my first porn movie

on friday night my husband took me to my first porn movie we paid at the door and went in and we sat up front of the theatre...when the lights went out and the movie started my husband started playing with my boobs and on no time he had my buttons undone...there were about 20 people in there for the movie but it just seemed like us there and i was feeling great...after a while i felt another two hands on my boobs and it was the man behind us playing with my boobs the man next to me must have seen this because he started rubbing my leg at the knee and slowly up to my pussy and back to my knee...i laid back in the seat and opened my legs and the next time he went from my knee up he found my clit and started to rub it..i leant over and took my husbands hard dick out of his pants and started to suck it but it was hard on my back so i put my knees up on the seat and had my butt facing the man next to me...the man behind us then started playing with my pussy and so was the man next to us after a while my husband wanted to have sex with me so i sat on his knee with one leg each side of him then i saw that there were three men standing there all with their dicks out masturbating so i put one in my mouth and started sucking it did not take him long to cum in my mouth then the other dick was in my mouth he lasted a wee bit longer but allso cum in my mouth...that left one more but there was another four there so i just keeped on fucking my husband and sucking all the dicks but i was feeling sorry for the old man next to me as i was not doing anything for him so when my husband cum i got off him and faced my pussy to the old man and started to lick my husband clean the old man stood up and put his dick in my pussy and started to fuck me like crazy there was still men behind us wanting to cum so i stoped licking my husband and started to suck them all untill they all cum and the old man was still fucking me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he made me cum five times before he cum in my pussy....i dont know how many men cum in my mouth but i had just the two in my pussy then we got dressed and left the movie wowwwwww it was great so now i am waiting for his next sex night so if you men or women have anything that we have not tried let me know so i can show him something new thank you
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1 year ago
awesome story! What a good hotwife!
3 years ago
yea, love those theater cum fests
3 years ago
Wish I was there, it`s always been a fantasy of mine to have anonymous sex in the porn cinema, sounds like you had fun, glad you enjoyed it
3 years ago
love u
4 years ago
i wouldnt settle for anything less then your pussy, id add a 3rd load into your pussy
4 years ago
so may we see your movie here ?
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story whore
4 years ago
Good story. The posting windows here are kind of primitive, but you should still take the time to punctuate, capitalize, etc, and go into a bit more detail. That will really bring out the Hotness of your story.