You Want To Tap My Ass

On a recent trip to a strip club in Texas I was having a drink and a really hot dancer asked if she could sit with me at my table. Sure why not. After some small talk she reached over and squeezed my cock; then she put my hand on her cunt. She asked me do you want to tap my ass. Of course I told her yes so an hour and a half later she left the club before closing then I followed a few minutes later. We went to my hotel room then she asked me to get on Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. She went directly to the anal videos on xhamster and told me that's what I need; I want you to eat my pussy then I'll deepthroat your cock then I want you to fuck my pussy and ass hard while I shove a dildo up my pussy. I was really surprised and she noticed and told me I love sex and I'm not ashamed of it. Then she purred in my ear and told me to lick her hot pussy. As I began to lick her pussy she told me to lick her pussy harder and she pushed her pussy up hard into my mouth; that was all the encouragement I needed as I licked and sucked her pussy and clit. Then I got a big surprise as she squirted on my face and we both laughed. Not to be out done she sucked on my muscular, hard, throbbing 8 inch cock and told me to fuck her throat. I was fucking her throat real easy so I wouldn't hurt her then she told me to fuck her throat wildly and hard. So I did what she asked and fucked her throat wildly and hard. I was really impressed by her deepthroat skills. Then she told me to fuck her pussy hard which I gladly did making sure to fuck her cunt hard while grabbing her ass to drive my cock in deeper. While I was fucking her pussy she put a vibrating dildo up her ass and plunged the vibrator deep in and out of her ass. After several minutes she asked me if I remembered what she asked me in the strip club. Of course you asked me do you want to tap my ass. She said "well do you want to tap my ass?" Of course I do so she lay on her back with her legs pulled back behind her arms with the dildo going in and out of her ass. She took the dildo out and told to me to shove my cock balls deep up her ass. So as I put my cock head in her ass she thrust her hips up and her asshole opened wide and began to swallow my cock. After a few thrusts her asshole swallowed my cock whole all the way down to the balls. She giggled the put another vibrating dildo in her pussy and told me to fuck her ass hard and deep. I was fucking her ass pretty hard then she asked if that was all I had. So my ego feeling a little bruised I pushed down on her legs and plowed her ass deep and furiously with a****l passion. After seversl minutes of fucking her ass pipe I pulled out and blew my hot load down her deepthroat; I was felling really good. I told her that my cock is still hungry and I want more of your ass. So I got behind her and began to plow her hot asshole again. She told me to fuck her as hard as I could and told me that thiis slut loves it hard up her ass. She told me to fuck my ass harder, harder this whore loves it hard up her ass. The combination of her telling me to fuck her ass harder and the dildo in her pussy made my cock swell. She told me to get her ass good and deep. With a condom on she demanded that I cum in her ass which I did pumping my load furiously into her gaping ass. She told me that she loves it up her ass and that I fucked her ass harder than it had been fucked in a long while. If you're reading this and you're a married or single woman I'm willing to eat your pussy and fuck your pussy and ass as hard or gently as you would like. Send me a private message; let's meet up for hot sex!!!
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3 years ago
hot story - we boht loved it!
3 years ago
very good