Me, My Ex, Her Brother

It all started out when they came round, both not really, to my eye’s view, wanting all that much to be there for whatever reason. I asked them both why it was that they had come to be there. My ex replied that they were there to settle an argument between the two.

I went to tell her b*****r why we broke up, but she interrupted by saying that I was not ready for commitment (adding nothing about the fact that I like men too).

Anyway, their bet was about how she had said that she could get any man to receive a blow-job from her any time she wanted, even in view of another person. He was adamant that she would be too embarrassed to give such a public spectacle, not to mention the person receiving would be greater embarrassed. I then told him that I wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Me and the ex then teased her b*****r by telling him that he would be next as I unbuttoned my trousers and exposed my hardening cock to the both of them. My ex then got me to lay down on my bed, my knees hanging over the edge, as she began to give me a blowjob.

In full view of her b*****r.

Who couldn’t believe his eyes, and couldn’t tear them away from watching his s****r give me one heck of a blow-job. As she was giving me head I glanced at her b*****r who, whilst not knowing I was glancing his way, was rubbing his own crotch. I suggested to him to “join the party” which brought him out of his daydream.

His s****r, the one who at that moment had my erect penis all the way into her mouth, quickly turned her head and looked at him (ouch). My pain was short lived however as when my ex said “you better!” and quickly turned her attention back to sucking on my cock. I almost shot my load right there and then.

Neither I nor her b*****r expected her to say this, but I was glad she was the one to have said it.

He was a little hesitant at first, but as he watched his s****r give me a blow-job I saw his slowly take his clothes off and start to rub his cock. His s****r, who was too caught up by sucking my cock till completion, did not know that this was happening. But it turned me on to the point that I ejaculated into my ex-girlfriend’s mouth.

“Your turn now,” I said to the b*****r as she swallowed my cum.

He was hesitant, nervous and a little apprehensive to say the least, having never had a sexual experience with another man before, and definitely never having any kind of sexual contact in front of his own s****r. I encouraged him to just sit next to me on the bed as his s****r watched his naked form move from where he stood to where my bed lie. When he sat down his s****r turned her attention to him and gently, with encouraging words, managed to get him to lie down next to me. She then kissed him on the lips, as passionately as she kissed me when we were a couple. She then kissed him down his body until she arrived between his legs.

He tried to mumble a protest, but his rock-hard cock clearly overruled him.

Even as his s****r, older by five years, slid his organ into her mouth he was clearly, as I saw, worried about how he should react. His s****r was giving him a blow-job, and he liked it. Not something which occurred in the ordinarily ‘normal’ f****y unit, as he would later tell me.

He locked eyes with me as my ex-girlfriend carried on sucking on his love muscle. I leant over and kissed him squarely on the lips, something neither of us was expecting me, or he, to do. We embraced each other as he began to buck his hips, wanting to get his cock further into her mouth as she started to play with my cock.

I knew my cock was still spent from coming in her wonderful mouth to be getting hard again so soon, so I gently pulled her off me and placed her hand onto the body of the only person she was clearly enjoying giving head to. I started to kiss him down his body too as I joined my ex-girlfriend in giving her b*****r a blow-job.

With his erect cock between our pairs of lips we didn’t stop massaging his love-shaft until he ejaculated.

Once his orgasm subsided my ex-girlfriend licked all of his cum from me and swallowed his seed. Then I returned the favour and cleaned her from having his sperm on her. It was the first time I had licked a man’s cum from the body of a woman, and it tasted good.

“Told you I’m not afraid to give a blow job or two,” she said to her b*****r.

“I guess not,” he replied as he lay there, a faint smile on his face.

“My turn now,” my ex-girlfriend, if I would call her that at this moment, said as she stood up and started to take her clothes off before the both of us.

When she got down to just her bra and panties, matching red lace, I sat up and, reaching round, grabbed her arse cheeks as I burrowed my head between her legs. I pulled down her panties before I sat her down on the edge of my bed, her b*****r watching my lips as they played with her pussy. As I was licking and kissing her most intimate of parts I looked up and saw that her b*****r was playing with her tits.

He unhooked her bra and freed her 32D breasts for the two of us to see, and marvel at.

