I finally had some success with my new Mom last Wednesday. She was vacuuming the staircase again and so I positioned myself on the sofa near the foot of the stairs, pretending to read a magazine, but really so that I could look up her skirt and hopefully see her knickers. But this time she caught me looking upwards and although I quickly looked away, she wasn't fooled. I waited to see what her reaction would be - would she tell my Dad about my interest in her legs and knickers I wondered - but all that she said was: "You're like your Dad". I was confused and pretended not to hear her so she added, "You're a naughty man as well". No-one had likened me to my Dad before, I'd always thought we were complete opposites with nothing in common.

I was feeling uncomfortable now, especially as she persisted and started asking questions. "Do you like my legs?" she asked. And then when I still didn't really answer, she said "I know you've been looking through my knickers drawer and in the wardrobe". I protested my innocence - thinking that she was definitely going to get me thrown out of the house now. Somehow she knew almost as many secrets about me as I knew about her and Dad's sex life. "I sealed the bedroom door with cotton, you know, and then when I knew you were going in there, I sealed my private drawer as well", she explained. "I thought you'd want to peek at my undies, your Dad's told me all about you", she added. She even knew what had been going on between me and the maid in the Philippines, so at that point I thought it just best to own up and apologise.

I thought that would be an end to the matter. I'd blown my chances of ever getting inside her panties, and would probably have to look for a new flat pretty quickly once Dad was told. But the next day, to my surprise, it was as if nothing had happened. I couldn't detect any change in her at all at breakfast. But when Dad had gone to work she changed into a shorter skirt and then proceeded to do the stairs again. "Do you like it?" she asked. And without saying anything much in reply, I went up the stairs and put my hands around her waist and felt up the front of her skirt, discovering that she wasn't wearing any knickers. I said something about loving her, and how I'd loved her from the first moment I'd seen her and been really jealous of Dad having her all to himself, and I soon had my head buried between her legs on Dad's bed. Again she said: "You're just like your Dad, he likes to put the bridge of his nose in between my lips down there", she whispered. So could sexual tastes also be inherited, I wondered. I bet my Dad also likes sniffing panties and sexual role play, I thought.

I had a lot of pent up energy and frustration to work off that morning, and it was my Step Mom who had to tell me to calm down or else she said I'd have a heart attack! And then she said I was a good boy, as if she was mothering me, and gently guided my head down onto her stomach and then her clit. It felt as if I really had to prove myself to be the better lover - that I could beat my Dad at something. I fucked her hard and long - stopping every so often to carefully lick at her opening to see and taste the changes that our fucking had brought. I suppose it was about 20 minutes before she had her orgasm and I went down on her again to lick her juices. Her pussy wasn't as tight now as it had been, and she laid face down on the bed and put her legs together so I could enter her from the back and still feel tightness around my cock. I thrust and thrust at her for what seemed like ages, and then finally felt my cum surging up and into her pussy. I wanted to ask her whether it was me or Dad who was the better lover, but decided to keep that question for another day......for now I'm back listening to them fucking across the landing.
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1 year ago
excellent. any more stories?
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
may be you and your dad do a 3 sum with your new mom