My Ex-Wife's First Time with a BIG Black Dild

Years ago I was married to a sexy, tiny (not quite 5'2"), white girl. She always told me that "size doesnt matter". I didnt believe her, because every other woman I had ever known LOVED big cock, and most weren't ashamed to admit it. Her s****r even talked about wanting to try a BBC someday.

One day, I bought a big black dildo. It wasnt insanely long, about a 9", but was very thick, and VERY heavy. The damn thing most have weighed about 3-4 pounds! I showed it to my wife, and she was disgusted. She thought it was totally gross, and wanted nothing to do with it. I was disappointed, but put it away.

A few weeks later, we were making out, and I was moving down to lick her pussy. She LOVES oral sex, and that was the only way she could orgasm. She never had a vaginal orgasm. It didnt take long before I had her close to orgasm, so I slid my hand over to the nightstand, and pulled that big black dildo out of the drawer. Of course, my wife noticed, and told me to put it back. Well, I just put it on the bed next to me, and resumed licking her little pussy. I spent a few minutes teasing her, and again reached for the dildo. I just set it against her pussy while I continued to lick at her clit. She didnt seem to notice, so I started to push the head in. She froze, but didnt tell me to stop. By this point, she was too far gone, and too close to cumming. I could tell she was tense, but I kept licking away as I pushed more of that fat dildo into her tight pussy. After about 2-3", I slowly pulled it out. She visibly relaxed, so I slid it back in, and this time, a bit deeper. With about 4" inside her, I just let it lay there, and slowly licked her clit. She was starting to pull my hair, getting more insistent about her orgasm, so I stopped licking and pushed more of that dildo into her white pussy. The color contrast was amazing, and I was a bit surprised that she was able to take this huge dildo so easily. It was MUCH thicker than my cock. With about half of the black dildo in her pussy, I started to slowly fuck her. I expected her to stop me at any moment, so I was careful to not go to fast, and to visually enjoy each stroke she took. She had her head turned to the side, and eyes closed as I got a bit more of the black dildo worked into her. That's when I noticed a white, creamy juice starting to cover the dildo. I had never seen this before, but since she wasnt complaining, I kept fucking her. I was using slow, steady, strokes, and had a good 6-7" inches of that fat dildo in her when she started to moan. To me, this was the greatest thing ever and I slowly picked up the pace. The white cream was getting really heavy, and running down her ass, but seemed to make a great lubricant. The black dildo was now going deeper in her than I could, and was stretching her WAAAYYY more than I could! Her moans were changing into whimpers, and that's when she said, "Please, no more." Of course, I kept going. Her hands were now up at her heavy breasts, pinching her nipples, but her eyes were still closed tight. I couldnt believe she wasn's stopping me, and I greedily fucked her deeper, and harder. It was a sight to see, my young, white wife taking this long, fat, black dildo. There was white pussy cream all over the dildo, and her ass and legs. I worked up to long, deep, rythmic strokes, fucking her with that black dildo harder and deeper than I ever could. She seemed to be lost in her own world, head to the side, eyes closed tight, but her breathing was becoming my more ragged. She began to ask me to stop, saying "no more, no more, GOD no more!" but I just kept pounding her with long powerful strokes. I didnt have quite all the dildo in when I felt it "hit bottom". The head was hitting her cervix with each stroke now, and that was definitely something my small cock had never achieved. That's when she spread her legs just a bit more, and I swear, she started to move her hips to meet the dildo's thrusts. The next minute seemed like just a few seconds, but her pleas to stop got louder, saying, "GOD, no more, please stop, please, please!" And that's when she orgasmed. HARD! I had never seen her like this, and she was humping her ass up and down like she was on a bucking bronco! She let out a long, "GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!" and I watched as her face turned a bright red, spreading down her throat to her chest. I continued thrusting that fat black dildo into her pussy as her orgasm seemed to build into another orgasm. My thrusts were deep, solid, and powerful, totally filling her little white pussy with big black dildo. And it made her orgasm. HARD! She eventually rolled away, and I was left holding that dildo, soaking wet covered with my wife's cream. I set it down, and crawled up to lay down next to her. She started to laugh, which I thought was weird, so I asked if she was ok. She said yes, but that she had never had an orgasm like that before. I agreed, saying that she really seemed to enjoy the "sex toy". She said the dildo was weird, but that it was my tongue that made her orgasm.

"WHAT?" I had stopped licking her clit about 5 minutes before she came. Perhaps she was trying to save my "ego" by telling me that it was my tongue that made her orgasm, not that 9" fat black dildo, but we both knew the truth.

Size does matter.
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9 months ago
you reminded me with my wife. we did exactly the same thing now she gives her dildo a name and pretend its her boyfriend. so hot
1 year ago
I wish I could have seen her orgasm, hot story
1 year ago
2 years ago
Cool story bro.
2 years ago
Omg HOT story!!