Making of a slut wife

My wife and I have been married for several years. We have always had a good sex life but I was interested in spicing things up a bit so I started to suggest we go to couples clubs. She was reluctant but agreed, though she made it clear we would NOT be swapping or swinging. We went for the first time and both really enjoyed the voyeuristic nature of the place. It was an off-premise club so no sex took place inside but a lot of sexy and see-thru clothing on the ladies and groping and fondling on the dance floor. We danced a bit but were both dressed rather conservatively. At one point we were dancing with another couple and there was some touching and feeling each other but that's where it ended. We left and went home and had some great sex!

We found a couple of other clubs in the area and tried them out as well. One of the clubs has a room off to the side with a bed in it and 3 couches. We went inside the room and sat on one of the sofas. My wife, Ellen, was dressed much more provocatively this time wearing a short skirt with high heels and a button down top with no bra. As we made out other couples came in and eventually a guy and 2 ladies lay down on the bed and within a few minutes they are actually having sex! Others sitting in the room began to get frisky. Within a few minutes Ellen and I were too, I had unbuttoned her shirt and began playing with her tits. After about 30 minutes or so we left to finish up at home.

I got an email inviting us to come to their New Years Eve party. We had originally planned to have our own party and had already invited my best friend Randy, Greg and his lady friend, Paul and Cathy and Mike and Patty. I called them all and asked if they'd be interested in going too all of them said yes except Paul and Cathy. They said they were going to be out of town anyway so we all agreed to go. I arranged for 3 rooms at a nearby hotel. Randy invited his on and off girlfriend but we decided since our room had 2 beds we'd just share the room. Randy called the night of the party and said Charlotte and he had gotten into a fight when she found out what type of club it was and they broke up. He guessed he was going to stay home. I told him to hang on and I'd call him right back.

I called the club and explained the situation and asked if he could get in without a lady. The initially said no but after some talking and explaining that 6 of us would have to cancel if they didn't let him in they agreed on 3 conditions. 1st he had to pay the couples price, 2nd he had to remain with us while he was there so no wandering around by himself, and 3rd he couldn't ask any ladies to dance they had to ask him. I agreed and called Randy back. He agreed as well since he had no other plans. Ellen and I went to the room to get ready around 6:00. Randy got there shortly after but he had already showered and dressed. The others arrived somewhere around 7. We piled into 2 vehicles and left 2 at the hotel. The club was running a shuttle from the hotel to the club and back but I didn't want to wait for an hour, the crowd was lining up for the shuttle. We figured we would drive there, take the shuttle back and then drive to pick up the other vehicles the next day.

We got to the club and, after a slight problem, entered and got a table. Since we had driven we were there before most the others and had our pick of tables. We got one near the dance floor by the bar. The club is a B.Y.O.B. but they provided free mixers. We had an ice chest full of beer, jello shots and some liquor as well. Greg's lady friend, Jan, was already feeling no pain and after about 1/2 hour she was flashing her recent clit piercing. She was wearing a long dress but it was loose fitting and pulled up easily. Randy was wearing slacks and a silk shirt, I wore slacks and a regular dress shirt as did Greg and Mike. Patty was wearing a sexy top with lace all over and a lace bra underneath with slacks. Ellen was wearing a very short black dress with a halter style top that was low cut. She had on high heels, no bra and a sheer g-string underneath. The halter top was loose enough that when she bent over even a bit her tits were visible...and GREAT tits they are too!

By 9:00 the place was packed! Randy was walking around taking in the show. It was so crowded no one knew who was with who anyway. Ellen and I had danced on the dance floor a bit, she was drinking Crown and Coke and had already gotten quite a buzz. At one point I noticed her eyes looking heavy like she was falling asl**p. I tried to keep her up but I began to think I'd have to take her back to the hotel before midnight. Greg's friend Jan called her over and they were talking. I saw her get something out of her purse and give it to Ellen who then took it and washed it down with Crown. I asked Jan what it was and she said, "just something to wake her up a bit". Ellen and I danced some more and after about 30 minutes she did indeed seem MUCH more awake. She was laughing and having the time of her life. She asked Randy to dance and then she, Randy, Mike, Greg and Jan all danced. Patty sat with me while they did.

Randy and Mike began dirty dancing with her, they sandwiched her between them with their hands on her hips grinding into her. She grabbed Mike's hands and slid them INSIDE the top of her dress and held his hands on her tits. I looked at Patty and asked if she was ok with it, she said she was and then I asked her to dance. We went to the dance floor which was very crowded and began dancing too. While we danced I unhooked Patty's bra and slipped it off her shoulders and down the front of her blouse. Her breasts were now clearly visible because there was only lace covering them. We dirty danced a bit and then went back and sat down. A bit later Mike came back to the table and sat down...Greg and Jan came back right after but Ellen and Randy were still dancing. I went to the bathroom and when I came back I could tell Patty and Mike were arguing. I later found out he didn't like her letting me remove her bra. A few minutes later they decided to was around 11:15 by now.

