Inside Auntie Val's Knickers

We were strict in our f****y. What I mean is we all had to keep our sexual activities to ourselves, pretending to each other that we were celibate! My s****r used to either have to wait until she thought the house was empty to bring a man back and satisfy herself, or go to a hotel or secluded spot to get her panties off. And whenever I had sex with Linda, my first girlfriend, we used to have to do it on the floor so that my s****r wouldn't hear my bed creak as we fucked each other like crazy - in silence. My gf used to end up with red marks on her legs from the friction against the carpet as she rode backwards and forwards! Even Mum and Dad used to make sure that their love making was quiet. Just the rhythmic movement of their bed in the middle of the night to let the rest of us know that they were going at it.
That's why I used to like Auntie Val, I guess, because she wasn't at all shy or secretive. She liked men and enjoyed sex and didn't seem to mind people knowing. Often I'd pass her house on an afternoon and see a car outside and her front bedroom curtains drawn. And I'd see lots of sexy undies on her washing line, or waiting to be ironed. Occasionally some discarded stockings on the bed, or torn pantyhose from a recent hot date. She was about 5 feet 3 inches and very cuddly, and just a little bit older than my Mum. I used to love watching her working at the sink, or her climbing the stairs. I used to imagine what she looked like in just her undies and I'd go home and masturbate, thinking about Auntie Val all the time. I'd got into the habit of going round there on Saturday afternoons to watch football. She'd make me a coffee and the relationship seemed destined to remain that way -- until that is I had some trouble with my Mum at home and started telling her about it. The ice was broken and I found myself touching her legs and biting her ears. That was all it took. I remember pushing my hand up her skirt, waiting to see if she'd tell me to stop, but of course she didn't. She got up from the sofa, but not because she wanted me to stop but instead to remove her skirt and blouse. She was in stockings and suspenders - I'd never seen anything so beautiful before. "C'mon, I want you to take something down in the bedroom", she said to me smiling, and within two minutes I was inside the wonderful full knickers of Auntie Val. Her body was fleshy, and I could feel her lower belly move under me as I pushed hard into her. I'd never licked a woman before, but she made it plain that she wanted me down there, withdrawing my cock and pushing my head between her ample inner thighs. She was a mature woman, and knew exactly what she wanted from me. She didn't want me to cum, and kept on teasing my cock by rubbing it up and down between her legs, before we were off again, fucking harder than ever. Then to my surprise she tied my hands to the bed posts and rode me for what seemed like hours until finally I felt her vagina tighten around my cock, shuddering, and I couldn't hold out any longer.
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4 years ago
yes more detail us older guys thrive on it
4 years ago
That was hot. I would have loved a little more detail, but, it works.