My first gangbang

I sat there on the floor, between these five naked men as they chatted, drank and made lewd comments about me. Their cum slowly dried on my face hair and body. I felt a bit sick and full after having to swallow my own cum and their five loads as well. Occasionally one of them would rub my cock with their foot but nothing got me to feel horny at all. I just wanted to get out of there and go home, but I had no clothes, they had been left in the box by the flat door.

Ken called my name and told me to get over to him.

“I feel hot and sweaty k**, lick my balls clean”

I looked at him not understanding what he really wanted me to do. There was a sharp slap across my left cheek and my head jerked back. Ken grabbed my head and shoved it into his crotch.

I said lick my balls clean”

I put my tongue out and started to lick his balls.

“Lift them and lick behind them and all over, and lift my cock and lick my balls behind that”

I did what he ordered me to do feeling more and more sick. He didn’t smell very nice and he didn’t taste very nice.

“Look at the little fag holding my cock with just two fingers. Get hold of it properly with all your hand and lift it, maybe even rub it while you clean my bollocks”

I grabbed his cock; not wanting my face slapped again, and licked more. He started to get a bit hard. Then he leant forward and touched my tits, rubbing them. It felt good but I didn’t get hard.

“Nice tits you got there k**, they need some attention, we must be good to you if you’re good to us”.

With that he grabbed my right tits and pulled and twisted it. I yelled and his cock jerked a bit harder as he laughed at me. That seemed to get everybody but George interested and they came over and joined in. Both my tits were being pulled and twisted and pinched and my balls were also being pulled and squashed. I kept yelling, they kept laughing, and all the time they were getting harder and hornier.

“Now Tim it is time to punish you for not answering George earlier this afternoon” I heard b*****r *** say. I think we should do that in the bedroom though don’t’ you. Your know where it is so get your sweet little arse up there as quick as you can. I want you kneeling over the edge of the bed when I get there” and with that he slapped me across my bum cheeks. I yelled and again they laughed. All of them, even George, seemed to like it when I yelled screamed or cried.

I got up and ran towards the bedroom down the passage, seeing Frank getting it all on camera.

I knelt on the floor and put my chest on the bed and stayed in that position till they got there.

“When we put sound on this one of use will say, right Tim time for a fuck session just before you get up and run to the bedroom and assume this position. It will look so good, like you can’t wait, which we know you can’t really, you want that sweet bum filled with hard man cock and sticky man spunk.” said Frank.

I felt it best not to reply so I just laid there.

b*****r *** got round behind me and smoothed my bum.

“Tim I am going to spank you and Frank and ken will work on your tits as you suck George and Dave. This will go on until either George or Dave say they want to fuck you or they cum, or you beg somebody to fuck you. We will get it all on the camera of course”

There was no way I would ever beg anybody to fuck me, not after last time. It had hurt just too much to go through that again so I just had to get George and Dave to shoot.

The first blow landed across my bum and I yelled and grabbed at Dave’s cock as he knelt on the bed by my head. I wanted to get him to cum before it hurt too much.

“Look at the slut he wants it bad” said Frank.

b*****r *** slapped my bum again. It hurt but it was not as hard as I had expected it to be. However, he didn’t stop, he just kept slapping my bum, over and over again, not hard but because my bum had got tender it was really starting to hurt. I was sucking Dave and wanking George as hard as I could, and Frank and Ken were twisting and pulling and pinching my tits. This made me yell around Dave’s cock and tears were running down my face. My body was jerking to get away from the pain in my tits and bum but this just pushed me onto Dave.

On and on it went my tits and bum hurting more and more. I started to beg them to stop pleading with them. They just laughed.

“Either Dave has to cum or you have to beg somebody to fuck you, that’s the only way we will stop.”

That was never going to happen. Not after last time. I was really crying now and starting to scream. At first Dave held me on his cock, but then he seemed to enjoy hearing me scream and cry cos his cock jerked in my mouth, and he let me pull off. I pleaded, they laughed, I begged they laughed more. Then I heard a voice say: -

“Stop, please stop, please; stop and somebody fuck me please”

“YESSS!!” I heard a very happy Ken say. They had broken me, I had begged them to stop the pain and asked somebody to fuck me.

“I’m first k**” said Ken, but as you didn’t say who you wanted to fuck you we will all do it so we make sure you get fucked by whoever you wanted to fuck you. Can’t disappoint you can we?”

I went to say Dave but he f***ed me down on his cock so I couldn’t say anything. I waited for the feeling of Ken fingering me to get me ready, putting the oil that they used last time in me so he could fuck me. It never happened!
There was a tearing burning pain. Like a red hot steel pole being f***ed into my bum as Frank just rammed in. I screamed and my head jerked right back off Dave’s cock and my back almost bent double backwards. My eyes seemed to be popping out of my head and I didn’t recognise the high pitch screaming voice I could hear in my head. The pain stopped as Ken pulled out, then he rammed it in again.

“Oh fuck I LOVE it when he screams like a little girl, like a stuck pig, oh jesus this is just so hot” and he rammed it in again.

After he had done this about five or six times the room went round and round, then the sky went back, and I passed out. When I cam round Ken was ramming into me as hard as he could, grunting and groaning and moaning. I could feel his balls and body slamming against me as he got faster and faster. The others were yelling him to do it harder and faster. He gave a huge push that made it feel like his cock would come out of my mouth and he froze and stooped breathing with his cock buried all the way in me. I felt his cock grow and throb and jerk and I felt hot burning liquid spewing into me. Then he pulled right back so the fat head was in my bum hole ring and then rammed it in again and shot some more, five times he did this, then he fell forward and collapsed over my back.

