Girlfriend's Daughter #3

I have another great story but first I have to get something straight. First of all thanks for all the great comments. Some of you can kiss my ass! Number one I am not a sick pervert. The daughter is a twenty two year old college student. Number two I and her Mother are forty eight years old. How many of you guys would turn down some great sex from a hot legally aged young girl. I can guess not a fucking one of you. If you say you would then you’re a fucking liar! I am a man, I will fuck any woman over twenty one and under three hundred pounds. The woman I am dating is a very attractive woman with a killer body who just happens to have a sex craved daughter that I am willing to bang at any time. If you don’t like the stories then don’t read them. Simple As That!
Okay, the last adventure happened on Friday night. This adventure happened on Sunday July the twenty ninth.
I have pretty well moved in with my girlfriend Julie. We get along great. I was married for over twenty years to a woman whom I divorced over a year ago. Julie is like a ray of sunshine to me. She is everything I have been looking for and more.
Sunday morning I woke up early for some reason. I work nights so I haven’t seen seven thirty in the morning in a long time. Julie was still sl**ping soundly. She doesn’t get much of a chance to sl**p in so I let her rest. I went in the bathroom and took a piss then went into the kitchen to make coffee. I started the coffee pot then went out front and got the Sunday paper. I love the Sunday funnies. I went back to the kitchen and laid the paper on the table and sat down. I started leafing through the paper and pulled out the comics. After that I started thumbing through the advertisements and pulled the ones out that caught my eye. After looking through a few of the sales papers I got up and fixed myself a cup of coffee. I sat back down and continued looking through the papers. After a bit of time Stacy walked in, she was wearing a somewhat tight fitting white t-shirt. The fabric was thin so I could see her brown nipples through the fabric. Her hair was all messed up but she looked fantastic. She looked at me and said good morning to me with a little sexy grin on her face. She turned away from me; I could see her tight ass through the shirt. She stood on her tippy toes and stretched her arms up to get herself a coffee mug. When she did her shirt raised up over her ass giving me a fantastic view of her perfectly formed ass and a slight glimpse of her pretty little pussy. She poured herself a cup and turned toward me giving me a nice look at her bald pussy lips. She sat her cup on the opposite side of the table, pulled her shirt down then sat down and started sipping her coffee.
I acted as if I didn’t see the show she had just put on I continued looking at the paper. Then I felt her foot come up between my legs, she gently rubbed my cock through the thin fabric of my lounging pants. I could feel my cock getting hard. I looked at her and she gave me a flirty little smirk from around her coffee mug. This time I was taking charge. I stood up and walked over to her and pulled my semi hard cock out in her face. Without hesitation she reached up and grabbed a hold of it and started sucking it like a sex starved mad woman. My God this girl can suck a cock. She was sucking me off and pumping my cock with one hand and kneading my balls with the other. After a few minutes I laid my head back and started shooting wads of cum. I looked down and seen she was catching my sperm in her coffee. After the eruptions of hot sperm stopped she put my cock in her mouth a few more times then I went and sat down before I fell down. We sat there and talked for about fifteen minutes when Julie walked in. She walked over to me and gave me a good morning kiss and went over and fixed herself a mug of coffee. She sat down at the table and started sipping on it. Stacy looked at her and said the she thought that it was the best cup of coffee she had ever had. Then I remembered that she shot my load into it. She was drinking my cum right there in front of her Mom. That got me so hot; I could feel my cock twitching. Stacy got up and left the room saying she was going to take a shower. I reached over and started rubbing Julie’s tit; I slipped a hand under her robe and started squeezing and rubbing her nipple. She looked at me with a smile on her face. I asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap. She said “Why would I want to do that?” I told her is she did I would give her a big surprise. She stood up, I slid my chair away from the table, she spread her legs and stood over top of me. I undid her robe exposing her hot nude body. I wrapped my arms around her waist and started sucking her nipples. I took my hand and put it between her legs feeling her hot moist pussy. She reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and slowly lowered herself down on it letting out a soft moan. I could feel her hot wet pussy walls grab my cock and pulsate as she had her first orgasm. I could feel her hot juice run down my balls. She started riding my cock like a cowgirl in a full run. I grabbed her waist and slammed her down on my meat as my cock exploded. She wrapped her arms around my neck and lay against me trying to catch her breath. I could feel gob after gob of thick cum erupt from the head of my dick and into her hot body. She stood up sliding my cock out of her pussy and sat in the chair next to me. God I love that cock of yours she told me. I looked at her pussy and could see my thick goo leaking out of her beautiful trimmed pussy and lay in a puddle on the chair. I stood up with my dripping wet cock swinging back and forth dripping a combination of pussy juice and pecker snot. I walked over and got myself a towel and wiped the juice from my cock then gave it to Julie to clean herself off. She took the towel and wiped her wet pussy off then cleaned the goo from the chair. She stood there in front of me; her robe was open giving me a nice view of her gorgeous body. When Stacy returned Julie quickly wrapped the robe around herself and tied it shut. Stacy asked if she was interrupting anything with a flirty look in her eye. Julie told her no, not at all. She looked at my crotch, I’m sure she could see that my cock was still semi hard. She smiled and went over for another cup of coffee.
I’m not sure how long my sexual adventures will last. It may stop when Stacy finds herself a boyfriend or until her mother catches us. For now I will enjoy all I can get.
Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago
You are my hero!!
2 years ago
Love this story its sooo hottt!!
2 years ago
god damn it im so jealous!
2 years ago
Bob great story, I salute you sir :)
2 years ago
Right on Bob, let them go fuck themselves,they are gay if the turn down any female over legal age and under 3oolbs. Keep on writing man you lucky lucky fucker.
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Keep the stories coming dude! I'm serious jealous but definately not a hater! Having great wanks over your gf and daughter
2 years ago
Bob your one lucky guy!
2 years ago
never apologise, never explain
2 years ago
Fuck the haters Bob. Screw that fuck the ladies, give them a pump for me.
2 years ago
lol.. love your opening remark..were falling off the chair laughing. righ on dude..
2 years ago
you are the man Bob...I definately wish I were in your situation, those who hate on you are jealous...keep going and keep telling the stories
;p ~~~
2 years ago
Bob you rock, bro...fuck the haters.