louise and her neighbour(s) 4

This follows on from the other 3 stories where details of Louise and Vicky are described.
Both girls are 17 and louise is in a strange place in her life which she never expected to find herself in, not at such a young age anyway.
Having just been made to sucumb to the most powerful orgasm of her young life courtesy to her mates tongue the two girls leave the swimming pool and head back to louises flat via mcdonalds.
In the cubicle next to them the whole time they were having fun together was louises elderley neighbour rupert. An old white male of 73 years of age. Rupert looked bad for his age and easily looked in his late 80's. He is a skinny old man with hair in his nostrils and ears. He wears thick lensed glasses with large square rims and dresses everywhere in trousers he always buys from a charity shop which are always too short for him and an old shirt and mis matching tie. He thinks he looks smart, everyone thinks otherwise. He is your stereotypical dirty old man who has his fair share of wanks, probably more than he should with his dodgy ticker.
He has captured louise and vickys lesbian session in its entirety on his phone in video. He goes back and watches the 7 minute clip over and over again. His favourite bit is when vicky spreads louises ass cheeks and licks her little tight hole. He pauses this and messes around with his printer until he can print it off.
He finally prints it off, pleased he has mastered the technology and looks at it with a hard cock wandering if he can use it in any way to get himself more than just a video clip so satisfy his old, wrinkly yet extremely large when hard (9 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide) decrepid cock.
He keeps an eye out of his window to see if they come back. No sooner than his mind is in dirty over drive the two teens walk up the path, this is his chance he thinks. He leaves his flat and the door open and walks down the stairs with the printout in his hand. He walks down the hall way and upto the girls who are engrossed in each other chatting still wearing their casual jogging suit wear and swimming outfits underneath. "Err he hello". Rupert nervously says to the girls.
They give him a frown and look of disgust as the look him up and down and see him holding a sheet of paper. "Er yeah like what do you want?" Louise says to him.
Vicky looks at him and rupert looks at the floor nervous. He had a plan to ambush them with the picture but their cocky style makes him uncomforatble.
"Come on what, what is it like. We are busy". Vicky says looking at her friend and winking, louise smiling back.
"Well I I I was wandering". Stuttered his reply.
"Wandering? what is it?". Louise getting impatient that this pathetic old fool dared to stop and talk to her.
"Well umm. See I, you and her, I, have something, you and, ummm her umm". He babbles
"Fucks sake what do you want you fool?" Louise snaps.
"I want to fuck you both silly". Rupert says and shows them the image in his hand.
"What? No way" the girls say in unison.
"Ok then give this to your mum and just to make sure you do I will print some more off". He says handing them the sheet
The girls look at each other, stunned, and argue. Louise although disgusted by the idea has fucked Gary and this cant be any worse, Vicky is not interested at all. Rupert says "Both of you now or this picture is going up everywhere".
He pauses and says "Im going upto my room and taking a Viagra, if you two slags arnt in my flat by the time im hard these pictures are going up". Feeling proud of himself he shuffles off to his flat.
The girls argue and look at their print out. Vicky is sure she doesnt want to get involved but Louise says  "Come on vic hes old he will probably see my pussy and that will be the end of it. Or we could put a show on for him and he wont last?"
Vicky is getting turned on at the idea of licking her friends pussy again. "Besides." Louise continues "Fucking Gary made me really horny, what am I turning into Vic?" The girls giggle and Vicky says "I will go with it but he is not having sex with me". "Quick then lets go up and see him." Louise says, remembering their short deadline to get up to his flat.
They rush up the stairs giggling, more to hide their nervousness from each other and arrive at his door which is open. They walk in with their bags and into the lounge calling "Hello". "In here" comes the frail reply. The girls are surprised how tidy the flat is. Everything is straight and evenly spaved in shelves and everything is clean. They go to where they heard Rupert and open a door into his bedroom.
The room is an expected size as all the flats are the same layout. Rupert had a super king size bed with old fashioned white sheets folded over at the top, like you would find in a hotel, and Rupert was on the bed. The girld gasped. Rupert was naked, his body frail and skinny and Vicky whispers to Louise "he looks like mr burns in the simpsons". The girls giggle as what Rupert is doing has the girls transfixed. "You made it in time". He says.
Rupert is led on his bed slowly wanking his viagra induced gigantic hard on. Moving his right hand up and down slowly the girls bith stare mouths slighyly open "Its huge" louise manages to blurt out.
