Girlfriend's Daughter #4

Okay, I have another adventure. I know this one will blow your minds; I know it sure did mine. To start off I have changed the names of the people, it appears that I forgot to at least keep them the same from story to story. Oh well, sue me.
Okay, this happened a week or so ago. My girlfriend and I were setting on the couch watching television holding and rubbing on each other. I was really getting horny, my cock was really busting to be freed from the confides of my jeans. Julie, my girlfriend just started to unfasten my pants when we heard a car pull into the drive. “Amy (her daughter) is here, guess you and that big cock of yours is gonna have to wait a while.” Amy walked through the door wearing a pair of white spandex shorts and a white tank top. God she looked hot as fuck! The first thing I noticed was her perfectly formed camel toe. I wanted to grab her and burry my face in it. She sat her things on the floor and gave her Mom a hug. Their breasts smashed against each other looked hot as hell. They let loose of each other and Amy said “I brought you something.” She turned her back to me and bent over to get whatever it was from her bag. Oh My God it was a beautiful view. Her legs were spread a little; her round firm ass was begging me to grab it. By now I had a throw pillow in my lap to cover the raging hard on in my pants. I wanted to walk over and hold her waist and slide my cock between her legs so bad. She stood up and handed her Mom a paper she had written for one of her classes. She got an outstanding grade and was very proud of it. Julie lit up when she saw the grade and hugged her once again. She then brought it over to me I looked at it and told her that she had done a great job and that I was very proud of her. “Don’t I get a hug?” she grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. I wrapped my arms around her back she wrapped her around my waist. The hard bulge in my pants pressed against her pelvic bone. She whispered in my ear, “Feels like your happy to see me.” Then she pulled me closer. When she let go of me she looked back at her Mom, Julie was walking to the kitchen, Amy reached down and grabbed my stiff cock and stuck her Tung in my mouth never letting go of my cock. I put my hand between her legs and felt the hotness of her moist pussy. We let go of each other, I sat on the couch she sat in the recliner across from me. Julie came back with cold drinks for all of us. We sat and talked for a little while when Amy said she was going to take a nice long bubble bath and left the room.
Julie grabbed my hand and said “Come with me, we don’t have a lot of time.” We went down the hall to the bedroom. She sat me on the bed and got real close, she lifted her shirt over her head exposing her big firm tits. I grabbed ahold of them and started kissing and sucking her nipples. She was grinding her pussy against my leg; I knew she was as horny as I was. She pushed me back and threw her shirt over my face and started to unfasten my pants, I reached up to take the shirt off when she instructed me to keep it there. I gathered she didn’t want me to watch so I just moved it a bit so I could breathe better. She undone my pants and pulled them off of me. Her small fingers wrapped around my rock hard cock and gently stroked it up and down. I felt her warm breath then her lips wrapped around my shaft. She held it in her mouth rubbing her tung all over it. She stopped for a second and I felt her get on the bed next to me. I felt her long hair on my stomach then her mouth on my cock again. She was giving me the best blowjob I have ever felt. Then I felt her hand on my balls, she took my cock out of her mouth then I thought, wait a minute, there are three hands on me. I took the shirt off my face and looked down just as Amy put her mouth on my cock. Julie looked at me and said, “Surprised?” She got up and took her pants off and lay on the bed giving me full access to her beautiful pussy. I moved over and buried my face in it. I could hardly believe it; I was eating my girl’s pussy as her daughter was sucking my cock. I never in a million years would have thought this would happen. Amy let loose of my cock and lay on the other side of me and said, “My Turn.” I switched over and started sucking her pussy. She was so wet, I licked and sucked all of her sweet pussy juice, and she tasted so good. Julie went down and started sucking my cock again, it felt so good, me eating her daughter’s sweet little pussy as she shoved my cock down her throat. Amy was moaning louder and louder, she started grinding her pussy in my face. Then she grabbed me