To good not to share

Hooray, hip-hip-hooray for the unexpected! A couple of weekends ago my b*****r Rich invited me over to preview his new Big Screen TV. I showed up on Sunday, expecting to watch a ball game, and of course enjoy a few beers. Rich is thirty-eight, two years older than me, and is working on his second marriage. Kimber, wife number two is thirty-two, and that Sunday, with her hair in a ponytail, and wearing hip hugging cut off jean shorts and midriff baring T-shirt, she could have passed for a college coed.

Kimber is something like five foot five, and has a trim but still curvy body. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is brown. Her shorts and T-shirt didn’t show off as much of her as the thong bikini I’d seen her in, but what showed was definitely more eye appealing then that ball game. Her breasts aren’t big, but are still a definite handful. And that day they were obviously bare, noticeably erect nipples showing under her T-shirt. And those short shorts were just short enough to leave bare the bottom swell of a cute butt. And if that isn’t enough to recommend her, she has enough spunk to hold her own against Rich, a self-proclaimed ‘arrogant smartass!’

We were in the den, and I was sitting on their sofa admiring Rich’s new toy when Kimber joined us. I got a hug, and then Kimber plunked her butt down on Rich’s lap. And right away, she asked, “Aren’t you going to offer Doug a beer?”

Rich, who hadn’t wasted any time and was already groping Kimber’s tits, pushed her off his lap, and replied, “What, aren’t you planning to serve us?”

Moving over to sit on the arm of the sofa, Kimber snapped, “Not in your lifetime buster!”

Rich replied, “Remind me to beat you later baby,” and headed for the kitchen.

Kimber and I had always gotten along, and regularly indulged in bouts of flirtatious teasing. But right then, looking up at Kimber, and knowing Rich would return carrying cold cans of Bud, I asked, “How can my idiot b*****r have such good taste in women, and such lousy taste in beer?” And maybe pushing it a little, I reached over and began to lightly stroke a finger up and down the exposed cleft of her butt. And all she did was giggle, and stretch her arms out above her head, almost, but not quite exposing her breasts. So, trying for light-hearted, I asked, “Hey Kimber, what do you think the chances are of Rich’s sharing?”

Kimber snickered, and then said, “As if, well, maybe!”

Rich heard, and ignoring the fact that I had a hand down the back of his wife’s shorts, he asked, “Maybe? You think so huh?”

Before either of us could react, Rich plunked three Buds down on the coffee table. I wriggled my hand out of Kimber’s shorts. She giggled, and once again stretched lazily, arms above her head. I figured Rich saw that as an invitation; because, he reached down, and in one fluid move yanked Kimber’s T-shirt up and off.

Kimber acted as if, as if ho-hum, nothing had happened. And then, when rich settled back in to his chair, she slid back on to his lap. Before Rich’s hands obscured my view, I noticed a couple of things. First off, there weren’t any tan lines. Secondly, even allowing for the fact that they were standing out taunt and definitely erect, Kimber’s nipples were really big and really dark. And then, I was watching Rich pinch them between finger and thumb. Kimber gasped, and then gasped again when he began to tug and twist. He was being more than just a little bit rough; but, Kimber seemed to enjoy it. Rich was still in possession of Kimber’s nipples, and was nibbling an ear, when he asked, “What do you think baby, want to share these?”

Sucking in a gasp, Kimber panted, “Yes, oh god yes!” Then, when Rich let go of her nipples, she sprang to her feet, giggling as she told him, “But, only because you’ll be watching!”

With Rich and Kimber calling the plays, I was prepared to play along. So, with a pretty good idea of Kimber’s next move, I quickly sat my beer aside. Kimber handed Rich his beer and then walked over and knelt straddling me. Then, and this I wasn’t expecting, but she kissed me. It was a real kiss too, delivered with plenty of heat, and plenty of tongue. And then, she was leaning back and telling me, “Hard Doug, I like it, well sort of rough!”

Rough works for me; so, while I nipped experimentally on one nipple I tried to unscrew the other one. Kimber loved it, whimpering yes’s as I alternated biting nips with hard pinching tugs. And then, she was laughing and sputtering as she asked, “So Richey, if I fuck him, does that mean I’ll have to fuck you too?” But, before he could answer, she was asking, “No wait, oh my God, if Doug goes down on me, well yeah, are you going to be up for that too?”

