The maid's knickers - part three.

I soon realised that despite being nineteen, this was Chi-chi's very first time with a man. My idea that she'd been having sex back in her village had just been my horny imagination running wild. She wanted it just as much as I did, I could tell that much, but she was still timid and shy with me that first night, especially when she saw my stiff, erect cock properly for the first time as I stripped naked. And when I hurriedly tried to enter her, with her up pushed against her bedroom wall, she said: "It won't fit, you too big". So I decided to take it very slow - I should think an hour passed with her first sitting on my knee, and then with me kissing her breasts and belly and buttocks on the bed before she was finally ready for me to enter. I pushed ever so slowly against her opening and once the hymen was broken I had my first chance to push deep and hard inside her. Her single bed creaking as I went faster and faster, her eager hips rising up off the mattress to meet my cock as it thrust at her. But as I felt her vagina tightening around my cock after about ten minutes, I couldn't stop my cum rising and shooting into her. I wasn't sure who was more disappointed that first night....
But that was just the first night. I couldn't wait for my parent's to get out of the house the next morning. Time seemed to drag until their departure at nine o'clock. I masturbated in the bathroom just thinking of the time when I could get inside the maid's knickers again. Now I knew what her opening felt like as I'd fingered her the previous night, I was more eager for her than ever. I could still smell her on my fingers, and once I'd watched their car go down the road I immediately went into the kitchen where Chi-chi was washing up the breakfast things, pulled down her panties and was inside her warm, wet vagina again - thrusting at her over the kitchen sink. Longer, much longer, this time as my cum had been drained earlier in the morning. I'd learned from Lee and Annabelle next door of the typical routine of a maid. And I was anxious that Chi-chi learn her new role as quickly as possible. She wouldn't need to wear knickers any more, I decided - just a short skirt and bra. I even bought her a "real" maid's outfit and would fuck her in it. I was introducing her to what I expected was going to be a long and happy life of sex, anywhere and everywhere, and we did indeed fuck everywhere in that house in those first few weeks - on the terrace in the rain, on my parent's double bed, on the kitchen worktop, under the stairs....
I mistakenly thought I was fully in control of the situation now, but Chi-chi had finally been introduced to the joys of sex and the power it can bring, and whenever she and Annabelle met now I could tell that they were comparing notes. I'd hear them whispering and laughing outside and I knew they were talking about sex and their men. I'd see them go out to the village karaoke and dance on a Saturday, and I couldn't help wondering whether they were looking for more cock - perhaps older, more experienced cock. I knew from seeing Annabelle and Lee together that it was the maid who was now in charge. His wife had finally left him, and the maid had now taken on the role of wife. And it wasn't long before I noticed Chi-chi's attitude changing as well, not just when we were having sex but around the house. I was no longer "sir" but an equal, and instead of me making the sexual moves, I guess Chi-chi was learning from her friend Annabelle and it was she who started taking the initiative. The short skirt was put away, and suddenly I found her back in her old jeans and t-shirt. The sex became less frequent and I found myself wanting her again really badly. The maid's knickers were now her route to her other needs.

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wow i love ur story i check every day for the next chapter let me know when chapter 4 is coming il be waiting xxxxxx