When they left I asked Jan if she had any more of what she gave Ellen because I was getting a bit sl**py. She said she did and got out a little blue pill. I asked what it was and she said "X". I didn't know what that was but she assured me it would wake me up without any harmful side effects so I took it. I went to check on Randy and Ellen and found Ellen inside a cage like go-go dancers used to dance in. Randy was standing beside it reaching through and grabbing at her ass. A few others were doing the same, both men and women, and Ellen seemed to be loving the attention. I fixed myself another drink and 2 hot ladies, probably mid 30's, came up and asked me to dance. We went to the floor and as we danced I started feeling funny. I didn't feel bad just sort of awake and happy. We all began to grind into each other and I had my hands on both their asses under their short dress. Both were completely naked and I was now having a great time myself! After a few songs I was getting hot so I went back to our table. Randy was back over there and said Ellen was in the restroom.

She got back shortly before midnight and as the countdown started we all did a couple of shots and at midnight Ellen, Randy and I were all standing with our arms around each other. Ellen turned and kissed me deeply. I slid my hand under her dress and on her ass and felt Randy's hand there also. She then turned to him and began to make out with him. Finally we all sat down again and had a drink. Ellen now said she was getting hot and wanted to cool off outside. Randy agreed to go with her and I went to the bar for another coke. I was feeling incredible and hugging everyone I saw. A couple of ladies made out with me grabbing my cock and letting me fondle them. I'm not sure how long I was doing that because time seemed to slip away but when I went back to the table no one was there. I looked around inside and couldn't find any of my group. I walked outside and saw them all standing there. Jan gave Ellen another little pill and Randy and Greg were both feeling both ladies asses. Ellen's dress was so short that her ass was bare and the only think covering it was Randy's big white hand and Greg's big BLACK hand. I watched for a bit then walked over. Ellen seemed happy to see me but hadn't wondered where I was, it was like she had forgotten I was there until I showed up.

We all went back inside and sat down. After several minutes Greg and Jan decided to go back to the hotel. I think it was around 1:00 then but I' not sure. The club, being a private club, was open till 4 or 5 but the booze had to be out by 2:00. Ellen, Randy and I all went to dance. We were grinding into Ellen and playing with her tits and ass openly but no one cared because most of them were doing it too. The 2 ladies from earlier came over and started dancing with us but were focusing mainly on me. I looked to see if Ellen seemed to mind but she hardly even noticed. As I danced with them 2 more guys joined Ellen and Randy and now 2 more guys were playing with her ass. I looked over at one point and they had her dress completely above her waist and one of them was sliding her g-string off. She stepped out of it and he stuck it in his pocket. The ladies I was dancing with said, "she's really ROLLING isn't she?". I didn't know what they meant but they just laughed and we all took turns kissing and fondling each other.

I again lost track of time as well as Randy and Ellen. I began to look for them but couldn't find them. I checked outside but they weren't there either. I got another drink and walked toward my table when one of the girls from earlier came and grabbed me by the hand. We walked over to a corner and she pushed me against the wall and began kissing me and grinding her pelvis against mine. After a few minutes of this someone announced that the alcohol had to be out of the building in 5 minutes. She helped me carry the ice chest to my truck and then we went back inside. I was so high, I'd never felt like that before. I was awake, wide awake, and felt extremely happy...which is strange because I had no idea where my wife was! Andrea, my new friend, grabbed my hand again and walked me into the room with the bed. She led me to the couch and I sat down. She straddled me and leaned over and began to kiss me and moving back and forth. I slid her breasts out of her top and began to fondle and suck on them. I was now completely out of it, I had no idea what time it was or where Randy and Ellen were either. The sofas were all crowded with couples, one woman was fondling Andrea's tits and had grabbed my hand and put it on hers.

Andrea finally got up and said she was going to the bathroom and to look for her date, she'd be back in a few minutes. I just sat there with my eyes closed as the lady next to me rubbed my crotch. At some point it hit me that I needed to find Ellen so I got up. The crowd was thick in the room, especially around the bed, and it was hard to move. I could see several guys and a couple of ladies crowded around the bed and I could hear a lady moaning, almost screaming, loudly with obvious pleasure! Just the sound of it was turning me on again and I walked behind a lady standing by the bed and wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her breasts. She turned and slid behind me so I moved up to the side of the bed. That's when I saw Lisa with Randy in the bed. Another guy was laying beside them as well. Randy was on top of her with the halter part of her dress unhooked and slid off her shoulders and breasts. the guy lying beside them was sucking on one of her tits while Randy was pumping in and out of her. Ellen was getting louder and making noises I've never heard her make before, but I thought I could see why. Randy's cock was the largest I've ever seen that wasn't in a porno movie....and it might have been as big as most of those! It was long but I've never seen one that thick before. Ellen had her legs pulled up high allowing him to spread her open and get as deep as possible. Even when he was deep there was still a LOT of his cock not inside her.

