Fucking my neighbours wife!

It was a hot summer day,i heard a knock on my door ,i opened it to find my neighbours wife named Ann standing there covered in sweat and panting hard ,"are you okay i asked her",oh yes i just came from the gym and i forgot my keys inside! ,now i always had a fantasy like this ,Ann was an attractive woman in her mid thirtys ,about 5'2 ,130 lbs but she was a sexy 130 , 38dd breast ,blonde hair a sexy ass and pale skin ,"can i use your phone" she asked,yea sure i replied ,come in ,as she walked in ,my eyes couldnt pass up checking out her sexy ass , she saw me and just smiled ,she used my phone ,oh man she said they are sending someone in the next hour to let me in,i offered her something to drink , she asked me if she can use my shower , ok i said ,while she was in there ,i was wondering what she look like naked ,i had to sneek a peek ,i stuck my head in the shower ,oh man she saw me i was so embarassed ,where are you going she said , i am so sorry ,i just couldnt help myself ,its ok she said i always liked you , do you like what you see ,oh yea ,why dont you join me? ,i couldnt pass it up , i stripped down and jumped in ,wow she said , good or bad wow i said, a good wow she said ,i never saw a cock that big ,my husband is like half that size ,well you been missin alot i said to her,before i could say anything else i felt a warm sensation on my cock ,she had wrapped her soft juicy lips around my cock ,i grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock down her throat , she gagged a litte ,dont let it out i said ,her eyes filled with tears , deeper and deeper i thrust my cock down her throat , i pulled my cock out of her mouth ,she gasped for air ,oh my god , are you trying to kill me ? i said not yet , she smiled and said i want you inside me , i took her to my bedroom , she laid on her back and spread her legs wide open , oh no i dont want your pussy i said ,i want your ass ,your husband fucks your cunt i want you to remember me, she was startled , sure ,i picked her up and turned her over her tight asshole teasing me, i lubed up my cock and tried to slide it in ,it hurts she said , just relax , i felt the head of my cock entire her ass ,fuck she screamed out , she really wanted me in her she reached back and started pulling me closer to her, my entire cock was inside a married womans ass ,she started to enjoys it ,thrusting back and forth on my cock ,my big balls slapping her cunt as i thrust in her , "i am gonna cum "she screamed ,i could feel her body tense up as she climaxed , ok you got yours now its my turn i told her , do you want to cum on my tits she said ,down your throat i said, i grabbed her head and stuck my cock down her throat , she was gaggin.i felt my cock swell up as i was about to cum ,she grabbed my balls as i began to spray her tonsils with cum , as i felt my sack empty in her mouth ,i pulled out , swallow my seed , she made a big gulp and swallowed all of it she got up and got dressed ,we need to do this again she said ,anytime i replied ,you know where i live ,
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3 years ago
Very Hot ,made me wet ^_^
3 years ago
I like it! Good stuff love to see your other stuff.
3 years ago
Nice story, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Very good