iCarly: iSlut

It was ten o’clock in the morning when Spencer Shay, a tall, dark-haired, twenty-something-year old man stumbled out of bed with inspiration in his mind. Quickly he ran to the living room of his apartment and hurried into the kitchen. Grabbing all the aluminium foil as that he possibly could, the man ran into the room he had just raced through and quickly began to construct what he had imagined in his dreams.

An hour later, an alarm clock rang upstairs. It was a Saturday and Carly, Spencer’s 15-year-old s****r, awoke slowly, having slept late that morning like she had planned. Restfully, she stretched her arms and yawned, pulled her straight, dark-brown hair out of her face, and then groggily crawled out of bed.

The teen stood up and shook her body for a moment to wake herself up. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of plain, white panties which that she often wore to sl**p in. The teen walked into her closet and, in a few minutes, emerged in a pair of tight, denim shorts and a yellow button-up blouse. Yawning once more, the teen stepped to her door, opened it, and then started downstairs to get some breakfast.

As she turned the corner that the staircase was built around, Carly couldn’t help but notice the large sculpture her older b*****r was working hard at building. The teen focused on it for a brief moment and then looked towards her b*****r, “Antlers?” she inquired.

“Yeah!” Spencer said ecstatically, smiling as he wrapped the base with another roll of the shiny material he was using. “It’s aluminium foil! What do you think? I had this awesome dream about Christmas... and a chocolate reindeer... But… I can talk about that later. The point is... Antlers!”

Carly shook her head and then focused once again on the sculpture. For some inexplicable reason, the thing just seemed to speak to her. Not in the crazy, I’m hearing voices, kind of thing. But it just seemed to be calling out to her heart, and the feeling made her tingly in a way she didn’t often feel.

“I don’t know why… but I like it,” she said, her praise causing Spencer to beam with pride as he put the finishing touches on his aluminium foil creation.

Moments later, her attention towards the object was disturbed as the door swung open and her best friend, Samantha Puckett, entered the apartment. Sam was the same age as her friend, with curly, blonde hair and a body type stereotypical to teenage girls.

The teen girl stood in the doorway in a pair of denim jeans that came down to her ankles and a white shirt with a brown vest, and looked the statue up and down as it came into her view. “I like it. What is it?”

Carly shook her head and then let Spencer describe his creation, and soon Sam had joined her friend in staring at the object, the same tingly sensation building up in her.

“Well, I guess while we’re waiting for Freddie to get here, we should look over some videos for iCarly,” said the blonde without taking her eyes off the sculpture.

“Alright, I’ll go get my laptop,” her dark-haired friend replied as she stepped into the kitchen to get her computer.

Just as she came back and was setting up the computer, she could help but notice that Sam’s hand had drifted down to her crotch and her fingers were rubbing against the fabric. “Sam,” Carly whispered and her friend looked over to her.

She pointed down to the girl’s hand as it quickly pulled away.

“What? I had an itch.”

As the screen loaded, Sam looked back to the statue and then licked her lips. Turning back to her friend, she said she had to go to the bathroom and that she’d be right back. “Oh, alright. I’ll look over some of the fan videos until you get back.” Carly responded, and quickly the blonde girl hurried to the bathroom in the nearby hallway.

Shutting the door behind her, she quickly undid her pants and pulled them down with her underwear. As she sat down on the lid of the toilet, her tiny slit was quickly revealed, a small tuft of blonde hair just above it.

The teen girl moved her hand down and rubbed near the top of her pussy before tentatively sliding her fingers against her clit. Pausing momentarily to bring her hand to her mouth to lick it lightly, she quickly returned to her clit to rub the small bud with more technique. As she busied her right hand this way, she positioned her left underneath the slit and used the wetness that she was creating to insert her finger slightly between the two lips, increasing the pleasurable sensations she was giving herself.

“Mmm...” she moaned, bucking her hips gently as she increased the speed of her fingering, eagerly bringing herself closer to climax.

