Effect of alcohol to shy wife

My wife was shy person and she seldom engage in any form of socialization, we've been married for 10 years and she develops some fats but she is still sexy with her curves and she was gifted with huge tits with pink nipples. We have known each other since high school and my group of friends are so close to her, me and my friends, Dict, Bert and Jerry were like b*****rs. I sometimes slept over to one of their places if it is late and so as them, they sl**p over in our house for several times so my trust for them was that high even though I know since high school they have a crush on my wife. Jerry was the one who really admire her most, Jerry even confessed to me that if given a chance he would fuck my wife hard, as hard as he can because he is so horny about my wife. They actually done it before, we gangfuck my wife and I already share that story in my first post. I didn't really expect that they will again be lucky to have my wife fucked, I didn't even have a thought that they will again do my wife.

It was an ordinary Friday night and me and my wife are relaxing and just watching TV, my son and my daughter was with my wife's parents for a weekend getaway. we are not expecting anybody so we decided to take a shower and have our sl**pwear. I was wearing a Sando and a boxer shorts and my wife is wearing her satin nighties, so thin that you can almost see through that satin dress, it was colored skintone so when you look at it you almost see my wife naked just with her black bikini panties on. I started kissing and caressing my my wife for a few minutes and I felt that she is getting horny and she is ready for some hard action. We got so nasty and left the front door unlocked and the windows open so if anybody passed by can have a glimpse of what is going on. I am kissing her neck and down to her breast, then I took out her tits and started sucking her nipples that makes her so horny and heard her moan. At that position, I noticed that the door is slowly opening, my wife's eyes were so I know she didn't noticed the door. When I look at the door while sucking her nipples, I saw a shadow of a man, then when i look at the windows I saw two shadows too. When I stared at the windows, I recognized the face of my two friends, Bert and Dict peeping at us. And at the door is Jerry, trying to open up the door so he could have a better view. I feel so hot that time so I pull my wife's nighties down to her tummy exposing her huge tits. The lights in our living room was so bright that i know my friends had a great view of my wife's tits. I began to caress her tits me at her back exposing her more. we were in that position when the door irked, my wife opens her eyes and covers her breast. She asked me, "Is there somebody on the door?" I said "no". But she insisted that she saw a shadow on the door, so I said I will check it. When I am about to reach the door, Jerry knocks in anticipation that my wife could notice them spying on us, the I said "Oh, look who just came! it's Jerry, Dict and Bert... come in b*****rs..." My wife rush upstairs to cover herself. I follow her immediately and notice that she didn't cover at all, she just puul her nighties up and back normal. But offcourse her nighties was too thin and you can see trough her dress. I told her that the guys have a bottle of whiskey and if she can prepare some foods for us. She immediately stood up and go straight downstairs without covering herself, usually she puts on a t-shirt or a towel to cover her see through tits. But she go straight to the kitchen. She immediately prepares some food for us. I directly go to the living room where the boys are, but I noticed that Dict was not with us. I ask "Where is Dict?" Bert replied "C.R." The C.R. is located after the kitchen so I know Dict will see my wife preparing food in her nighties, that makes me excited. After a while, Dict haven't return yet so I follow him, as I approached the kitchen I heard Dict and my wife having a small chat and wife wife is not covering is herself. I noticed that Dict is staring at my wife's healthy boobs, but she didn't care and continue with her talk. I look at Dict and gave him a naughty smile, he smiled back to me.
I return to the living room and we started to drink, after a few minutes, Dict and my wife came with the food, Dict joke "Your wife is sooooo delicious, oh I mean the food is so delicious" that broke a loud laughter from all of us that makes my wife blush in shame so I call her to my side and give her a hug. Bert comment "Wow, how sweet, I wish i could hug her too like that so that her tits will touch my arms" that broke another laughter. Jerry the replied "If she is my wife, I will always stay inside our bedroom making love with her day and night till I die" that gave anther laughter. To make my wife at ease, I offer her some whiskey, but she is not a drinker so she said no. Dict went to the kitchen and back with a glass of juice. Gave it to my wife and she drinks it. After my while is getting loose, she gets out of my arms and started talking to us, considering what we are talking are nasty sex stories. Bert ask me if I have a porno DVD, and I said yes. When I am about to look for it, my wife stood up and said "I will get it for you, Bert, you want to watch porn? hardcore or just soft porn?" that reply surprised us all. Be rt reply, "how would you like to have sex, hard or soft?" then she said "ok I will for it". We are all waiting what dvd would she be getting. She goes directly to the player and turn it on and put the cd in. We are all excited to see what she has in mind. Then the tile of the porn pops up "Gangbang of a housewife". We all sigh in excitement to watch that porn, though I have watched it several times before.
Then it comes to the scene where the gang are stared fucking the wife in the movie, one dick in the mouth, two on the hands and one in her pussy. Then one dick from the hand started entering the ass. At that point, Jerry sits closer to my wife. After a while I noticed Jerry's hand on top of my wife's thigh, but wife seems to like it so I let Jerry do it. I excuse myself for CR so that Bert or Dict can sit beside her. When I return my wife is between Jerry and Dict touching her thigh. Her nighties is moving upward exposing her white and silk like thigh. I remain standing and pretending to watch the flick on TV. I look at Bert and give him a sign to stand at the back of the couch where Dick Jerry and my wife is sitting. Bert immediately stood up at the back of the couch. After a few hot scene from the flick, Bert gave my wife a massage on the neck, then down to her shoulder and carefully pulling down the strap of her nighties while Dict and Jerry still caressing her thighs while her nighties was at the upper part of her thigh just enough to cover her panty. That make my wife close her eyes and stared to give a soft moan. Dict and Jerry stared to caress upward upto her panty and now touching her pussy on top of her panties. Bert now started to go down up to her breast and pulling down her nighties exposing her breast to all of us. At that point, Jerry stared to lick her nipples while Dict started taking her panties off. Bert was mashing and caressing her other tits. When her panties were off, Dict kneel down and started licking her pussy, that gave her a loud moan and she whisper "lick my pussy please, suck my nipples.... pleaseeeeeee". Jerry then sucks her nipples hard and Dict licks her pussy hard too, Bert unzipped his pants and exposed his huge dick. Bert put his dick in front of my wife's face and wife wife immediately sucks Bert's dick. Bert mouth fuck her hard while Dick started to enter her pussy. She is now on heat, while Jerry took her hand and let her hold his cock to jerk off. After a while Dict cums inside her creating a creampie. Then Jerry took his turn, he positioned her for a doggie style and Jerry fucks her hard doggie style while Bert still mouth fucking her hard. Then after a while Bert came and cums inside her mouth which she swallows. Then Jerry also cums inside her.
after that she fall asl**p, we all carry her to to our bedroom. My friends thanks me for that wonderful experience. Dict admitted to me that he puts whiskey in the juice that he offer her a while ago. Alcohol makes my wife so horny, and it was a discovery that led to many more stories that I will post soon....
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2 years ago
is a hot story
2 years ago
Now that is super hot!! Way to go dude!! heheeh
2 years ago
Nice night