nigger put on earth to serve the Superior White race.

At that point you go sit at foot of the White man who has chosen you. Once all the niggers have been chosen you then crawl between the legs of the White men and remove his White cock and suck until it is completely erect. You then are required to climb onto of the man’s lap and to lower yourself onto the White man’s cock and you are to ride it until the White man cums while hollering like a jungle bunny monkey. The first nigger to make his White man cum is crowned King Monkey for the night and is given a gold crown, scepter and robe.

Just then Thadeus looked up and saw a long line of White men beginning to enter da room. The procession was led by a short little nigger who must have been the king monkey cause he wearing the robe and crown. Each one of them drew a number from a wooden bowl in da shape of a watermelon and then sat down in one of the chairs that circled the room, 25 chairs in all.

Once all the them had been seated. One large hairy White stood up and said “gentlemen, welcome to coonfest, let the monkey games begin.” He told the guest who had drawn the number 1 to go to the monkey slave pen and pick out his chimp. He then reminded us niggers what we supposed to say and do once our name had been called. By this time all the niggers be jig jabbering, hoping they gonna be picked early.

The first White men came up to the pen and picked 15 who was a light skinned muscular nigger who had a fine ass and a sweet set of lips that just looked made for sucking dick. 15 stood up when he chosen and say “greetings White men, my name is Ralph Jefferson, I am a high school principal and I hereby declare that I believe in White power and that I am a nigger put on earth to serve the Superior White race.”

At that point all da niggers erupted in a monkey holler and da White men applauded and nigger 15 crawled behind his White master back to the chair and set patiently beside him. Thadeus wondered how long before he be picked, and he amazed by all da niggers who be there, including lawyers, the Chief of Police and a Mayor of the small town nearby. All of them proudly admitting that they were niggers put on earth to serve da Superior White race. Thadeus had never realize how many niggers knew the White power truths that he had been taught by Mr. Andrews.

All of sudden a shorter White man approached the slave pen and called out da number 23 - the number painted onto Thadeus’s chest and ass. Thadeus rose up quickly and called out, “greetings White men, my name be Thadeus Jackson, and I a student at White State University and I hereby declare that I believe in White power and that I am a nigger put on earth to serve the Superior White race.” At that point all the niggers monkey hollered and Thadeus walked behind the White man until they arrived at the chair. The White man sat and Thadeus quickly sat by his side.

Before too long all da niggers had been claimed from the slave pen and all were sitting beside their respective White men. Thadeus noticed that Mr. Andrews had a short little light skin nigger sitting beside him and for a moment he was jealous of the little nigger, and he be wishing that he be sitting next to Mr. Andrews as his nigger.

The da host walked to the middle of room and proclaimed loudly, “niggers prepare your masters dick,” and all of the niggers proceeded to climb between their masters legs and extract their beautiful White penises from their pants and begin to suck them with their fat negro lips. Around the room you the sound of slurping and lip smacking was mixed with the moans of the White men who were leaning back in their chairs accepting the worship of their niggers.

This went on for a few minutes until all the White men’s dicks were rock hard and sticking up straight. At that point the host return to the center of the room with his White dick sticking straight out of his fly and said “its time for the niggers to sit up on these supreme White cocks to ride them like monkeys until they are blessed to receive White seed up their nasty coon holes.

Thadeus rose quickly and looked at the White man who had chosen him for signal that he wanted Thadeus to mount himself on the man’s White dick which had grown to a tremendous size. The man nodded so Thadeus spread his legs wide and proceed to lower his coon ass down onto the White man’s superior dick. The man’s cock was also thick so it took Thadeus a minute to spear himself on it.

Once he did Thadeus began to move up and down on the man’s cock, tightening his coon hole, and making chimp noise like Mr. Andrews had taught him. He began to move faster and faster and his chimp calls also grew in volume only to met by equally loud chimp noise from da other niggers in da room. Thadeus’s deep black cock was rock hard and rubbing up and down the chest of the White man that he was ridding.

Thadeus began to call out “fuck this dumb nigger, fuck this dumb nigger,” only to met by harder and deeper thrusts by da White man. This only encourage Thadeus to ride faster and to babble like a crazy jigaboo. But then Thadeus started to hear rumblings coming from da White man he be riding and Thadeus responded by squeezing his nigger pussy as tight as he could and telling the White man to make him his nigger bitch and to fuck his sambo ass.

And then it happened, the White man yelled out, sweet jesus, nigger you making me cum,” and in an instant Thadeus’s coon ass was flooded with White man seed. The host of the coon fest ran over and brought his dick to Thadeus face and said “congratulations nigger,” and shot a load of White cum all over Thadeus’s face. With that he patted Thadeus on the back and announced “ congratulations, you are a new king monkey, now why dont you get down on your knees and clean your nigger stink off this White gentlemen’s cock.”

Thadeus then turned around and saw Mr. Andrews giving him the look that a proud White master gives his nigger when he’s done good, and with that he got down on his knees and began cleaning the White man’s cock with some of the fattest nigger lips that anyone at coonfest ever remembering seeing.

Da End

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2 years ago
I love it. I believe that is the way we nigers should be treated and I wish I was competing in that contest.