shopping at the supermarket

My husband loves me wearing very short skirts and a blouse with buttons that shows my clevage so when i go shopping the men all notice me...i have found that if i pretend that my buttons have come undone without me knowing the men get more interested in following me around so i bend down to look at goods on the shelve and they can see right down the top and seeing i dont wear bras they see everything...on the odd ocasion a few off them will stop and talk to me and i can see that they are looking at my boobs mmmmmmmmm this get me wet because i can see a bulge in their pants....some will reach in front of me to get something of the shelve and rub my boobs on the way past this seems to pop a button or two but i pretend not to notice...when i have finished and go out to my car i can see the men sitting in their cars watching me going to my car so when i unload my trolly i bend a lot so they can see up my skirt or down my top and i know they are masturbating looking me so when i have finished i will notice that my top is open then i will button up and leave
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1 year ago
Good girl!
3 years ago
That's hot Bonnie
4 years ago
your a great wife
4 years ago
you are sooo bad Bonnie48 you love to tease thats hot and sexy thanks
4 years ago
naughty girl. where do you shop xx