I was confused; because, I knew Rich loved eating pussy. So, I wasn’t surprised when he pretty much dared her, at least that’s how I saw his, “Of course baby, anything Doug gets to do, I’ll just have to do it too!”

I got kissed again, and then Kimber whispered, “Don’t go anywhere!”

Kimber slid off my lap and wound up standing in the middle of the room pointing the remote at the TV; but, I stayed put. She turned the game off, and spun back around to face Rich and me. Then, and forget erotic striptease, she hurriedly unsnapped, unzipped, and then pushed her shorts down. And after kicking them aside, she stood there naked, hands on her hips and glaring at Rich.

Rich grinned back at her, shrugged, and said, “Your game, your move baby!”

Kimber nodded slowly, and I thought looked hot and sounded cool as she boldly declared, “Yeah, so Ok then!”

Kimber turned, grinning down at me as she stepped in and went to her knees. Going right for it, she began working to unfasten my pants. I managed to get my shoes off, and Kimber managed the rest. Then, I was in Kimber’s mouth and her lips were half way down my cock. I heard Rich’s, “That’s hot,” and shifted a bit sideways. If my b*****r was going to watch his hot young wife blow me, I definitely wanted him to get a real eyeful. And when Kimber scooted sideways, Rich was left with an unobstructed profile view.

Right away I knew Kimber loved having a mouthful of hard cock. It wasn’t just that she obviously knew what to do with one, but that she so clearly was having fun doing it. Her talented tongue took over, darting up, down, and all around as she licked and flicked it over my cock’s full length. And she didn’t skip either the head oar my balls, actually lingering as she teasingly swirled her tongue around them. The only time she used a hand during that awesome blow-job was when she slapped a crushing fist around the shaft, breathing in excited gasps as she inflated my ego with a breathy, “oh fuck yes, you’re hard!”

Kimber had that right. And it was that throbbing length of hard cock that her lips closed around. And then, Rich was muttering, “Oh shit,” and I was groaning; because, she had those lips plunging up and down my full length. I didn’t even realize those rapid fire plunges were deep throating me until she stopped, her lips buried in my pubes. And I liked knowing that my b*****r knew precisely where the head of my cock was. I wondered, not worried, just curious about what Rich would be thinking as he watched me pump a load of cum in to his hot young wife’s mouth. And when Kimber began to bob her head, rapidly popping just the head of my cock in and out of her mouth, I knew that whatever it was, he’d be thinking it real soon.

I slid my fingers in to Kimber’s hair, wanting to, but resisting the temptation to stand up, take her head between my hands, and just go for it. Maybe I was that easy to read; whatever, Kimber looked up, actually panting as she ordered, “Do it,” come on Doug, do it!”

Knowing that her Husband was watching, I stood up, took her head between my hands and began to fuck her mouth. When I wasn’t looking down at Kimber, I was checking on Rich. So, I knew he was watching when I grunted, “Fuck yes!” Somehow, I didn’t manage to catch the look on his face; but still, just knowing he was watching his wife gulp down his b*****r’s hot load added a little something extra to the dirty deed. Apparently he approved; because, while I was busy spewing cum in to Kimber’s throat, he was busy clapping, whistling, and stomping his feet.

Licking cum off her lips, Kimber got up and actually started for Rich. And I figured she was playing the tease when she stopped,, her voice a mischievous purr as she told my unfortunate b*****r, “No, you can wait for it!”

Kimber spun back to face me, hands fisted on her hips, giggling, before saying, “Oh Douggy, I sure hope you like the taste of pussy!”

I do, and figured sliding off the sofa and on to my knees was answer enough. And oh yeah, I was definitely looking forward to exploring all the pretty wet pink hiding just below her trim triangle of curly brown pubes.

Kimber threw herself on to the sofa, rolled up in to a sitting position and spread her legs wide. Right away, I could see that her pussy was wet. She reached down, blowing out a slow breath as she used her fingers to spread herself open. And standing out from those wet pink folds was this visibly engorged clitoris. I must have been staring, because Kimber banged a heel in to my ribs and suggested, “Like, so do me already!”