Sam moved in perfect rhythm to get herself off, and after a few minutes of silent masturbation, she moaned as an orgasm overwhelmed her senses. As her body quivered, a small amount of cum escaped her lips and dripped onto the porcelain seat cover. As she started to breathe heavily from what she had just done, someone on the other side of the door knocked and in reflex to the thought that the door might accidentally open, she quickly slapped her hand over her cunt.

“Sam,” A familiar voice called out from the other side of the door. “Are you almost done? Freddie’s here and he wants to get set up to start the show.”

“Al-Alright… I’ll be right out. I had a taco this morning… you… d-don’t want to know.” Sam responded to Carly through the door.

“Okay then… too much info,” replied the brunette teen to the strange statement before walking away, leaving her blonde friend to wipe herself dry and pull her pants back on proper. In a few minutes she was clean and already in the living room, discussing the sculpture with the teen boy who had just arrived.

Freddie Benson was the web show’s tech wizard with short cut, brown hair. He wore khaki pants and a striped green shirt, the latter’s collar he adjusted before looking back and forth between the laptop and the sculpture. “So… it’s aluminium antlers…” he said, talking to Spencer, who was marvelling at his own creation.

“Yep.” The man responded, before looking to his wristwatch. “Oh, I gotta go. I told Socko I’d go with him to buy some new clothes… Well socks at least.” Carly and her friends said goodbye as he hurried out of the room, grabbing his wallet from the table next to the living room door.

“Alright. Let’s get set up, shall we?” Freddie said, and as they started to walk upstairs Carly had the sudden urge to do something.

“Hey. How about we have the statue in the background today? It’s pretty cool looking, and we could get people’s opinions of what they think of it.” The other two weren’t sure why they did this, but they agreed to it and quickly slid the sculpture over to the elevator that connected the two floors.

In less than an hour of preparation, the three teens were ready to begin recording their live show in the room upstairs that they used for a studio set. Freddie picked up the special digital video recorder and typed a few buttons on his laptop. In a few seconds a red light appeared on the device and he nodded to Carly and Sam.

The boy held up the camera and pointed it towards the girls before shouting as he turned on the device, “And 5… 4… 3… 2…”

“Hi, I’m Carly! The cute and funny one!” The dark-haired teen shouted to the camera, she smiled brightly and then the view shifted towards the girl beside her.

“And I’m Sam! The cute and hungry one!”

“And we’re… iCARLY!” They both playfully screamed in the direction of the camera.

The recorder panned out from their faces and then locked into place where it could see both girls from head to toe. Introductions complete, Carly proceeded to set the scene, with Sam providing her usual comedic interruptions.

“We’ve got something extra special for you tonight. My b*****r Spencer sculpted this awesome statue out of aluminium foil,” Carly said into the camera.

‘THAT’S FOIL-TASTIC’ appeared on the screen.

Freddie picked up the camera and slowly rotated it to the left as the two girls walked with it and stood next to the antler-shaped statue.

“We don’t know why, but it’s just simply fantastic.” Carly stated, rubbing her arms for no apparent reason.

“Yeah, but with the light shining off of it, it kinda makes the room really warm.” said Sam as she wiped her arm across her forehead. “I think I might take this vest off.”

And with that, she slowly removed her brown vest and threw it to the side, leaving only her billowy, white shirt to barely cover her warm body.

There was a reason she wore a vest with that certain particular shirt. The teen girl was not wearing her training bra and the material was slightly transparent in the right light. So now, as she stepped towards the camera and the light shone on her young chest at the perfect angle, her puffy nipples were slightly visible to her viewers.

“I know what you’re talking about, Sam. But I don’t have a vest to take off.” Carly thought for a moment as the camera zoomed in on her thoughtful expression. “Hey! I’ve got my bra on underneath. That should be enough cover!”

The brown-haired girl unlatched the buttons of her shirt with speed and quickly threw it down to the floor to join Sam’s discarded vest.

Now the girl was standing in front of the camera with only a strapless, pink, silk bra on her smooth, unmarked skin, unashamed to be seen so exposed.

“Alright! Now that were done with that… it’s on to the next portion of our show. Sam and I are going to take a few ‘Truth or Dares’ from some people that that some people sent us. Now, we asked Freddie not to look at these before-hand. I’m still a little fuzzy on why we did that. So be prepared for some wacky stuff.”

