b*****r and Younger s****rs

My stories start why back when I was younger and was a horny k**. My youngest s****r was just starting to develop and the other a few years older shared a room across the hall from me. I found that with using a small mirror I was able to look under their bedroom door and watch them change and such. Was a huge turn on for me as a shy k** with no girlfriends to see my s****rs naked.
Then I found out I could do the same with the bathroom door where I would see them sitting on the toilet. Sometimes they would treat me to their masturbation. All this would give me a huge hard on. After peeking for a while, it was back to my room where I would stroke my young hard cock thinking about my s****rs and their young breasts and pussies. Always shot a good load of cum. It continued on for a number of years with both of them knowing I was watching them, but they never told on me. Will post more of my stories in the future.
64% (37/20)
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3 years ago
Enjoyable....love your cock!
4 years ago
good but short
4 years ago
Mmmm, reminds me of my youth!
4 years ago
well exiting
4 years ago
u got me so wet OHH I LOVE IT
4 years ago
I've done similar (and more) with my older sisters when they were 14-17..
4 years ago
4 years ago
please write more
4 years ago
yes more please
4 years ago
please share more