Quickly, I worked my hands under Kimber’s thighs, lifting as I pushed them even further apart. Then, I just dove in. She squealed as I drilled my tongue in to her vagina, Then again, as I began to power my spiraling tongue in and out, the sweet musky taste of her filling my mouth. Apparently anxious, she tangled a handful of fingers in my hair, tugging as she ordered, “Do it, do it!”

Kimber’s clit was still right there, and utterly unmissable. I wanted to suck it between my lips and go right on sucking until she came. Instead, I used my tongue, lashing her clitoris with its flicking tip. And then, almost before I could even think ‘tease,’ Kimber was cuming. And maybe she was hamming it up some as she piled on the whooped yes’s. It didn’t bother me any; she was obviously cuming hard, shuddering, taut muscles straining, and there was a molten wetness pouring from her. By the time she decided she’d had enough and yanked my head up, I needed a freaking towel!

Kimber didn’t stick around for more, but at least I got kissed before she headed for Rich, murmuring an audible, “Ooh wow, I’ve never done two in a row!”

I sat there chugging warm Bud, and watched Kimber blow my b*****r. And that was good, but she was on her knees, and my eyes kept drifting back to her magnificently displayed, and oh so accessible pussy. And pretty quick, I was sporting an erection. So, in keeping with the flavor of the afternoon, I wandered over and sat down on the arm of Rich’s chair. The view was better, and Kimber was showing off. I was waiting for it, so when Kimber’s eyes locked on to my erection, I caught it. Rich had seen it too, pushing his wife’s head back down as he barked, “No baby, don’t even think about it!”

That was my cue. Rich still had a hand tangled in Kimber’s hair, when I leaned over and said, “Hey Rich, I’m gonna fuck your wife now!”

I didn’t have much of a choice. But then, I really like doing it doggie style; so, that’s the way I took her. Holding tight to her hips I eased in to her, gentle twisting thrusts steadily taking me deeper. Then, after powering in a rapid-fire series of fully penetrating jabs, I leaned in, buried deep as I whispered, “Hey Kimber, I’m gonna love banging you while you’re swallowing my b*****r’s cum!”

Kimber might have had something to say, but Rich still had that hand tangled in her hair. So, I fucked my hot new s****r-in-law, sometimes hard enough to send her head bouncing dangerously up and down Rich’s cock, and sometimes slowing to run slow twisting thrusts in and out of her. And way too soon to suit me, Rich was bellowing, “Yeah baby, yeah baby!”

It would have been hot, really hot, but I was sort of glad rich hadn’t pulled out, holding Kimber’s head in place as he drenched her face in cum. Instead, he held her head locked down, cuming with his cock buried deep in her mouth. And when he was done, and when he could breathe again, with a bit of squirming he managed to extricate himself. So he was standing next to where I knelt, still drilling cock in and out of his panting wife’s vagina. I was close to cuming, so I called out, “Ready Kimber baby?”

I of course wasn’t expecting an answer, and certainly not from Rich. But, he excitedly ordered, “Go for it,” quickly changing his mind, and ordering, “No wait!” And having caught my attention, he proceeded to suggest, “Come on b*o, I’ll show you her favorite position…well, one of them at least!”

I stumbled to my feet, listening to Kimber mutter, “Oh Jesus Richey, you’re such an asshole!”

It was of course, Rich’s favorite position. By then, I didn’t much care! So I took Kimber on Rich’s desk. She was on her back, only instead of having her legs d****d over my shoulders, my hands were behind her knees, holding her legs pushed back above her head. And with Rich egging me on, and with Kimber breathing in gasped pants, I drove hard pounding thrusts down in to her. And in that position she was taking every bit of me too! And I guess Kimber liked it Ok, at least mixed in with her loud and theatrically over the top suggestions, there were plenty of giggles. Then, when Rich pinned her wrists down above her head, and she began screaming, “Fuck me,” over and over, and at the top of her lungs, well, I sort of lost it.

Only, I didn’t lose it for long! I was pretty much making like an out of control jack hammer, really slamming down in to her. And if Rich hadn’t practically ordered me to, I would never have pulled out and unloaded all over Kimber’s pretty tits. But Kimber’s a good sport, and it was rich she called a “bastard asshole!”

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6 months ago
Such a hot story and good brother to share his hot wife with you, had me hard by the end of story.
6 months ago
hot story what a lucky guy u r to be able 2 fuk ur sis in law,23.7.14