"Thank you". Rupert replies. And says to the girls. "I want you to both slowly strip naked for me".
The girls looked at each other and Vicky gives a little nod to her friend. They start to take their clothes off awkwardly and are stood in their swimming costumes. Louise still has her pink bikini on and Vicky her blie swim suit. He says "Both of you peel your tops off slowly".
The girls follow their orders and louise removes her bikini top showing her pert breasts nipples erect and Vicky peeling hers down showing her fuller assets and slowly erecting nipples.
"Thats nice". He says as he slowly strokes his hard old cock. The girls are transfixed on his foreskin as when he pulls down it pulls down a long way and they can see his old helmet, massive and mushroom like and glistening.
He demands "Take the rest off".
The girls pull their bottoms off and reveal their pussy's louise's is as he remembers on his video Vickys is smooth and completely shaven but as she is carrying a few extra pounds of puppy fat he can only see the lips between her legs, no labia, Louises small labia are slightly exposed and he can just make it out through his big glasses.
Louise looks at her friends pussy and Vicky catches her and nervously giggles.
"Now" rupert says. "I want you". Pointing with a wrinkly bent index finger to Vicky "I want you to get on the bed on all fours so your friend here can lick your ass and repay you for earlier".
Vicky walks over to the bed and gets on all fours. Rupert sits up so he can get a close view of the young teenagers pussy.  Vicky dips her lower back and pushes her ass and pussy out some more. Louise stares at her friends folds. She can clearly see her pussy hole which is so unused its open and she can see inside and make out the detail of this fantastic looking little pussy. Rupert sees her staring and notices louise is rubbing her clit. Rupert then says "Dont just look at it, eat it!" He remembered this in a film he had seem some years ago "american psycho" he always wanted to say it but never dreamed he would be in this position but here he was.. living his dream..
Louise got down on all fours behind her friend and licks her pussy slowly. Vicky lets out a gasp. Louise notices how smooty her clit is on her tongue and pay attention to and then back to her sopping pussy.
"Lick her ass" Rupert demands whilst stroking his cock again.
Louise moves up and with her hands on her friends bum cheeks greedily starts licking her ass sticking her tongue inside her friends naughty hole.
Rupert moves roumd behind louise to get a view of her wet pussy. The girls loose track of him in their own moment of oleasure but Louise is reminded he is there when she is aware of his tongue licking her slit and then ass. Both girls are moaning and Rupert starts to finger his blonde teen prize whilst she is licking her friends soaking hole.
Then he stops and moves about and Louise feels Ruperts cock rubbibg up and down her slit before slowly slipping into her wet hole, he pushes it in and surprisingly for louise and Rupert she takes his whole length, louise stops licking her friend and under her breath says "ah your cock feels so good i feel so full". Vicky lets out a loud laugh and louise sets about her pussy some more.
Rupert slides in and out and using her juices rubes his thumb round her ass and then slowly pushes it in. Louise cant take any more arches her back and cums, rupert feels her pussy flood with her lady juices. He holds her still and her orgasm subsides and she goes back to her friends pussy and Rupert slowly starts going in and out of her soaking love hole.
Then he pulls his cock out and louise gasps at the vacuum left. Rupert readjusts his cock and nudges her ass hole "oh god my ass" louise says. "Im going to fuck you in the ass". He says. "Your too bi... Arghh that hurts ahhhhh" as he roughly thrusts into her lubricated dark hole and stops.
Louise arches up and her back touches his chest still impaled on his hard thick member.
"Please be careful" she pitifully pleads. Although in a greedy lustful mood he takes heed of her request and slowly moves in and out and Vicky looks round as she is being left out. Rupert sees the look on Vickys face. He pulls his cock out of her ass and moves round the bed with his length bobbing as he moved. Louise wandered what was going on and he presents his hard cock to vicky and says "suck it". Vicky looks at it, old, hard, massive and straight out of her friends bum.  He nudges her lips and she instinctively opens her mouth and takes half of it in. Lovingly moving up and down on the large member. Rupert puts his hand un the back of her head and clenches his fist grabbing a hand full of hair, before vicky can move he pulls her head towards him and pushes his cock hard down her throat. She gags as his entire length goes past her tonsills and down her throat before pulling out and thrusting in again. And again.
