My favourite right now is, to walk into my office at work, my boss sitting at her desk, her legs encased in knee high leather boots, I can see her bouncing her leg and circling it, the toe moving my eyes dazed, following it round and round, my cock urged to grow but I managed to quell the sensation in my shaft, sitting down, as she pulls a chair up so close to me, I can feel her breath, I could have sworn her boot touched against my leg, my breathing quickened was it accidental or not, it didn't matter, my mind was hot with thoughts of things she could do to me.

Reading out my jobs for the day, I could feel her leather booted toe rising up my leg, still I thought it must have been by accident, by now I was hard, ready to explode, she spoke I didn't hear, it merged all into one noise, then out of nowhere she uttered the words " lean back " as she pulled my chair across from her, she stood looking at me, hands on hips, just to tell you my boss has the dirtiest lips you will ever see all pouty looking like they WANT to suck cock , the look in her eyes, made me think I might not get out of this room alive! " stand " I did as she brushed past me and sat in my chair, her leg rose, her booted toe, started to rub my groin, sliding over it, all I could do was groan in anticipation!

I could feel her toe, tapping against my cock, it made me roll my eyes back to the back of my head in ectasy, " take your pants down " I could feel the leather toe tracing my bulge it was aching to be touched by her boot on my bare skin, the toe sliding over my tight boxers, pressing harder, circling around my cock, I watched as she spread her legs wide " please me. get on your knees " as she wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled me in her hands gripping my head, as her moist willing pussy beckoned me, my lips pressed against her lips, brushing along them, teasing them open, my mouth soaking with her juices.

Her legs slammed down either side of the chair, on the floor, her fingers gripping my hair, pulling me deeper as I pleasured her pussy, she squirmed sliding her pussy across my face, then she gave me the news I had always wanted " take off your boxers " eagerly I pulled them off as fast as I could! my cock was so hard you could see it pulsating, the tip of her boot, pushed against my bare balls, I groaned in pleasure as she dragged across my balls, easing up my shaft, the pointed toe, inching closer and closer to my head, still sat in the chair her other boot appeared next to my hard prick, one either side, my knees almost buckled as she wanked my shaft with her leather boots, slowly teasing, squeezing my shaft............

Each stroke of her leather boots, running along my hard prick, I groaned each time with relief written all over my face that she had finally rubbed them on my cock, I could feel my cum building, " slow down, I want to milk you dry " as she lowered her boots my face visibly dropped in anguish.

Walking around to her desk she pulled a drawer open, pulling a pair of gloves out she slowly eased them over her svelte like hands, teasing them over her fingers, her hand pushed me forward bending me over the desk as she pulled my legs back, kicking them wider, I was a little scared as she started to stroke my ass, I watched her lips move slowly as she repeated her words " I’m going to milk you dry " cupping my balls she squeezed them firmly pulling them back.

Reaching between my legs her hand encircled my shaft as she pulled it back I winched as her hand, gripped my shaft, I could feel her squeeze tighter, her fist pumping my cock, milking it, a sharp tug on my balls made me squeal a little, her gloved hand, stroking my rigid prick making it shine with pre-cum, that’s when she pulled the lube from her desk, covering my cock making the pleasure almost unbearable, my legs buckled a little with each stroke of her enclosed fist around my cock, I couldn't hold on any longer, I let out a loud groan of pleasure and relief as I came, spurting everywhere as she drained my cock, I collapsed on the desk, my pants around my ankles, a finished man, her next words made me tremble with excitement, " next time I will use my pussy to milk it, NOW GET BACK WORK ".

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