Revenge on Olly part 3

It gonna be ritten in the first person now. CBA to keep writing names down. Enjoy!

I tied his arms over the back of an old fashoined cross like what Jesus was put on. This caused him great distress just like i expected. He made noises through the large ball gag in his mouth but i just whipped him whben he did that. I tied his anklestogether then puled his legs up behind the bar his arms were bound to and tied him like that. His cock i'm surprised to say was rock hard. I know a woman who keeps really ruthless slaves/subs/whores and she'd lent me some to use. I shouted "Girls!" And they came in chained up. I removed their collars around their necks and turned them toward Olly "This lil bastard has upset me and Mistress J. You are to punish him to the full extent of your abilitties. When speaking to me you are to call me mistress. Don't mention each others names unless completely nessercary."
"But mistress, what are the limits."
"Aren't any. He's yours to use and abuse. I won't stop you." The girls all grinned and squealed as i took my seat with a video camera in hand i shouted to Olly "Hey Oll, good news this is gonna go right over to all of the the porn networks." He shook his head but i just laughed "Smile! Your gonna be a ;porn star!". I'm really cruel sometimes. "Light! Camera and Action!" The girl leapt at him grabbing the many punishment items i had laid out. One girl removed his ballgag and fucked herself with it then made him lick the cum off it. Two others took on his cock. ONe held it still whilst the other put my clips and pegs on it. I laughed harshly as he screamed in pain. SOme more went to his feet and tickled them mercilessly. He was really struggling now and i yelled out to him, "You sorry boy?" He nodded his head though it probaly wasn't easy with it being held and being pushed onto the dildo. "Girls heel." They stopped and i quickly put a mask on my face and moved in front of the camera. "So that was my lil bad boy getting his punishment. For official purposes i can't sjpw my face. But heres the star of the show, Olly Martin!" ONe girl removed his blindfold and shok his head as i brought the camera to his face "Keep him still!" I said keeping up a posh voice. "Now slave say what you are to this wonderful audience."
"I'm being heldn against my-!" I shoved a gloved hand over his mouth and smiled to the camera. "Say it." I growled "Or i'll do ten times what this lot did."
Looking down and blushing he said, "I'm a no good lil sex addicted bastard?" Hoping that he'd pleased me. I nodded, "Good boy." I said "Now goodbye folks! Remember i've got a whole month to make vids with this dude so if you wanna see more just comment here or leave it at Mistress with a twist's profile on yahoo. Goodbye and happy veiwing! Cut" I telled as i turned off the camera. "Good boy Olly. today you will be given a break." I untied him led him to a small cage and locked him in it for the night.

Post your comments! Happy reading!
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3 years ago
that's a video i'd love to watch!