Part 5 of first time

Part 5

Christmas break was almost over and Tim and I were just heating up although, I was still in denial that I could be enjoying these homosexual trysts so much. The question of am I really gay loomed large. I wasn't attracted to Tim but, I desired to fondled by him. Not that Tim was unattractive it was just that was turned on by women but had this strange submissive streak that was overwhelming as Tim would undress me with his eyes like a cheap slut. When he grabbed my cock I felt so naughty, sexy, slutty and guilty at the same time. It was all so easy compared to playing with women. They either weren't in the mood or wanted a lot of money spent on them or commitment that I wasn't ready for, not to mention pregnancy. Yet I so desired to be looked at like a piece of candy like a women and Tim did this for me. I didn't want to use him but, I couldn't stop wanting to tease him until he would just feel my up.
Well unfortunately Christmas break came to a close without any more incidents.

Easter break came very soon. I made my way over to his parents as soon as I could. He seemed in a stand offish mood. As though he had enough emotional dancing. I was happy to see him. We chatted about some local issues and school. The conversation slowly turned to girls and sex. I was getting very excited. I wanted him to grab my balls hard and make me strip down so he could tether my hands and feet so that he have as his little cocked submissive faggot at his perverted mercy but that was not meant to be. The conversation turned from girls bodies to pleasuring girls. Tim blurted out that he was more virial than I. I chuckled nervously. It was an obvious observation from Christmas events exposing my little cock. Tim's was bigger than mine and he was setting the tone for his dominance. I resisted the subtle attempt with the fact that my labido was just as high as his. This was a futile attempt for I knew my cock and balls was small and I didn't need to shave although I did have a decent amount of arm leg and pubic hair. We continued down this path of conversation to no avail. It was a stale mate. He knew how badly I wanted to be dominated and he wanted me to submissively beg for it. I was still to stubborn.
Tim called my bluff and said he was feeling tired and was going to turn in for the night. Then I took the lead and said that I was more virial and I would squeeze his balls unless he agreed. I couldn't believe what I has just said. My body was trembling and my face was probably flushed. He just laughed and proceeded up the steps from the basement. I knew that I had to be bold for he knew that he was in charge so I smacked his balls gently from behind. He turned with amazement and glee for he had f***ed me to take the first step toward admitting I wanted to be sexually dominated by a man!!! We began to wrestle playfully on the steps and worked are way back down the steps. He smacked my balls gently and I did his. Then I began to feel guilty. I thought "am I really gay?", so I began up the the steps again this time Tim smacked and grabbed my balls and I just laid on the the steps claiming my cock might not work anymore. He just laughed and asked how he could help. I said, I don't know if it will get hard anymore so he began to rub my cock so I began to rub his. He pushed my hand away in an attempt to assert my submission. I had a testosterone rush and I sort of pinned him on the couch while I rubbed his cock as hes complained for me to stop but, I felt his hard-on straight up his pants so I tried to unbuckle his pants and he kept pushing my hand away. Finally I was able to undo his pants but no pull them down. My mind was racing about what kind of guy am I? Was I really turning gay or just very horny but it didn't stop me for massaging Tim until he submitted with a faint grunt and came in his pants. His body went limp. I felt a bit dominant and actually left him on the couch and left for home. It was a strange turn of events but I was to ashamed ask him to stroke my cock for several reasons but I was afraid he would want to suck my cock and that I would like it too much. At that point I had only one girl and one blow job from her. I was very confused but I continued on......
PS he did have bigger harder cock and bigger balls..

maybe more to come......
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8 months ago
I didn't have any bi experiences until the past year and I don't know quite how to put it into an interesting story. Btw ty for the positive feedback hun. I think i'm going to start writing today.
8 months ago
so why did you stop writing? stories were good,
1 year ago
write more
1 year ago
nice honest account of your experience, i hope you fimish telling what happened.....
1 year ago
For thousands of years sex between mw, mm, ww, mwm, wmw and any other combo you can think of was just fine. Then along comes the powerful church and they tell everyone what "they" say is the moral right way to have sex!

If a man makes you feel good, that's just fine. If women turn you on to, well that's just the best of both worlds. :)

1 year ago
Please Write on.
You know, liking both sexes is need to feel ashamed...
1 year ago
This is a very honest story, filled with all the anxiety you'd expect of boys and even grown men. I look forward to more.
2 years ago
there is more
2 years ago
So what happened wi you n Tim in the end ??

Was that the end of your 'affair' or was there more ??