The maid's knickers - part 1

Ever since we lived in the Philippines, I've had this thing about maids and their knickers. I went to the Philippines for about eighteen months in 2008 and 2009, when my parents were working in Manila, and I used to be left in their house all day. It was pretty boring and I'd either spend the time watching the tv, or glancing at our maid scrubbing the clothes and cleaning the house to brighten my day up a bit. She had a nice figure and I used to like to watch her bottom move as she scrubbed the floor, or see her tits move as she reached up to peg the washing. Chi-chi, like most maids in the Philippines, just used to wear her normal clothes of jeans and t-shirt to work in the house (not the uniform beloved by me now) but it was still nice to see her body move, and I'd imagine what she would look like naked - what her arse would look like walking without jeans or knickers. But at first nothing happened, I guess I was as shy as she was. Chi-chi was nineteen, from a rural area and couldn't speak English very well. And like most Filipina girls of that age seemed quite reserved. She was also a religious girl, and I would hear her saying her Rosary in her quarters when she was off-duty at night. So for sex, after a morning spent watching Chi-Chi's bottom wiggling as she polished the furniture, I used to find myself going to one of the girlie bars in town with a hard cock in my pants and taking a lady there into one of the VIP rooms and getting afternoon relief that way.
It wasn't until I got alerted to what was happening next door and the possibilities of being alone all day with our maid that things began to happen between me and Chi-chi. Our next door neighbours at that time were a Korean guy called Lee and his Filipina wife, and the relationship wasn't good...At night the whole f****y would hear them arguing - it was hot and the windows would be open and we'd hear them going at each other, calling each other every name under the sun. But it was only slowly that I learned just why the relationship wasn't good - or was it, perhaps, the result of their failing marriage. At first when I used to notice the curtains upstairs being drawn as soon as his wife had left for her clothes business in town, I assumed it was the husband, Lee, just taking a rest or trying to keep the hot sun out of the rooms. She used to leave regularly at about nine by taxi, and one day I was out in the garden at about 10.00 and I could hear the distinct sounds of a woman being fucked like crazy. Perhaps the relationship between him and his wife wasn't so bad after all, I thought, and perhaps his wife had taken the day off to get a good servicing from her hubby. A bed was creaking and groaning, and every so often I could hear the moans of what I eventually realised must be their maid, Annabelle. Chi-chi and Annabelle were about the same age and would spend much of their free time together, going to the local village dance or singing kara-oke in Chi-chi's quarters next to the kitchen - so I was soon able recognize Annabelle's voice, as she complemented her employer on his work in bed. "Fuck me, Mr. Lee, oh yes, harder, fuck me," is all that I can remember.
I was hooked by the sounds of their love making, and I well remember going down town to see my regular "date" at the girlie bar that same afternoon with an erection inside my pants and fucking her harder than usual. And the next morning, I positioned myself on the rear terrace which overlooked their back kitchen to try to watch the maid and her employer go about their daily routine! The wife left the house, the maid still working in the kitchen washing the breakfast dishes, and within five minutes her employer was behind her putting his hands up her skirt (I noted that Annabelle wore a skirt to her work, unlike Chi-chi in her blue jeans). I was praying that they would do it there and then, so that I could watch them fucking. And for once my prayers were answered. Perhaps he was frustrated from yet another confrontation with his wife the night before, but he was obviously eager to get her knickers off as quickly as possible and fuck her to relieve himself of his wife's torments. He turned her round to face him, and it was the look that she gave him that came as a revelation to me. Annabelle - "quiet and shy" Annabelle, the s****rly friend of our Chi-chi - was empowered. She had power, no longer the maid it appeared but an equal to her employer in their desire for each other. It was she who took the lead: wrapping her left leg around him, kissing and hugging his neck and it was Lee who went down on his knees and pulled down her knickers and hungrily started licking between her legs. I could see her either squirt her cum on him, or did she pee on him - I wasn't quite sure, but his back and shoulders glistened in whatever had come out of her vagina.
The longer I watched, the more I realised how I'd missed a golden opportunity with Chi-chi. I began to wonder whether she knew what was going on next door - surely she must do given her closeness to Annabelle - and had thought me a dead loss in the love stakes - no match for Annabelle's lover boy. I thought so this is how Filipina girls were, shy and demure on the outside but secretly hungry for plenty of cock! Suddenly, clues that she'd given over the weeks and months came back to haunt me, I remembered that one day shortly after she'd started, instead of wearing her usual jeans and t-shirt, she'd worn a pair of small cotton shorts - changing into them only when my paretns had left for work, and had once asked for the help of "sir" in moving her bed! I suddenly realised that I wanted Chi-chi really badly. That afternoon, when she was outside in the "dirty" kitchen preparing dinner, I crept into her bedroom and started looking at her intimate drawer, full of her knickers and bras. Looking at her knickers longingly - as if touching and sniffing her knickers would somehow get me inside them....Oh God! How I wanted to get inside Chi-chi's knickers.

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So, where is part 2!?
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very good start