My very first time

My first experience was in a nighttrain.
I was sixteen years old and went on holiday with a friend. We went to the Riviera.
We travelled by naightrrain. Accidentally my friend knew one of the hostess. They liked eachother. She had a girlfriend who was in the train too as a hostess. After work was done we four were sitting in the dining-car and had a little drink. Very nice and real snugly. The girl’s name was Marjolein, she told me.
My frind and his girlfriend went to her cabine. So Marjolein and me were together. And we didn’t mind, we didn’t care. Fortunely in our cabin there were no other passengers, so Marjolein and me were really together.
So we went to my cabine. And after a little talk we were kissing and touching each other. Marjoliejn noticed that I was a starter. She teached me to be patience. Touching here body slowly and nice. And to strip here carefully.
So I undressed here that way. I started to kiss here feet en made my hands slowly go up to here privy parts. Then suddenly here hand was moving between my legs. She said I was a big boy and stripped me off. She took mine in her hand en stroke it slowly and nice.
And so we were more hungry, more horny. I kissed her everywhere and she kissed me.
Yeah, and my big ……, became bigger and bigger. It was a special feeling for the first time with a naked woman. I told her I was hot, hotter, hottest.
She layed down on het back en let me come inside her.
Easy, slowly, tender, she whispered. And she groaned when I came into. She spread her legs and when I came in, and then she brought her legs around me, and so groaned with her.
We moved slowly and tender. But suddenly we went faster, faster, faster. And faster!!!
Did you ever cum like a rocket? Well, Marjolein and me were cumming as fast as a rocket.
And so we fell asl**p.
When we woke up, we did a repeat. Marjolein had to go to work. But she held me close to here body with her arms en legs. And I did the same with her. We couldn’t escape.
And again we were cumming. Not so fast as the first time, but we were lovely cumming!
In Genova when we leaved the train she said: ”See you soon!”

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