60 year old receptionist 2

The 60 year old receptionist asked me what I wanted next time, I have always been curious about being tied down and edged until my cock can’t take it anymore, until it's so sensitive I can't bear the thought of someone touching it! She just smiled and said silly young man! Below is what I think I want.........

She looked at me distastefully at first, my feet tied together my hands tied to the bed post, I listened to her heels clicking on the floor, I could feel my cock twitching in anticipation, looking at me she painfully slowly slipped her gloves on leather ones, sitting cross legged in front of me at the side of the bed her hand traced my thigh, fingers stroking my bare skin, the glasses she wore were making me even hornier, older woman in glasses basically just make me hard!

Then her hand went flat on my thigh as she slipped it toward my balls, tenderly she gripped them from below, her fingertips just touching them and no more, my legs flinched a little as she applied a little pressure then squeezed just enough to make me close my eyes! watching her other hand slide under my shaft so the flat of my cock rested on her palm, made my whole body spasm, smiling, she slowly closing her hand, squeezing my balls until she heard me grunt from her touch....... by now my cock was bursting to be wanked, I wanted her to close her fist on it and pump it with her hand until I spurted everywhere! She had other plans.

Pulling out a bottle of lube she slowly dripped it over my balls, rubbing them, making them made ache I could feel the pressure building and she hadn't even tugged at my cock yet! My mind was buzzing I wanted to cum so bad, My legs were squirming as she went back to sliding her fingers over my oiled nuts, I started to ask/beg her to stroke me, she laughed then proceeded to oil my chest and stomach, never touching my shaft, missing it every time, her hands working close but never touching, she was a bitch in that respect always pretending that she was going to relieve the pressure!

By now I was so hard you could see my cock pulse, her face lowering toward mine, kissing me, pushing her tongue down my throat, that's when she gripped my dick not gently (no she wouldn't do that), squeezing it so hard my breath stopped! Turning her hand as she wanked me slowly so slowly, working me until her tongue lifted out of my throat, gasping for air I looked at her face pure delight all over her bitch eyes. rigid my legs relaxed as she released her touch, then she did it, dripping her lube all over my shaft, using one leathered finger to make my cock glisten again not wanking me leaving me to ache! To be honest I was hers at this point she could have asked for anything!

Untying my legs and arms she ordered me on all fours, told me to stick my ass in the air, fingers tracing my ass cheeks, right down the crack, continuing until she took my shaft, pulling it back between my legs, her next words nearly made me empty my balls, "I'm going to milk you dry until your legs buckle!" they nearly did pulling my shaft down hard! wanking it, my eyes closed it hurt a little as she punished my cock, pumping it with that gloved fist, I nearly begged her to stop, right at that point, it changed her hand softened, pouring lube in her hand she caressed my shaft, pre-cum dripping down my throbbing head, I was so close to ejaculating, legs shaking when she stopped!

I wondered what she was doing as she blindfolded me, and tied my hands back to the bed, At this point I begged her to make me cum, my voice a little shaky but she just said “remember when I said I was going to fuck you?” As A gloved finger started to play with my asshole.............

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now I'm so hot I almost came