The camera flicked to black and then a video began to play. A young teen boy with a gothic-style of clothing and black make-up appeared on screen and started to talk. “Hey Carly. Hi Sam. I’m Terry. And I have a Truth for you, Carly. Have you done any of that sexting stuff famous celebrities have been caught doing?”

The two girls reappeared on screen with frustrated looks on their faces. “Well, I was hoping for something different… and usually I would answer something like this-” Carly started to say, but when she looked over to the statue for a brief moment, her mind quickly changed. “-but for some reason I want to. For me... the answer is... yes. But it’s not really what you would call sexting.”

The young girl swiped a hair away from her face, her mind shocked that she was saying this, but her mouth kept on talking. “I was feeling a bit down one day and I sent a naked picture of myself to my former boyfriend and asked him what he thought.”

Sam looked at her friend and giggled. “Yeah... I don’t know how to tell you this. But you didn’t send that picture to him. You sent that one to me accidentally.”

The other girl looked confused and then turned towards the blonde teen next to her. “But I got reply saying ‘You look sexy’ from him!”

The light-haired teen grinned. “Yeah… that was me. I figured you meant to send it to him… and I didn’t want you feeling bad if he said nothing back. Plus… you did look sexy.”

A smile erupted on Carly’s face and she leaned over to hug her friend. Her bare skin, scarcely covered by her silky bra, rubbed against the fabric of Sam’s white shirt and she sighed. “That’s why you’re my best friend.”

Freddie shook his head in confusion as he flicked the camera to turn on another video. He had been confused as to why they were acting so strangely, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything, especially with the way his crush, Carly, looked in just her pink bra.

This time, a girl appeared on screen in an iCarly t-shirt and waved her hand towards the camera. “Hi guys! I’m Rosie! And I have a Dare for both Sam and Carly. I’ve seen a lot of tension sometimes on the web show, so I dare you to… Make out for 10 seconds.”

When the camera returned to the two friends, the look of shock on their face was even greater than after the last video. But slowly, as they stood staring, they turned to each other and grinned.

“Umm…” said Carly, her cheeks flushing red.

“Uhh…” said Sam, and the camera zoomed out to reveal both the girls shuffling their feet ever so slightly. “Well... we DID say we were going to do what they asked us to do…”

The two teens looked at each other, the one with the blonde hair stuck her tongue in her cheek and pressed it out, struggling in her mind to make a decision. But that opportunity was taken away from her as Carly stepped forward and grabbed the girl, pressing her lips against Sam’s. Slowly, they both wrapped their arms around each other and embraced.

As they kissed, Carly spread her lips and welcomed her friend’s tongue as it slid inside her mouth and began to twist around. The dark-haired girl responded by sliding hers where the tongue had come from and they danced inside of each other’s mouths.

Freddie looked at his watch as both girls began to caress each other’s soft skin. It had been a full fifteen seconds before Carly reached her arms underneath the other teen’s billowy, white shirt and quickly pulled it off.

“CARLY!” Sam shouted as she crossed her arms to cover her exposed chest.

The other girl giggled and threw the shirt down to the ground. “Oh, don’t be a sour sport. Plus... isn’t it a lot less warm now?”

The blonde girl rubbed her arms and thought for a moment before slowly pulling down her arms, revealing the small perky mounds that jutted out of her chest, her puffy nipples starting to harden in the open air.

“Yeah, I guess it is better. A little,” Sam conceded as her friend stepped in front of the camera and started to talk.

“And so you don’t feel so bad…” With a talented movement Carly removed her bra in only a second and tossed it away. The young teen’s perky breasts were slightly larger than her friend’s but had similar puffy nipples. “I’m going to go topless too!”

“Hey! This could be new thing on iCarly! And judging by Freddie’s increasingly red face, we’re gonna get even more male viewers!” The light-haired teen chuckled before grabbing a blue remote off of the table beside her. “In fact... how about some... RANDOM DANCING!”

