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Pretty asses

Hi everyone. I want to let everyone know that i have assembled 40 pages of the most beautiful and sexy womans asses that can be found anyplace on the web. I guess you might say that i have a fetish for beautiful sexy asses. I love the size, shape and sexual beauty of womens ass. The collection here is special because it also offers lots of views of pretty pussies looking at them from the back side. I think that viewing a sexy ladies pussy through the back door is as sexy as it gets. I hope you all like what i have assembled here. Please view them by looking at my favorite photos. Please leave ... Continue»
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[Story] Young sex, learning how: Part 2 We get caught

This story is mostly true as i can recall it from my mind. As you recall from reading part 1, My c***dhood girl friend Carol and i were progressing well with our sexual exploits. We were eleven and a half now. A lot of this was due to the fact that our Mothers allowed us to sl**p together at least one night every week-end while they played cards and got them selfs pretty boozed up. This had went on for a couple of years. We were also still going up to the old shed everyday after school. What with sl**ping together at least one night a week,(Sometimes two nights if our folks partyed together o... Continue»
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