He pulls out and her eyes are watering. She feels so used and weak and yet so horny. The weakness is overwhelming. He pulls away and quickly and roughly flips her over and onto her back still weak and offering no resistance he grabs her feet with both hands and push them right back to the bed exposing her oussy and ass fully he then lines his cock up with her pussy and pushes in, one stroke and straight it. The realisation that he is inside her brings her bacj roumd and she doesnt mind. She loves it. And he fucks her hard
Rupert releases his grip and her legs come back creating a space near her head. Louise seizes the opportunity and moves round and positions herself squatting over her friends face. She reaches down and opens her lips with her fingers and guides her pussy on to her friends ready mouth. Vicky struggling to take the big cock pistoning in and out of her groans and laps at louises wetness. Louise looks at Rupert whi is bright red and his eyes closed whilst holding vickys legs. She looks down to see this cock making her friend groan and as Rupert slows she can see vickys bald pussy clearly and when Rupert pulls out her lips go right out with it and back in. This turns her on so much.
She moves forward a bit whilst leaning back inviting vicky to lick her ass and then moves back so she is on her pussy. Louise reaches down amd rubs her clit. She is close to cumming. She rubs harder and can feel the sensation building and slowly growing. Her panting becomes loider and Rupert opens his eyes amd takes in the view. Louise groans and shouts "Yes yes yes, thats it vick, tongue my pussy, tongue it, yes oh yes". This is sending Rupert closer then louises arches her back and announces loudly "Im gonna cum.... yes, thats it, oh yeah, ah ahhhhhh" she comes and rides her friends young fave whilst rubbing her clit literally gushing all over her face. Vicky is struggling to breathe but takes gasps whilst her friend floods her face and the ongoing pleasure of Rupert going in and out of her.
Louise is spreading her juices everywhere and vickys tongue and nose are spreading them back all over louise's pussy and ass hole.
Rupert seizes the moment and rubs Vickys ass, noticing its well lubed up from her leaking pussy he pull out of her pussy lines uo and shoves his cock in her ass.
Vicky lets out a squeal and louise looks down amd can see the top of her friends pussy pointing away from her and up as Rupert fucks her in the ass. Rupert shouts "Im nearly there girls, nearly there".
Rupert pulls his cock out of her ass and Vicky feels such relief and he pushes it straight back into her pussy. And shouts "oh yes yes". He pushes in hard and feels his old baby seed erupt into vicky, he feels his cock pulsating load after load into her. Vicky vainly says "not in my pussy". Its too late. He pulls out and admires the sight.
Louise is looking eagrely at her friends creampie. Rupert says to her "Go on, giver her her fun"
He moves his limp but still large and glistening cock away and Louise moves in licking his cum out of her pussy. "Oh louey thats soo nice" louise carries on pleasing her friend. Rupert moves round to vickys head and squats over her face like louise did. Takes him a few seconds to get in position and the girls hear his old frame creeking into position. He offers his limp cock to vicky and she takes it in, moving her head up and down.
Rupert is getting hard again and vicky has a feeling growing in her teen pussy whilst her friend plunges her tongue into her cream pie and rubs her little clit. Rupert pulls out of her mouth and lowers his ass over mouth. Vicky doesnt know what to do but he rubs his ass over her lips and she gets the hint and starts licking.
Rimming ruperts ass the feeling down below is getting too much. She tries to annouce she is going to cum but cant cause of ruperts ass in her face. She shakes and raises her ass and lowers it. Louise senses she is near then louise feels vickys oussy getting wetter and quivering as the cums. And then slowly lowers her ass again.
Louise raises her head from her friends spent pussy and Rupert looks down. "Wow" is all he can manage and the site of louise with his spunk and her friends juices on her chin is just too much. He wanks his cock quickly and after just 6 strokes he cums again. Splurting cum over vickys tits before falling backwards on the bed. louise moves up and licks the man fat off her friends tits and Rupert looks up in time to see the girls tongues entwined snowballing his sperm. The girl then tenderly kiss each other on the lips before louise rolls off and lyes on her back next to her friend all three looking at the ceiling and the two girls covered in everyones sex juices.
Rupert says "Im going to get a camera wait" . The girls shout back "No" and get up and quickly get dressed. Rupert lyes there with the biggest smile on his face naked. The girls get their things together, embarssed but satisfied and leave the flat returning down stairs to Louises................

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