The maid's knickers - part 2.

The agony of waiting seemed to go on forever. Whenever our paths crossed on the stairs, or when we were with the rest of the f****y at the dinner table, Chi-Chi's eyes would remain fixed on the floor or elsewhere. It was if I'd really offended her in some way. But the more she avoided me, the more I became obsessed with our maid - going into her room whenever she went down to the shops or when she went to church with my parents, picking up her panties that she'd changed out of and sniffing them, or smelling her discarded pyjama bottoms or her nightie. I knew Chi-chi didn't have a boyfriend (at least not in Manila) and so I wondered whether she was masturbating herself after hearing Annabelle talking of all the dick she was getting from her boss next door. And, filled with gloom, whenever she went back to her home village, I used to agonize over whether some horny guy was waiting for her there, ready to fuck her like crazy under the palm trees with Chi-chi moaning in ecstasy as she was relieved of all her frustration.
And I think this long wait would have gone on for many months if I hadn't had an accident on my motorbike as I came home from the bar one afternoon. I sprained my left shoulder and as a result couldn't wash my back without some considerable pain. It was Mum who suggested that perhaps Chi-chi could sponge my back, and then I could do the rest. So the next morning, I reminded Chi-chi of her "duties" and went into the shower room and stripped naked. Mum, of course, had just intended me to sit with my shirt off, but this was too good an opportunity to miss and I was feeling as horny as hell after hearing Annabelle being fucked again at the top of the garden. But however horny I felt, I turned to the wall as she came into the shower room, as I thought this is what she would expect of her "sir", although I could feel my cock lengthening and then becoming hard and erect as soon as she stood behind me and touched my back with the sponge. After a couple of minutes, I couldn't stand it any more and turned to take her arm, and it was then that she saw my erection and went dashing from the room.
I didn't see her again all that day, and at dinner time there was an awkward silence after she had explained to my parents that she had suddenly been "taken ill", and that is why she hadn't done their washing or prepared for their arrival home. I was fearful that she might complain to them that I'd tried to m***** her or something, and so the following morning I went down to the mall and bought a bottle of perfume for her as a peace offering and presented it to her without any words. And that same night, as I saw her going into the kitchen to do the washing up, I was really surprised when she smiled and gave me the "I'm ready for you" look. I hadn't expected it. All I could think of for the rest of the evening was how and when I could have her. Could I follow her into the garden when she went out to get the washing in and fuck her in the darkness against the garden wall, or perhaps have her in the pantry on top of the rice sacks. I certainly couldn't wait until my parents left for work the following morning.
So that same evening, once the house was quiet and everyone was asl**p, I crept down to her quarters near the kitchen and lightly tapped on her door. She opened the door to me in some black and white striped shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt. Language didn't seem to be a problem or a barrier any more, and I was so aroused that any pain I still felt in my shoulder miraculously vanished. Although, however wet and eager her pussy was, she made it plain that I would have still have to do some chasing. A Filipina girl likes romance even if her knickers are already wet. But it only took an apology from me and a touch of her hand to break the ice. She said to me: "You like panty, don't you? I see you look at my panty, so I bought new panty for you". Had she seen the cum on her knickers that afternoon I masturbated over them, I wondered? Or perhaps she'd seen me sniffing her panties. "I ready for bed", she said and gave me a nice smile. And at that I fell on my knees in front of our maid and pulled her shorts and knickers down and buried my head into her black bush, nuzzling and sniffing at my long awaited prize.

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4 years ago
4 years ago
very good but so short
4 years ago
I'd like part 2 as well
4 years ago
i love your story when du we get next chapter lol