Caught wife playing

It was Friday night afternoon i was out of for work and I normally get home on Fridays. In the afternoon but this day was not looking good I was 10hr from home and it was 6:00 pm I was looking forwarded to be home as me and my wife had planes to meet up with some friends. My wife told me to stop and spend the night and make my way home tomorrow morning sometime. So I drove for another 3 hrs when I stopped and got a room relaxed I called my wife to she how she was doing she was still out but she said she was on her was shortly. She called me on her way home I can till she was felling pretty good I ask her if she was driven and she told me no some one is taken her home as we talked she was tilling me what she would do to me if I was home so I asked her if she is touching her self ad she said yes. She told me she is wet so I asked here who was driven and she said Kim was I asked if Kim was wet also she asked and Kim said yes
They finally made it home and Kim took the phone and said she call me back later on she called and said she fell a sl**p I thank her. I was really hard from the conversation we had earlier. The next day I started on my way to get home talked to my wife and she said she is doing well I told here it will be late afternoon when I get home she was good with that. As I pulled I seen there was a car I did not know I walked in and no one was around I started to walk out the back when I hared some people talking I looked out the window and seen Kim ,My wife and 2 other men the women was on the edge of the and the men in he pool as I watched I seen that they where naked I wanted as I seen that my wife was getting up I went in to the next room as she came in the house and the gay come with her they went into the kitchen made some drinks I could not see munch but I can here them I came around the comer to see more her was touching her pussy and she was playing with his dick things heated up I was getting hard my self she dropped to her knees and started given him a BJ I have to say he was bigger then me after a few she got up and went out side I came back out of the room where got undressed I wanted to more I now if I went out there she would not do nothing or smoothing would go wrong as I was at list 3 to 4 hrs early on getting home

As I watched things heated up again all 4 of them was plying around. I seen my socking on his cook again and Kim was doing the same and then he went down on my wife eating her pussy she was liking what he was doing the other gay come and put his dick in my wife moth and Kim started playing with her pussy. I was so hard as I could not believe I wanted to go out there but I did not I was rubbing my self

My wives sat on his cook and ride him and the she went doggy stay hw was given it to her hard Kim on her way also as the gay was going to cum my wife laid down and he shout his loaded all over her shaved pussy she was rubbing her pussy licking her fingers Kim went down on my wife and started licking her clean as for the other gay he cam also on Kim as my wife cleaned here. I was about to pop all I wanted to do is lick my wife pussy.

Soon after I went in to the bathroom but I know I had to come clean and show my self I came out my cock was still hard I turned the comer and Kim seen me she looked at me and smiled she come over and kissed me and said your wife would love to see you
The guys where still there my wife come in the room and she looked at me and said did you like what you seen said yes she said good there more for you

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3 years ago
Very hot and sexy,,keep us informed of new end ounters
3 years ago
Very HOT story. Thank you for posting all the sexiness.