One and two makes three

I always wanted my wife to be with another men and for me to watch or join in will she keep tilling me no. one day we were at the house and we had about 10 other friends come over and we where having a great time swimming in the pool and lots more as the evening came we where still having a good time some people left others stayed around the table the conversations was getting spicy as time went on the question came up on what was the biggest cock you every had. So Kim said my hubby’s so every one was YA right so Kim said yes he has a dig cock as the women was talking they ask my wife she was shy at first and did not went to answers.
So my wife said Kim I do not believe he is that big she said to her to show it now Kim is not shy she side ok and she told here hubby to pull it out he said here and all the women was YA here Kim said I will do it she went and started to kiss him and she reached and started to pull his suit off and before long he was naked she moved away and every one was wow he was big and long be fore long Kim took her suit off and jumped into the pool and ever one did the same. I was in the deep end as I seen my wife I went under water and licked her from her pussy on up to her mouth she kissed me and griped my cock we torched each other for a bit. I was hard from seen her friends naked as me and my wife was playing around Kim came over and reach down and started to kiss my wife’s tits. My wife and was just going with it.
Some people left and now there was only 3 couples left we where all talking around the table and naked. The conversation was getting more involved and we started to dare each other before long they dared my wife to sock on Kim’s hubby’s cock I did not no if she would as she did not want to but every one was pushing her as he got up and walked over to her she reached out and started to sock on his cock he was getting harder it was hot to see my wife she soon stopped and it was for john to lick Kim’s pussy he jumped right to as time went by every one had done something to some one before long John was setting on the chair and Kim was riding him and every one was playing I was with Amy and then I looked around and seen that my wife was not there .Amy went over to her hubby and Kim and I went inside to see what was up I walked in and went to my room she was not there. I went to the other room I seen the door was shout I opened it slowly as I did she was having her pussy licked by Eddie Kim’s Hubby I watched her and him as I did not went to move in she went back down on him and started to sock his cock and she laid back down and he started to drive her his cock was big I was shocked and she was taken it all I never hared my wife yell. She loved it. She said she Cumming his cock had to be 12” and thick I walked in closer and she seen me she waved me over and took my cock in her mouth they she got on all fours and he did her doggy she then laid him down as she ride him I asked here and she said she wants to cum more she had at list 3 times I know off. She went down on him and socking on him as I fucked her pussy it was wide open from him but just the same it was good.
He started to say he was going to cum she asked me to cum also as I was close. She laid down and she said to cum on her pussy as he put his cock in here and he said here I cum and shot his loaded all over her pussy it was a lot I was ready also as I went and shout my loaded also she was fill her pussy was covered she was playing with it and licking her fingers he went over to her as she cleaned him off and then me I watched her play with her pussy as he went back down on her pussy to clean her up I was getting hard as I like to clean my wife after sex. I went and kissed here as she had cum on he lips we all was done and she said that was great I really would love to do it again soon

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3 years ago
Good story... Constructively, proof read before posting. It makes it hard for the brain to make a picture and spell check too.

Hope your adventures get more exciting for you.