part 2 of first time

Part 02 - Christmas Break

Referencing Part 01 (first time) [you must read part one "first time" for this story to make sense.

Thanksgiving was only a few weeks later. I had no contact with him nor did I really persue any contact. The semester was tough for me and we were at different schools. I couldn't get my mind off the utter physical pleasure I had recieved from him but, still wrestled with extreme guilt feelings and questions about my sexuality. I was very much attracted to women but, did not have alot of contact on a day to day basis to develop any relationships. My most pleasurable sexual experience was with my closest male friend.

I could not face him initially when he arrived home. We were at a mutual friends house with others and I kept talking to others and avoiding him. Another friend approached me and asked me if I was mad at my closest friend. I replied of course not sheepishly and said that I had some catching up to do with others to which he replied (I'll call him Tim, my closest male friend) Tim feels a little put off by my avoidance. I walked over to Tim after I was done with my conversation. He had sent me a letter which was a general letter asking how I was and telling me how he was doing at school. He said that he would never embarrass me or tell anyone else to which I thanked him and mentioned that I trusted his judgement. We spoke politely and discussed school a little bit. He did ask again if I was mad in any way to which I said of course not and agreed to stop at his parents the following night.

The next night I arrived in the evening at his parents. His parents spoke with me briefly before I went down stairs to meet Tim. I was very close with his mom and dad to this day although his dad passed away a few years ago. It was a sad time and Tim wasn't able to be at the funeral but, this is a tangent. Tim was in the basement watching TV. I felt a little uneasy but, sat down and began to talk about the show on TV. Then the question came up, "was I upset with the sexual encounter we had over thanksgiving?" I replied no but I did feel a little guilty. He asked if I felt confused? and I said not just guilty and silly. He asked why silly? I said it seemed very wrong to enjoy a blowjob that much from him. He sly mentioned that he was still very horny because I did not relieve him that night to which I replied that I was very sorry but, he let me off the hook by saying if I felt that uncomfortable then I should not do any thing. He did not want to jepardize our friendship for a blow job. I did thank him for the blowjob and said my knees almost collapsed for pleasure that night. There was an awkard silence.
Tim then suggested I join him on a trip to his dorm room. He had forgotten a text book which he needed to look over break before the next semester (Spring). I wasn't sure what he had in mind but, I did have a feeling that he wanted us to be alone. I did ask how he would enter the building and he said at his school (a small private school) students had keys to the building and rooms. I thought it was great.
It was a terribly cold day and windy with some snow. We started south of Pittsburgh to north of Pittsburgh (PA). It would be about a 90 mile trip The uneasiness left with in 5 minutes of .the begiining of the trip. The conversation quickly turned toward sex. We did discuss a few of the girls we knew in high school and which ones we were attracted to which lead to the question of how much trouble it would be to have sex with them. I mentioned not only that but I would like to be spanked and tied up just like tha magazine we had purchased over thanksgiving. He wondered if there were any women like in the mag that would tie a guy up and spank his ass and balls. The women we knew were generally not going to give a hand job let alone anything else for they were quite conservative which was good. We could trust them for sure but, that left us horny and no outlet to reliase our sexual tension. During the converation he did touch my leg a few times even thugh he was driving. I told him that I might jack off right there in his car if we kept it up. He just laughed and said that would be to messy for the car. Well, I said that I would need to take a cold shower once we got to the dorm then. He just laughed again.

Finally we arrived after almost sliding off the exit at about 60 mph. We were in his father's car which was a 5 speed manual. The cross winds on the highway were quite gale like which also added to the danger along with the dry ice on the road. It was a relief to be on two feet again. I didn't know what to expect but, I was hoping to take a shower in front of Tim while jacking off. I still couldn't help the guilt feeling of these thoughts of being turned on by my male friend.

It was a bitter cold slap in the face as we exited the car to the dorm. We quickly ran to the building and Tim opend the door. It was very cool in the hallway for the heat was lowered since it was between semesters. It was dimly lit and gave a bit of mysteriousness to the situation. I had to stay close to him as we made our way up to the second floor and his room.
It was built for two students and quite spacious for a dorm. Tim quickly made his way to his room without me and came right back He was ready to leave. My mind was confused. I wanted to hang out alone for a little. I said that I wanted to take a shower and he said that he would leave me there. I was confused and horny at the same time. Did he want to get me back for not reciprocating or was security around and he did not want to be caught and written up?
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dude u r awsome x
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what a change bet it was confusing
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thats fucked up
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great story, keep the tension up!?
thank you!
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continue the story