My New Happy Place

Looking down at her laying beside me gently taking my cock in and out of her mouth is such a great site, she tends to squeeze the base as she slowly works up and down. But something was different this time.

We had meet for drinks and bar snacks the night before, with no real plans. We had been lovers in the past and had never explored the relationship much past the sparks portion. They say that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but in this relationship, the grass was amazingly green and lush. Just something about a sexual relationship where you can share your fantasies. At our last meeting, I had mentioned that I was cum curious. I always love it when she would cum on my face, but wondered what it would be like if we were mixed together. This sounds great before I cum, but just after, the attraction wanes.

A couple of drinks later, we hugged goodnight, a kiss on the cheek turned into a slow kiss on the lips, and off we went. She rolled over and was as wet as ever, and I went to enter, teasing her a bit before entering. And just then, it happened. She stopped me for a moment, looked into my eyes, and informed me that any messes I made in her would need to be cleaned up by me. I almost lost it right there.

So, we started and it was as great as I had remembered, slow at the start and then the pressure started building as she added more pressure while she came with me inside, it was all I could do to hold back, but it was kinda a game at this point. I wanted to hold out until I could not anymore, where it would be out of my control.

She flipped me on my back and mounted me slowly, and started to ride. That was is, the slow steady pressure, the look on her face knowing what was to come, the rhythm of her body, I lost it like never before and shot loads of cum into her waiting body.

Things moved quickly after that, she know that the curiosity would go away quickly, so she lifted up and moved to my face. My cum was still mostly inside, I could taste the salty coming out just a bit, but she was smart and hovered where my tongue could just tickle her button. I realized that she had not cum with me, and was close to the edge. She grinded back and forth, she was getting close, the pressure increased and her movements became more concise. She dipped down, put my still hard cock in her mouth, and let out the most amazing moan. Her orgasm was intense, the contractions pumping out a cocktail of us both that flowed over my face, across my tongue and into my memory. This was my new happy place.

She flipped around, give me a deep kiss and enjoyed the taste with me, a closeness I had not experienced prior, pretty amazing.

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