Why have we never done that?

My buddy Aaron and I were hanging out at a bar one night. Well, actually, we went to the bar all the time. We stayed there for a few hours while catching a nice buzz. Just before the bar closed we decided to go back to his place and keep drinking.

When we got back to his place, Aaron decided that he was going to take a shower because on the ride home he tried pissing in a bottle and it spilled all over him. That was the first time I saw his cock. It wasn't very big and when Aaron noticed that I was peeking at his dick he started to slowly jerk it until he got beefed up. It just looked so juicy and I couldn't help but look at it. The rest of the ride back to his place was kind of awkward after the "Intoxicated-Almost-Masturbator" incident.

We didn't say too much when we first got back to his apartment. We turned on the TV and we both grabbed a beer. Aaron chugged his pretty quickly and headed for the shower. He went into the bathroom and closed the door...or at least I thought he did. He left it cracked just enough so that anyone sitting where I was could clearly see into the shower. He also pulled the shower curtains back so that I could see him wash himself. Now, Aaron is kind of a big guy...not tall, and pretty chubby. His cock is about 6 inches long when hard, which made me happy because so is mine. I tried not to peek at him, but I couldn't help myself.

He started to wash his cock and balls and while he was cleaning himself he looked up at me. I was pretty embarrassed and quickly looked away. But, he yelled into the living room, "Hey buddy...it's alright."

I managed to keep my eyes on the TV for the remainder of his shower. I also managed to drink a lot more. I heard him coming into the living room when I was in the kitchen grabbing another beer. I looked up from the fridge and he was changing the channel on the TV...naked. I was shocked and a little turned on. I asked myself if he was trying to come on to me. Aaron is married to a hot Asian chick, and at that time I was dating a beautiful girl I met a few weeks earlier so I was a little confused. He looked over at me and stared right back at me. While we were staring at each other, he started getting hard....and so did I. At that point, I slammed another beer and said, "Fuck it..."

I walked over to the couch and sat down and Aaron joined me. He noticed the bulge in my pants and started slowly rubbing the top of my cock. His dick looked so enticing...it was sticking straight up and resting on his belly. His balls were nice and round and resting nicely on the couch. Aaron soon had my pants off so I took off my shirt. There we were. Two naked big guys with hard-ons that could punch through a wall. I couldn't take it anymore and started to jerk him off. He laid back on the couch and smiled. He moaned and said, "Jack me off mother fucker." I continued slowly jerking his cock for a while until he pushed me off of him and, in one motion, jumped on me and landed mouth first on my cock. It felt so good. He was sucking me so hard that I thought I would bust immediately. He started rubbing my nuts and rubbing his thumb on my asshole in a circular motion. I could tell I was going to cum soon. Aaron must have known too, because right before I shot my load down his throat, he shoved a finger deep in my ass.

I was cumming so hard that I thought my heart was going to explode too. It felt so good that I figured I would return the favor and shoved his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked his dick as best I could until I saw he was about to cum. SO, I shoved a finger in his ass too. He shot so much cum into my mouth that I thought I was gonna drown. That turned me on again and my cock was ready to go.

I spit some of the large amount of cum onto his asshole and started to finger him. He was loving it. I had 2 fingers in him and was pushing in and out very fast and he said, "Just use your hard cock...". This was my plan but it was really hot to hear him demand my dick in his fat, juicy ass. I didn't even ease it in. I just went as hard as I could. I could tell it was a little painful at first, but he soon started to love it. After a few minutes he was hard as a rock too. I started to jerk him off while I fucked his sweet ass.

"I'm gonna cum in your fat ass!"
"Oh yeah!!!"

It felt so good and I didn't want it to end but I wanted to shoot my jizz deep inside him.

"Oh God I'm cumming!" I said.
"ME TOO!" he yelled.

I think that both our orgasms were equally pleasurable because mine felt exactly how his looked. He shot just as much cum as he did the first time. So of it hit my chest and the rest made a cum pool on his round belly. I couldn't move for a few moments after we finished. I just laid there with my dick going limp inside my buddy's ass.

Aaron opened his eyes and looked at me with a hige smile on his face and said, "Dude...why have we never done that?"

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3 years ago
Super HOT story! You are a really good writer. Thank you for posting all the sexiness.