I was shocked by this at first, unsure of how I felt about it. But I knew I was the one who was trying to spice things up. I stood there with the others watching. Several guys were beginning to feel her ass, they took turns with her tits and the guy on the bed even pulled out his cock and put it to her face. She had her eyes closed so until it touched her mouth she didn't know it. At first she took it in her mouth but after only a few seconds she turned away, she was too into the pounding she was getting from Randy! At some point Andrea returned and grabbed my hand and we went back to the dance floor. The crowd had thinned out quite a bit by now but we both got in the go-go cage and danced, Andrea had tits out and had nothing on underneath so I played with her ass and pussy while we did. Finally they announced the club was closing. I was tired by then, though still awake. I had no idea what time it was but Andrea's date came for her and she gave me her number and said goodbye.

The lights were now on and only about 10 people remained so I walked back to the room with the bed to find Randy and Ellen but they weren't there. I checked the restrooms and the rest of the club but no sign of them. I didn't want to go outside until I was sure they weren't inside because they wouldn't let me back in. When I was certain they were not still inside I went to find them outside. I walked over by my truck and no sign of them. The parking lot was mostly empty and the 2 shuttles they were running were gone. I waited a bit and then saw the door open. I asked when the shuttle would be back but they said it had already quit running. I had no choice but to drive my truck. I wasn't d***k and the "X" had pretty much worn off, I had only done 1 but Ellen had done at least 2 so I was concerned that she may not have made it back.

I drove to the hotel and parked and then went to the room. When I walked in I found Randy and Ellen in the bed Randy had chosen. He was fucking her again and she was going crazy from it! I walked over and bent down and kissed her and said, "I'm glad to see you made it back ok". She didn't respond but continued to moan and whimper, her eyes were streaming tears down the side of her face. I leaned down and began to kiss and suck on her tits but after just a minute she pushed my head away. I waited a minute and then reached down and began feeling her tits but again after just a couple of minutes she pushed my hand away. The third time I did it Randy grabbed my wrist and said, "just go to sl**p!" and then lay down on her as they fucked and began to make out with her, deep deep kisses.

I went to the bathroom and then got in the other bed. I lay there awake for a while but finally fell asl**p. My mind seemed to be racing as I slept and I woke up several times. It was almost light out by the time I went to bed and at some point I woke up and noticed it was bright outside. The bed beside me was banging into the wall and I looked and Ellen and Randy were fucking again! I got up and took a shower and then got dressed. Randy and Ellen were still going but slowly now with Ellen on her stomach. I went downstairs and got some breakfast and when I came back they were asl**p again naked on the bed holding each other. I opened the curtains to the room and went outside. As people got up I could tell that pretty much the entire hotel was filled with the patron of the club. People were dragging out looking as rough as I felt. Mike and Patty came out and I pulled Mike aside to ask if he was mad at me. He said no but that Andrea had given HIM a hard time for fondling and kissing Ellen. I then asked Patty if she was angry with Ellen and she assured me she wasn't, she was just d***k and feeling jealous.

I decided to load all our stuff up and then I went downstairs. Andrea and her boyfriend were having breakfast so I sat with them for a while. Andrea's boyfriend wasn't too happy with her because he felt she abandoned him. I assured him we hadn't fucked and he said he was ok with it if we did he just didn't want to spend the entire night on his own. Before they left she made me promise I'd call her, which I did. When I went back up to the room I looked in the window and saw Randy was no longer in bed. I went inside and he had left. I woke Ellen up and she went in and took a shower and we left. She slept in the truck on the way back home and then went straight to bed when we got there. Later that after noon I got in the bed. She was sl**ping in panties only. I slid them off and got on top of her and began to slid inside. She woke up and wrapped her arms around my back but as we fucked she kept wincing. I asked her why and she said she was sore and it hurt like hell. When I asked her why she was so sore she said because she'd never been fucked so thoroughly and completely in her entire life! She said the pills that Jan gave her made her ridiculously horny, that she'd been fondled by and made out with more guys in one night than just about all the other guys she's had combined! As I looked at her I noticed that her neck was one HUGE hickey!

We talked a bit more and she asked if I was mad. I told her no that I had been the one pushing the envelope sexually so I couldn't get mad at her for anything she'd done. I told her I was sorry for pushing her into it and hoped she didn't feel bad and wouldn't feel awkward around Randy in the future. She said, "No, I don't feel bad at all. I'm glad you aren't mad at me but I had the time of my life!". She said she's always been somewhat attracted to Randy, despite the fact that he had once been married to her best friend in the world, but had no idea that sex with him could be so incredible! She then said, "I just can't wait to do it again! Next time with just the two of us. Too many people tried to join in and I didn't like it. As great as it was I can imagine if we had been alone...I probably wouldn't be walking at all!" and she laughed. I told her she had even pushed ME away and she said, "I know...I'm sorry but I didn't want you there either. Next time he and I want to go out together alone so I hope you don't mind".

I wasn't crazy about that idea but as we talked she made it clear that she WAS going to see him again and really wanted me to be okay with it. She eventually did go out with him a couple of weeks later. She and I still have great sex but when she wants to be fucked out of her mind she calls Randy. He has since apologized but told me that he really needs his time with her. He says he's in love with her but won't tell her that because he's afraid she'd end the relationship with him. I now see Andrea a couple of times a month and Ellen sees Randy 2 or 3 times a month. Everything is going well though not exactly like I had planned.
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