On the screen popped up the words “Random Dancing”, and suddenly both girls began jumping up and down and flailing their arms around. It was an amazing sight to see for the thousands of viewers who were watching. The girls’ small mounds jiggled and bounced slightly as they jumped around. Confetti fell from the ceiling as Sam hit another button on the remote and, as the last piece of paper fell, they stopped and began laughing.

“Yet another reason to watch iCarly!” Carly shouted as they breathed in an out heavily. “Whoo. That was great. But it’s getting even hotter in here. Hmm... I guess since we’ve already gone this far... What do you think Sam, panties only?”

Sam nodded and replied with a “Sounds good to me!”, before they began unbuttoning their denim pants. The girls slowly pulled them down, Carly being slightly faster because she had been wearing shorts. In a minute they had removed their last piece of substantial clothing and Freddie slowly panned the camera back and forth between their crotches.

The blonde girl wore a pair of plain-white panties with red edges and a flower on the front, while her friend was wearing a silky-pink thong that matched the bra she had been wearing.

“Those are pretty sexy Carly.” Sam said to the other girl as she pointed towards the small, pink triangular piece of material that barely covered up the girl’s womanhood.

“Hey guys!” Freddie called out from behind the camera, “I just got a new video from someone. I decided to look it over while you were getting... umm... comfortable. It’s pretty fuzzy, but I managed to make out what the person said.”

Sam looked at him and shook her head. “Well come on, we don’t have all day. What did it say?”

“Well... It was a dare.” He said and Carly’s attention was quickly pulled towards him away from her friend’s panties. “It dared Sam to... perform a certain act on Carly’s privates.”

Sam’s cheeks blushed red as she heard what the dare was, and Carly would have done the same if she had not looked over to the statue.

“Well. A dare’s a dare Sam. What exactly was she supposed to do Freddie?”

“She was supposed to... t-to... make you... or-or-orgasm with her mouth.”

“Oh my god!” The blonde girl shouted as she looked back and forth between Freddie’s embarrassed expression and the curious look on her friend’s face. “Umm... well...” Sam stalled as she shot a pleading look at Carly, only to catch sight of the statue, “Well... it is a dare.”

The blonde knelt in front of her friend and slowly pulled down the girl’s lacy, pink thong until it fell to the ground. As she leaned to the side for the moment, the camera was quickly shown Carly’s small, bald slit and Freddie walked around and zoomed in for a better angle.

Stretching out her tongue, Sam hesitantly touched it to the bottom of her best friend’s cunt and pressed it in between the two lips, tasting the juices that began to flow, “Hmm. Not that bad.” she thought to herself as she reached around and embraced Carly’s firm butt cheeks. Sam rotated her tongue inside of the hole before sliding it up until it rubbed against a small protrusion.

As the blonde’s tongue ran along Carly’s clit, the dark-haired girl moaned slightly and shifted her hips around. “Mmm... you’re pretty good at this Sam. Where did you learn how to do this?”

Sam pulled away from the moist slit and smiled, “Well... You know how for the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting good grades in English? Well, Mrs Murphy hasn’t grading me on my essays about Shakespeare.”

“Sam! You should have said something!” Carly exclaimed, only half-aware of the conversation.

“Why?” The blonde asked as she dived back into her friend’s juicy cunt.

“Ohh, well... I could have skipped out on writing that Hemingway report.” In response, Sam chuckled into her friend’s womanhood, the added stimulation causing the dark-haired girl to twitch in pleasure.

“Oh... Oh... OH! OH MY GAWD!” Carly screamed as her friend’s motions caused a wave of pleasure to erupt within her, driving her to climax. She rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples as she rode another wave that rippled through her body.

Sam pulled away, her nose dripping with Carly’s cum. “Wow... you sure liked that. I wish I could get some of that.”

The brunette teen knelt down to her friend and kissed her on the nose, taking in some of the fluids. “Well... I’ve got an idea how we can both be happy at the same time. Gently, she pushed her friend backwards onto the floor and then grabbed at the edges of Sam’s panties. Pulling down Sam’s underwear, she revealed Sam’s fluffy patch of hair, which was set atop what looked like a clone of her own pussy. “You’ve got hair down here?” She asked as the panties were quickly tossed to the side.

