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We have been married for almost 20yrs.Our sex life is good, but I've been wanting more.She a great lover and has the sweetest pussy and knows how to use it.Sex is always the samefor most part, I'll eat her until she has atleast 2 or 3 O's, it gets so wett and good, then I'll get so I can rub her clit.
She wasn't a virgan when we got married, she did it once, Ishowed the art of pussy eatting when we were 16, she loved it.We play on the web cam and gets off watching men cum for her, not alot but once or twice, it gets me so horney watching her do it, plus she gets off on it too.
I've been after her to try another dick for me,not a chance.Been trying to tap that ass 4 ever, not even a finger.I would love to watch her eyes roll back as shes getting fucked.(I'm hard thinking about it)
Does anyone have any ideas for me.Even talked about a web cam for money, but acorss the answer is always NO.
If you know anything I could use the help.
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8 months ago
just make her do what you want thats what i did to my wife and she loves it