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Sex I’ve Had

So far I’ve had slightly more than a dozen female lovers, who have provided me with great memories of varied sexual experiences. Physically these lovers ranged from a few that would have been at home on a centerfold of Playboy, to size 14, to BBW size 22. They represent my journey from a 17 year old sexual neophyte to an experienced middle aged man confident of my abilities to please women. I have decided to commit them to words in order to share them with others who might enjoy reading about them, as I do when I read of other’s experiences. In chronicling them I also hope to enjoy them once more as I remember those erotic moments that also seemed too few, but were so very important in enhancing my life, and brought me closer physically and emotionally to my lovers.

An overview of my experiences: I have gone down on all of my lovers, and had anal sex with just over half of them. I’ve had marathon sessions where we have sex 5, 6 or 7 times in one day. One lover and I invented the ‘Trifecta’, which occurs whenever, within one period of sex I cum into her mouth, ass and pussy. This move I have completed with two different women, and with one of them, twice in the same weekend!

I’ve had sex in various locations. At work, including one time when the boss walked in and caught me sitting in his chair while I was going down on a waitress who was sitting on the manger’s desk! In public restrooms, in public parks, and one time in a mountain meadow where we were able to lay naked on blankets, and make love for several hours without being disturbed.

In cars, I’ve jacked off alone (while driving down the highway), been jacked off, fucked many of the women, and received blowjobs – even while I was the one driving. I’ve masturbated several women to orgasm while I was driving, and a couple of times while they were the driver!

One time a girl was giving me a blowjob in my car, at night, outside a museum. Just as we finished and started pulling away a policeman pulled us over as they had a report of suspicious activity and thought we were going to burglarize the place; good thing she was a cum junkie who loved to swallow, or it could have been messy when I got out of the car.

Another time, two of my friends were driving and sitting in the front seat, while the same girl and I were in the backseat. We were driving a long distance at night and her and I started getting frisky. During the course of the drive, she went down on me and sucked me to completion. Somehow the orgasms seem stronger when you can’t give any indication verbally that you are having one. Neither of my friends knew was happening, they thought we were just making out. That’s the beauty of the big old American cars.

One time the situation was reversed when I was the driver and the same girl was my passenger when we picked up a friend of hers at the airport late at night and that was 2 hours from our home. We had brought along her boyfriend who hadn’t seen her in several months and who was really hot and horny for her. About an hour into the drive the pleasantries of conversation had faded away and they were now reacquainted enough to start making out. She called for a piss-break, as we had all been drinking beer since we picked her up, so I pulled off the road. I watched in my rearview mirror as the girl went around behind the car, gathered her dress up and squatted. When she stood up I noticed she had her panties in her hand, and she folded them up into a ball in one hand apparently hoping we wouldn’t notice when she got back in my little Honda. After awhile, they asked for the music to be turned up and I obliged. The music may have covered up their moaning, but nothing could hide the beautiful fragrance coming from her aroused pussy as he masturbated her to one orgasm after another.

More to come later.

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I like the beginning and the format - do go on!