“Fuck k** that was amazing, I aint cum like that for years”

He didn’t have a chance to recover because Dave was yelling for him to get out of me. Ken was almost pulled out of and off me and Dave shoved his in. I screamed again and Dave shoved harder. I guess, because I had been sucking him, he didn’t last very long before he shot inside me too.

Frank pulled him off me and he rammed his cock into me. I yelled, but it was not a scream this time. It still hurt like hell both in my bum and inside my head, but it was not as burning as it had been. Frank grabbed my tits and twisted them as he fucked and that made me yell. He liked that.
He kept on doing this for some time and I though he was never gonna cum and stop. Then he moved his hands to my waist and started like pulling me onto his cock and then he moved his hands up to my shoulders and started pulling me onto him that way. He had a long cock and quite fat and his fat belly was slapping against my back as his balls slapped against my bum. Eventually he too rammed deep and I felt him shoot his cum into me. He fell across my back too.

He pulled himself off and then it was b*****r ****’s turn.

I am going to enjoy this Time, I don’t think you will but I will”

He pushed the head of his cock into me and I yelled. It hurt and he stopped when the widest part of his cock was forcing my ring apart to the limits, and just rocked backwards and forwards like that. That really hurt and I was yelling and crying.

“Jezz **** you love to hurt them don’t you”

“All day I have these hot horny teenagers in front of me in the classroom, teasing me, tempting me. Now it is my turn to get my own back”

With that he rammed al the way in and paused. The he pulled right back, slapped my still tender bum hard and rammed back in. He just kept on doing this, slapping and fucking, slapping and fucking. I could now hear slurping noises and I guessed it was cos of the cum in my bum. I could feel liquid being f***ed both up me and out of me each time he rammed in. I guessed it was cum but knew it could be bl**d. On and on her kept going and I was crying, sobbing. I also realised that my tongue was hanging out and I was dribbling and I couldn’t focus my eyes right. Soon he got faster and faster and I had stopped crying, I guess I had no tears left. I was like out of it, dribbling with my tongue hanging out and my eyes rolling back in my head. I almost didn’t realise he had cum until it started running out of me. He must have cum loads and loads.

Then he pulled out of me and got off my squashed body. I had now feeling as George got behind me. I had now idea he was there till that fat head f***ed me open even more than all the others had. Even after four men had used me that fat knob end was painful. When he was in he leant forward and spoke in my ear.

“You love this don’t you, you hot little slut. You love the feeling of men’s cocks in your mouth, in your arse, filling you sweet young body with man spunk?”

“No I don’t” I sort of gasped and choked quietly back to him.

Oh yes you do” he said as he reached under and took hold of my cock.

He wanked me in time with his fucking. I was not hard and did not feel horny at all, but he kept going, whispering lewd obscene things n my ear as he fucked and wanked me in unison. Slowly I started to get hard. I felt even worse as he noticed and said that it proved I was loving it. I got harder and harder and he got faster and faster. I couldn’t help myself. Then he used his spare hand to pinch and twist my tits as he fucked and wanked me. It was weird cos my tits hurt like hell but also each time he pulled or twisted them it was like electric shot into my cock. I knew I was getting close.

George pulled me up so my cock was showing and he got b*****r *** to take over working on my cock and told me to wank myself – AND I DID!!

I had lost all control and all resistance and I just wanted to shoot my load!

George was real close now and I knew I was and then I started to shoot. I didn’t know that my bum would tighten up when I shot till George told me after, but I knew something had happened

“Oh Christ, oh fuck oh god and George filled me with yet another load of spunk. I didn’t realise till after that they had caught me shooting my load by wanking off as a man fucked me, all caught on camera.

It took time for George to recover and go soft and pull out of me. I stood there, by the bed, with cum running out of my bum and down my legs. Frank made sure he got that on camera too. Then me legs gave way, my eyes went dim and I collapsed onto the floor.

When I came round I was lying on the bed, and I could only see George.

“It’s ok, the others have gone, it’s just you and me now Tim. I have cleaned you up and put some cream on and in our sweet little hole. You should feel better. It will be some days before you stop feeling like you have a cock in your bum and three or four weeks before your little bum tightens up again. You were such a sweet fuck, so tight round my cock as you shot your load. That was what made me shoot. The film will appear to show how much you enjoyed it all. By splicing and cutting and adding various comments over the music it will look like you ran upstairs to get fucked and laid on the bed ready. Also you will be heard begging somebody to fuck you, and it will end with you wanking yourself off as a man is fucking you. Nobody will see the faces of the men with you, only their bodies and dicks. They will only see your face, in fact all of you. You will be very popular and a lot of men will pay me to have your body. There will be other sessions like today, but only maybe every six or seven weeks. I have other boys as well, but you are new and younger then they are and smaller and you make much more noise and cry more. You will become my top boy”

I cried as he said this. As the tears ran down my face George took my soft cock in his mouth and started to suck me. I cried, the feeling was awesome, I could feel it building up inside me like a spring, a ticking bomb. I had already cum twice that afternoon but I knew it was going to happen again. My breathing got faster and faster, I was gasping for breath. Then I came!!

It was amazing, like nothing ever before. Just pure pleasure. I could hardly breathe or think or anything as I pumped over and over again into George’s mouth till I collapsed back onto the bed. George pulled off my cock, moved to my mouth, kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth, and let all my own cum run into my mouth. I was too exhausted to do anything but swallow before I choked.

“I think it is time you went Tim. I am going to give you a mobile phone. When I need you for a party I will call you. There will be lots of parties and you will get hurt and beaten and tortured like today, but I will always suck you off before you leave. Your clothes are at the end of the bed. I won’t watch you dress or I might want your not so tight arse again before you leave and it is late, you have been her for fours hours.

I got dressed slowly having real trouble standing and walking. My bum felt like it still had something in it but also it felt empty too. I was exhausted.

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