Bus Ride Pt 2

A moment of disbelief as she rolled off, i sat there cock throbbing staring at this gorgeous black girl who had just ridden my cock to near finish, as she sat there chest heaving smiling at me rubbing her cunt. I stroked my cock slowly hoping, praying she was not done.
She turned to her friend who had been watching us, enjoying the show, her own skirt up with her panties pulled to the side her fingers furiously at work. She turned back to me "switch seats with me baby, we have a lil suprise for you." THANK GOD!
I now sat in the middle of these two beautiful black woman, although her friend was much thicker she was still sexy, big curves. Her tits popping out of her dress, her ass filling her red dress which was tight to her ass. I turned to her friend kissing her full sexy lips as the other sucked my hard dick. feeling her tongue swirl around my head then feel her deep throat me with ease. Not caring who watched us, they both began sucking my cock. One focusing on my shaft the other my balls. I smiled at those who watched, some disgusted, others amazed!
I watched in astonishment as they took turns deep throating my cock, barely struggling to fit it all. Bobbing their heads up and down faster an faster, wet noises loudly filling my ears, the sounds only a woman sucking a cock can make. they moaned as i did at how amazing it was, kissing each other with my dick in their mouths, reaching across me fingering each other. My eyes closed head back i could not watch, it was too good. I grunted and groaned each time i felt their tongues swirl up my shaft, and around my head before i felt the back of their throats. Each time i opened my eyes to watch they where both looking up at me with eyes that begged me to cum. I was so close!
i grabbed the back of the bigger girls head as she deep throated my cock and i began to thrust in an out of her mouth faster an faster i shoved my cock in and out of her mouth, her friend whispering in my ear, egging me on. "mmmm fuck her mouth baby, ooohhhhhh she loves that throbbing white cock down her throat i can tell." OOOHHH i was so god damn close, i was thinking to myself about the massive load i was going to blow all over her big ebony tits.
I began pulling her tits out of her dress, mmmm so soft and big with perfectly sized dark nipples. I tweaked and pinched her nipples as i fucked her mouth, her moans made my cock vibrate bringing me so close to cuming. thats when i heard "oohh baby, i wish you could fuck my ass."
My cock erupted as i looked down at the girl sucking my cock, grunting loudly. i watched as drool hung from her chin dripping onto her tits. the thought of fucking one of these big brown asses vividly going through my mind.Cum began to over flowing from the sides her mouth, the other girl taking my cock in her hands and jerking my cock furiously aiming, milking my cock so i plastered her friends face and tits with a massive load. my hips bucking barely able to stay in my seat, body so tense as i had one of my most memorable orgasms.
I sat back and watched the two kiss, one sucking and licking the cum of the others face and tits.

Our destination just minutes away, GOD i wanted to stick it in one of their asses before this was over!
95% (10/1)
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3 years ago
i posted a slightly tweaked version of this story a few minutes ago...hopefully it will make it up soon...once that is up i will delete this version
3 years ago
is that the end you have to tell me if that was the end
3 years ago
damn this got me so horny