“Well... You developed your tits faster than me. It’s only fair I get to develop something too.” The blonde responded as her friend turned around in place and crawled backwards over the girl.

Carly stared directly at her friend’s cunt and Sam was given an equal view of hers as she lay her naked body against the other girl’s. “Ohh... wow... this could work out just fine.” The dark-haired teen moaned as she leaned her face forward and licked at the upside-down slit.

Freddie zoomed the camera in on his crush’s face and then towards his blonde friend’s. Circling the two friends, he focused in on the intimate details of their coupling as each girl licked and sucked on her friend’s vulva and clitoris.

“Mhmm... that’s a tasty-looking pussy.” The teen boy stated, but Sam looked up and quickly told him. “Hey, no comments from the peanut gallery.”

He shook his head as she dived back into her friend’s cunt. She treated Carly’s sex with expert technique while Carly’s efforts were sloppy and messy, but just as pleasurable. “Oh… yeah.” She moaned as she felt something building up inside of her.

The brunette teen was feeling the same thing herself and both of them continued eating each other out.

“Oh, Fuck!” Sam shouted as her best friend nibbled delicately on her clit bud, bringing her to the quick rush of an orgasm. She responded in turn by humming around her friend’s cunt and quickly caused Carly to reach an incredible climax. Both of the girls grunted in unison as they became exhausted, riding another wave of pleasure from their oral ministrations.

“Carly? Sam?” Freddie asked as he noticed them stop moving. He turned the camera around and pointed it towards his face. “Well... it seems the stars of iCarly are taking a break so…” An idea appeared in his brain. It was a deviant one that he would usually cast aside, but the influence of the statue had subtly affected him too.

“As they say... the show must go on.” The teen boy said to the camera before propping it up on a tripod and angling it down towards the girls. Just out of the view of the camera, he pulled off his clothing until he stood naked. He had a skinny-frame, but a small build-up of muscle along his arms, chest and legs.

He looked down at the two girls and smiled, reaching a hand down to his hardening cock. As he gently stroked his manhood, it became erect, standing seven inches long and slightly wider than average. Just above his shaft, he had a patch of black hair and, when he walked in front of the camera, his flat butt was quickly shown to the world.

Freddie grabbed the exhausted Carly and turned her around on top of her friend until she was face forward on the ground with her cute ass propped up by the other girl’s chest. He rubbed a finger over her slit and smiled, a smile that she mirrored/shared when he slid it inside of her. “Oh yeah. You are so sexy Carly.”

Kneeling behind her, he pressed his rod against her slit and spread the lips with his hands. He knew enough from the porn he downloaded onto his computer that he should do that so it would be less painful for her.

As he adjusted his cock so he could enter her tight cunt, he pressed inside and found the elastic barrier that was her virginity. Setting himself correctly, he pressed against it and, with a little applied pressure, the teen boy broke through her hymen and made her a woman.

The young girl’s face crinkled in pain as he pushed inside of her. As he got around half of his prick inside of her, he stopped and waited, and, just as he expected, the cringing look on Carly’s face subsided and was replaced by a sheepish smile.

“Here we go…” He whispered to her. Freddie had fantasized about this moment for years, but he never thought that it would happen, let alone on a live broadcast that by now, millions were watching. Pulling out until the head of his penis was just about to exit her once virgin hole, he plunged back inside of her tight cunt and moaned in response to the spectacular sensation.

While the boy pumped in and out of his friend’s womanhood with ecstatic pleasure, she began to groan and moan, feeling erotic sensations that she had never felt before.

“Mmm... that feels -*oof*- good...” said the young girl. In the beginning, it was slightly painful, but, as he moved more and more inside of her, the pistoning rhythm began to feel more like the amazing moment she had sometimes imagined when she thought of what her first time would be like.

“I can’t believe we’re d-doing this with so many p-people watching...” Carly moaned, thinking about the camera that pointed towards her as she was fucked from behind. “I al-always thought it’d be in missionary p-position... b-but this isn’t h-half b-bad.”

