going back again soon

Last night my husband was horny again and told me me dress up in my tiny mini skirt and open blouse as we were going out..We set out in the car and he did not tell me where we were going but the longer he drove the wetter i got because i knew that we were going to get sex...After about an hour of driving he pulled up at a park and it was very dark and we got out and walked a wee way into the park to the toilets there was one light out side that cast a very dim light into the toilets...We both went into the mens side and we could see about six men masturbating each other so we went into one of the three cubicles and as soon as we got in there my husband started kising me and playing with my boobs..The moans i was making must have got the men interested as they all came over to our open door still masturbating each other mmmmmmm that made me very hot so i reached out and started playing with one of there dicks and before i knew it we had all of them playing with my boobs and pussy...My husband them got behind me and put his dick right in my pussy and started to have sex with me this made me bend over so one of the men put his dick in my mouth ohhhhhhhhhhhh i was getting it in both holes so i sucked him hard until he cum in my mouth then he pulled out but my mouth was taken by another dick i did not even have time to swallow his cum....So i had this dick in my mouth going in and out of the other mans cum the thought of that made me even hotter i dont know if it was the other mans cum or how i was sucking but he did not last long before he filled my mouth....I had four men cum in my mouth before my husband filled my pussy then i had the men all sticking their dicks in my pussy and there was more dicks for my mouth to suck... I dont know if it was just the six men or more had turned up but we were there for four hours before they all left and on the way home my husband was telling me that he had men playing with him as well and he masturbated a few as well now he wants to go back for more so next time i will be watching him more and i write you guys what i saw...
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1 year ago
Mmmmmm, ya gota share those cocks with ya hubby always. Mayb try 2 cocks in ur cunt next time.
1 year ago
That was very hot!
4 years ago
Wow, read this at work - not going to walk down the passage just yet unless it is with a limp, lol. Very hot story!
4 years ago
oh it was very hot you should try it you will love it
4 years ago
That is so hot! I love the fact that you have had so many men and your hubby is happy to masturbate other men as well.
4 years ago
Mmmmmmm sounds very hot !!!!!