I'm only just learning a very valuable lesson - that we should try to share our wives and girlfriends. Open relationships without the hang-ups of sexual jealousy. Fucking openly and honestly. It took me a long time to figure out when I was at college and still a virgin at 19-years-old why it was only after my so-called girlfriend Joanne had been fucked by an older, married man that our own relationship finally took off after months of agonising waiting for her body. I still remember going round to see her one afternoon, just in time to see her leave her student flat with a guy about twice her age, and then following them down a wooded track to the fields by the river. (I later learned that he was the forty-something owner of a clothes shop in the local mall and that she'd met him when buying undies in his store). Although I was very naive, I knew this was no ordinary country walk they were on: so I was eager to follow. She'd got a short skirt on and was in bare legs, and she was teasing him by wiggling her bum and she walked, and as soon as they thought they were out of view, he started putting his hand up her skirt, touching and then squeezing her bottom and whispering in her ear - presumably telling her what nice things he intended to do to her pussy. They eventually disappeared into a cornfield and by going round the top of the field I was able to watch them through the hedge - only about six feet or so away from them. By the time I got into position, my heart was pounding from the excitement and my cock erect, even though he was still just preparing her, reassuring her perhaps that he adored her - kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts, and then he knelt down and slowly removed her pink knickers - licking her belly and then nuzzling her pubic hair and vaginal opening. The young woman I'd put on a pedestal: too straight-laced, too good to touch - a member of her local church - was finally naked in front of me with a fat guy licking her nipples and stroking her pussy. How could she be enjoying sex with a guy that was overweight, I thought, and much older than her? But enjoying it she was, and within minutes she had her legs high up over his hairy back, as he fucked her hard on the picnic mat that I'd once bought her. "Oh Daddy, fuck me, fuck me!" she kept moaning as his cock thrust into her.
So later that same day when I saw Joanne, unable to control my lust for her any more, I'd had my boyish dreams finally taken away and knew exactly what she wanted and expected from her men. I also knew what a great, gorgeous sexy body lay beneath her t-shirt and jeans. Instead of idle conversation, I'd finally shaken off my shyness and was able to tell her exactly what I thought about her, about my fantasies, and actually brought myself to apologise for not seeing what her needs were earlier. I'd masturbated and partly come before I went round to see her, so the sex was good and lasted all afternoon and into the evening. Position after position. Licking, sucking, fucking - the walls were down between us and I paid homage to every part of Joanne's body. Her toes, her legs, her thighs, her vagina, nothing escaped the attentions of my tongue. It was as if the months of waiting had made me want to satisfy every desire in our first session. And she took my cock deep into her mouth, also anxious to satisfy herself and our long fast. She still went on seeing the older guy, of course, usually every Thursday afternoon at a local motel, but whatever we were both giving her was different - and she came back every time hungrier than ever......
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very hoy & sexy