I didn’t get to marvel at her tits for long as she pushed me back between her legs as her b*****r started to, tentatively at first, kiss her breasts. As soon as he knew she was enjoying it his kisses of her breasts, and nipples, became more passionate. I moved my left hand and wrapped it round his hard cock, before slowly moving said hand up and down this cock attached to my ex’s b*****r.

He stopped kissing her breasts as I carried on licking my ex’s pussy as I was masturbating the man lying beside her, both as naked as I was at that moment.

He must have shifted as then next thing I felt was his cock move away from where I held it. As I was still licking my ex-girlfriend’s pussy I looked up and saw they were looking into each other’s eyes as they enjoyed my pleasuring them both.

I wanted them to kiss each other, but I couldn't as my tongue was employed with the task of making my ex-girlfriend orgasm. They held each other’s hands as my tongue went into overdrive. And as I felt her body ready itself for a sudden rush of energy that only an orgasm could produce I sped up my tossing her b*****r off.

I hoped that they would both climax simultaneously. To feel two climaxing people experience their orgasms at the exact same time would be a great thing (in my mind it already is).

But it was my ex-girlfriend who would prove to be the first to succumb to my ‘charms’ at that moment. She screamed at the top of her voice as the orgasm swept through her body, and her juices squirted from her pussy. As I was drinking up her juices the hand on the cock not belonging to me sped up as my other hand began to stimulate my cock back into action, for the want of a better phrase here.

As the only woman in the room was recovering herself from the orgasm she just had her b*****r closed his eyes tight and grunted as he came like he had never came before, or so he would later tell me. Semen spurted from his cock and flew in an arch, only to land on his chest and six-pack. As I watched him shoot his load I could see why he was popular with the ladies, and now he would be with men too if he so choose. He had a big cock for his young age, twenty is still young in my books.

I moved to lick up and swallow his semen as my ex-girlfriend and he continued to look towards the other and old each other’s hands. I couldn't picture a better place to be than to be with the two of them right there and right then.

As I had a light snack that consisted of his cum I gently rubbed at his cock, letting him know that I liked when he had and would want some more.

My own cock at this time was becoming more stiff and erect. Enough, I though rightly, to begin to fuck my female lover as she lay there before me. So, without warning, I placed the head of my penis at the entrance of her vagina and pushed in.

She gasped with the sudden shock of feeling a cock inside her and surprise that it was me who was beginning to fuck her. Luckily for me she was already wet from her orgasm and didn’t need any further lubrication to allow me a smooth ride as I pushed myself as far as I could into her, before starting to pull out. When the head of my cock was almost at the entrance I pushed myself back in.

I started to get a steady rhythm going in fucking this wonderful woman as I saw my male partner lean over and start to make out with my ex-girlfriend. His own s****r. This just turned me on that they would both want to touch each other in such a sexualised way, their tongues were dancing like crazy with one another as my hands made their way to her two beautiful breasts.

I started to squeeze and massage them as I picked up the speed ever so slightly. Watching a cute b*****r and his equally cute s****r making out with each other as they lie naked on your bed would get anyone’s motor running regardless of who owns the bed in question.

I was just thankful it was mine.

I sped up faster and faster until she could no longer lock lips and the breathing got heavier and heavier and her short moan became little screams. Of pleasure. And with a few final hard thrust I pushed her into her second, and final, orgasm of the day. This only gave me reason to fuck her as fast as I have ever done, and I proceeded to do just that.

I too climaxed as I thrust my cock deep into her, spreading my seed into her womb. If I hadn’t known that she was on the pill I am certain that I would have just made her pregnant.

I kept my cock inside of her until my semen had fully drained out of my pulsating cock and I lowered myself and we hugged each other. Only until after I had stopped coming inside of her did I ever attempt to break the hug we were sharing. When we did part from each other we shared a kiss like no other. It was as almost she wanted to be with me, even if there had to be someone else for it to happen.

Well, that’s the message I took from that wonderful kiss.

And I would not change it for the world.

As the three of us properly laid on my bed we began to gently stroke and kiss each other. My ex-girlfriend ,it still seems weird to say that after what we've just did, lay between her two men as we fondled her breasts and stroked the parts of the body our arms could reach from there.

We didn’t need to say anything, we were happy.

We are happy.

And will be again…
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7 months ago
great story, hot threeway!!
7 months ago
Hot story, got me stroking in no time! Thanks for sharing!