b*****r and Younger s****rs 3

Continuing on with my story as I am growing up with 2 younger s****rs.

I have been spying on my younger s****rs and have graduated to going into their room at night to feel them up. I have felt only through their pj's. Their young breasts and their pussies, being careful not to wake them. Sometimes I would kneel on the floor with my hand on a young tit as I stroke my cock, other times I would just slide my hand under the covers for a feel.

Feeling a little more brave one night I slip my hand under the covers of the youngest one who wears a long nightgound to bed. She is laying on her side with her back to me and her legs drawn up into the fetal position. I guess all I can feel is her little round butt. I put my hand on her ass and I can not feel any undies. I move my hand around a bit and sure enough she went to bed with out undies on. Hummmmm, interesting. I feel around a bit and find that her nightie is not down around the bottom of her feet but up higher, almost to her hip. Slowly I move my hand up under her nightie and I touch her inner thigh. I can feel my dick getting hard. I move my hand more and my god I can feel her pussy. I feel a little bit of hair and the soft skin of her young pussy lips. This is so fantastic. Being 18, and have had a few girl friends, but never got to more then first base, I am actually touching my first pussy, even tho it belongs to my little s*s. I wonder?

I go back to my room and get one of thoes small pocket flash lights and head back into their room. I lift the cover and poke my head under and turn on the flash light. Now I am actually looking at my s****rs pussy. I can see that she has a little bit of hair starting and the outer pussy lips and the inner lips just slightly showing. This is so fantastic. There is even a different smell under the covers. I gently take my finger and touch her little crack. It feels so soft as I slide my finger up and down the length of her sweet pussy. As I am doing so my finger moves between the folds of skin and my index finger is in the crack of her pussy to the first joint fo my finger. This is great. I keep moving my finger around and then all of the sudden there is more space. This has to be her vagina. I gently push, and my finger goes in a little deeper. Not wanting to wake her, I pull out a bit. All is well and feeling bolder, I push back in a little deeper this time. My god, I am finger fucking my first pussy. My finger is now about half way in and I am just slowly going in and out and my finger is getting wet from her juces. Then it happens, I feel her pussy muscles contract around my finger. Oh crap, shes awake! I click off the flash light and play possom, still with my finger in her pussy. I dont move. It seems like minutes that I am stuck there, but I am sure it was only a short time that I figured out that she was still asl**p and that it must have been an involuntary muscle contraction. I will live another day. I slowly pull my finger out of her young pussy, get my head out from under the covers, and head back to my room.

In my room I strip off my pj's and its time for some fast cock stroking, thinking about what I just saw and did. Looking back all these years, this is what I wish had happened.

My finger is in Gails pussy moving slowy in and out. I feel the contraction and I freeze. I feel her move and her hand touches mine. She takes a hold of my hand and pulls it into her, bushing my finger deep into her pussy. She is awake and fucking herself with my finger. I feel her legs part slightly as she rolls onto her back. She moves her other hand to her pussy and begins to rub her clit. Her other hand is still moving my finger in and out. Feeling a little braver, when she pulls my finger out I add my middle finger also and now have 2 fingers in Gail's pussy. She lets out a small moan as two fingers go deep into her young vagina. The pace of her rubbing her clit quickens and I can feel the movement inside her. Her pussy contracts again and again and my fingers slide in and out, her hand still on mine. Now she is fucking her self with my fingers faster now and she is rubbing her little clit side to side. Her muscles are almost pulling my fingers in, and I am suprised at how strong they are. I feel her go stiff, her legs straighten out and she pulls my fingers deep into her little pussy and holds them there as I feel the contractions. Its all over. I finger fucked my first pussy with the help of my little s****r.
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10 months ago
2 years ago
Hmmm, very hot, and never they really woke up? You're a born spy!
2 years ago
Do not read this story if you've had a Cialis in the last few days. I'm so hard at work right now I can't leave my desk. Great erotica.
4 years ago
these are all great stories, do more!
4 years ago
u next blog should one of u fucking her
4 years ago
very good more please
4 years ago
hope u fucked her 2
4 years ago
how old were they ?
4 years ago
Should be, this went on for a number of years
4 years ago
i hope there is more