Part 4 of first time

Part 4

I couldn't wait for tomorrow although at 4AM it already was the next day. I fell asl**p right away. I was concerned maybe my mother suspected something was going on but, she just asked me what time I had come home and I told her around 4AM. She asked what were you and tim doing and I said we dosed off watching TV, she just nodded. Then she asked were tim's parents up and I said no they had fallen asl**p hours before. Maybe she was just concerned as for me not to wear out my welcome but I wasn't sure and as long as tim's parents didn't walk in on us it shouldn't be a problem.
Later that day I walked over to tim's and he wanted to go to the mall so we went to the mall. He didn't buy anything just window shopped. We just listened to the radio on the way down and back with only light non-sexual conversation. I wanted to grap his cock to tease him but, I was feeling too guiltly for a heterosexual man from the night berfore. I could tell he was a bit tense also.
We got back to his parents and he asked if I wanted to watch TV and of course I said yes. We were still in a stupor from the night befores activies and still questioning our heterosexuallity quietly.
I didn't want to physically initiate anything but if he did, I would be the submissive and it wouldn't be my fault. I would be the victim not the initiator. For me I wasn't the gay one but, really the submissive is more gay but I didn't think like that.
I figured if I teased mildly then tim might initiate. I asked if he had the magazine (s&m) still stashed away. He said yes coyly. I said may I see it for I was a little horny and might like to masterbate if visually aroused. He with a poker voice and face said fine. He got up pulled it from behind the cabinet and handed it to me and said don't get to horny. I said s&m really turned me on so, don't count on it. He just turned his head up as he gave haughty hah. I felt a little embarassed and a little submissive.
After a few minutes of looking at a domme slapping a sub's balls I was rubbing my cock. Tim could see me but coyly kept his eyes on the tv. I moaned to turn him on more which did get his attention from the tv. I kept this up but, it was getting uncomfortable with an erection in my jeans even though I'm very small cocked.
It was a poker game to see who called who's bluff and initiated the first gay move. I figured I'd tease the ante up a little and said my erection was getting awfully uncomfortable in my jeans. He hesistated a minute of two which seemed like an eternity and then said well you might consider taking you jeans off, we wouldn't want you uncomfortable. Well played I figured the ball was in my court (no pun intended). I waited for a minute to respond as tim was giving up on the discreet glance at my cock. I then asked where are your parents and would they come down into the basement. He went up stairs and checked. Came back down and said they were in bed it seemed like an eternity.
I slowy slid my jeans down and began stroking. He folded and was right next to the couch with his head poised next to my lil erection. Then he began playing with my balls. Working between the thigh and the testicles very massage like. It was colded but my balls were hanging down low which was unusual for me. With in minutes I was ready to spew. I felt to guilty I pused his hand away several times but the urge was to strong and a stream of cum squirted high in the air on to my tummy. I about fainted from the exquisite feeling. Tim just laughed and coyly asked was it good? I could only mumble and did my best to keep my breathing down. I just laid there for minutes trying to get my composure. He non-chalantly walked back to his chair and said I could have tied your hands if you had asked. In my stupor I thought you bastard you playing me like a fiddle as my spent little cock just laid there.
Then he asked if I'd like a tissue to clean up and expressed his concern that if I didn't clean up my mom might see the cum in my undies when she washed them and would get suspisous. He was playing with my head now and becoming dominate in a passive way making me feel gay and wanting more. I just nodded my head and grunted. He walked over with a few tissues and asked if I would like some help and I mumbled. He started to wipe my cock and took a quick taste and then said he ought to feed me my cum for making a mess but, I suspect he didn't want to push my to far or fast. I was overcome with a strong sense of guilt of just really enjoing and encouraging a very gay situation. Tim seemed to sense this cleaned me up and sat back in his chair and I dosed off a bit....

more to cum.....

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2 years ago
please do continue, look forward to more
2 years ago
very excitting thanks
3 years ago
4 years ago
I would have licked all the cum off of you...
4 years ago
JoeyB if he was more dom or just knew how submissive I was, he would have
4 years ago
man i would have licked your balls at least
and after helping you clean, slid my erection in your mouth