by the hair and started to shake and buck in a full blown orgasm. When she calmed down she got up and joined her Mother. They took turns sucking my cock. As I watched them shove my cock down their throats I felt my balls were ready to explode. I tried to hold off but the sight of these two beautiful women totally engolfed in sucking and swallowing my meat was too much. I told them I was going cum; Amy had my cock at that moment when I felt the first blast shoot into her mouth. She took it out of her mouth and pointed it towards her Mother as another blast shot out of the tip of my cock and land on her Mother’s cheek. I could see the first blast of my cum drip from Amy’s mouth down her chin. The next blast shot right into Julie’s mouth, Amy then took my cock and shoved it into her mouth as load after load shot into her. When the explosions slowed down Amy took it from her mouth. My cock pulsated as another gob oozed from the tip and ran down the length of my shaft. Julie took her tung and licked it clean. They both just laid their rubbing and stroking my cock and balls. Before long I was hard and ready for more action. Julie got up and squatted down with her pussy above my cock. Amy took my cock and guided it to her Mother’s sweet honey hole. Julie slowly lowered herself down until the entire length of my cock was deep into her pussy. Amy went down and was rubbing my balls. I felt her start to lick and suck on my balls as Julie pulled up then back down on my meat. I then laid Julie on her side and lifted her leg in the air giving me full control to pound my cock into her gorgeous body. I felt Julie start to orgasm so I slammed my meat into her and held it there as her pussy muscles clamped onto my cock. Amy went down and started sucking on her Mom’s clit as she moved around so that I could play with her pussy. I continued to slide my cock in and out of Julie’s pussy while Amy was moaning and grinding her pussy onto my fingers. I got up and laid Amy on her back and lifted her legs onto my shoulders and slid my sopping wet cock deep into Amy’s beautiful young body. She was moaning and yelling as I slammed my meat into her. I pulled out and stood up; Julie slid herself down with her ass on the edge of the bed. Amy lifted her legs up and got on top of her. Their pussies were just inches apart. I had full access to both of them. I slid my cock into Julie’s pussy as I shoved my thumb into Amy. I pumped Julie for a while then pulled out and started pumping Amy. Julie slid out from under Amy and spun around and put her head down between Amy’s legs. Amy was on all fours with her Mom under her watching my cock slam into her pussy walls. I pulled out and slid my cock into Julie’s mouth then back into Amy’s pussy. I felt my balls tighten up as I was getting ready to blow. I pulled my cock out of Amy’s pussy; Julie grabbed ahold of it and started to jerk me off. She had both hands wrapped around my cock as I pumped her hands getting closer and closer to shooting my wad. I pumped forward and shot my first load all over Amy’s pussy. Julie quickly shoved it into her mouth and continued to jerk it as I shot load after load into her mouth. I came so much she couldn’t swallow it fast enough, hot gobs of my spunk spilled out of her mouth and ran in a stream up to her forehead and into her hair. Amy spun around and took my cock from her Mom and let me shoot some into her mouth and down her throat.
I laid down on the bed next to Julie with my hand on her stomach. Amy went down and took my half erect cock in her hand and slowly slid it into her mouth licking and sucking the juice off of it. She seemed to savor every drop, licking and sucking it like it was a melting Popsicle. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid her head on my leg and held onto my meat like it was security blanket, nestling up to it with her eyes closed. After a little while we all three drifted off to sl**p. I got woke up a little while later with my soft cock in Amy’s mouth. She was sucking on it in her sl**p like a little k** sucking their thumb. She would suck on it for a minuet then stop for a few, then suck again then stop for a few. I was so sl**py I fell asl**p with her doing that.
I have more to tell you all about, but I will continue this later. I’m a little sick of typing right now.

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2 years ago
You are the man!!!!
2 years ago
I've done the mother daughter thing once back when I was 19. Gods what i'd give to do it again!! Great stories, bro.
2 years ago
u lucky mother fucker! LITERALLY! haha
2 years ago
Yet another great story! So fucking hot!