Freddie grunted in response and grabbed her by her sides as he plunged into her cunt with full f***e, burying his entire shaft inside of her hole. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” he shouted. Normally, the girl would be freaking out that he was shooting his seed inside her, but the statue made her want it badly, enough that she didn’t even care if it could get her pregnant.

Fresh cum exploded inside of her young womb and, as he filled her to the brim with the sticky semen, it began to leak out the sides along his cock and drip down onto Sam’s u*********s form. Freddie grunted loudly and fell backwards, his prick sliding free of her cunt and slapping down between his legs as he lay on the floor, breathing heavily and sweating from the act of passion.

Carly giggled and bit her lip as she watched him breathe in and out until, despite the cloud of ecstasy that made her a little hazy, she could tell that someone had just stepped into the doorway.

It was Spencer, his face frozen in horror as he watched his s****r lick her lips and slump forward.

He looked down at the other two teens in the room, naked and covered with sweat and other bodily fluids. “Oh my god! What are you guys doing?!” He shouted just before noticing the camera.

Quickly he ran over and tilted it upwards towards the ceiling.

Leaning down, he grabbed his s****r, picked her up, placed her in a nearby bean bag chair, and covered her with a blanket. Just as he turned around to go cover up Sam and then Freddie, he heard something like knees hitting the floor behind him.

He twisted around just in time to see his naked s****r throw away the blanket and dive towards him, knocking him to the floor, and, in doing so, causing the camera to tilt down towards them. She grabbed at his jeans and quickly unzipped them before he could do anything. He tried to resist her as she pulled out his member, but when she placed her tongue against his limp shaft, he couldn’t help but lower his arms and shudder from the sensation.

“Carly. No! I’m your b*****r! You’re too young! And-and... I’m your b*****r!” He kept repeating these two statements like a mantra as she licked his cock and f***ed it to harden into an eight-inch pole.

In a vain attempt to deny what was happening, Spencer looked away from his s****r as she eagerly kissed and sucked his member. Noticing his statue, he wondered how it had found its way onto the set of his s****r’s webcast. That’s when it hit him. He had read that antlers were supposed to be some kind of aphrodisiac, and for some reason, the aluminium foil and the size of it must’ve done something to the three teens.

The man didn’t know why this sudden explanation popped up into his mind. But, before he could wonder, he didn’t care as his s****r wrapped her lips around his cockhead and slowly began to pleasure him with her mouth’s sensuous movements

“Oh... Wow... You’re good...” said Spencer as she wriggled her tongue around his shaft. “I don’t think I want to know how you got this good...”

Carly’s eyes looked at him as he said this and she giggled around his member, sending an incredible vibration across it. “Ga Ingerneg hag egeryging...” She gargled as she pushed forward onto the hard shaft.

He didn’t know how he could be doing such a thing with his little s****r, but the man grabbed the back of her head and began to help her pump back and forth along his prick, pushing himself deeper down her throat with every pump.

Spencer looked down and grunted as he face-fucked his young sibling, watching her tiny breasts jiggle with the motion. “Fuck! I’m cumming, Carly!” He shouted to her as he began to twitch and grunt. She pulled away and opened her mouth wide as he finished the job by jerking off his cock, his i****tuous semen spraying onto her cute face and chest, with some even shooting into her beautiful brown hair.

His mind reeling about what he had just done, he drew a hard breath and collapsed to the floor, bumping the camera on the way down. Conveniently, his graceless blow knocked the camera towards a new development in the studio space.

Partially energized by the influence of the sculpture, Freddie had regained his strength and positioned himself in front of Sam’s crotch. Her legs spread wide and her body facing the floor, he pulled her towards himself.”, “This... is for always making fun of me...” He said as he pressed his re-hardened cock into her rosebud anus, spreading it wide and causing the young girl to turn her head and grimace in pain.

Sam woke up to the boy pushing almost three inches of his cock into her ass and screamed, “No! Stop it, Freddie!” but he just pushed harder inside of her. Sweat beaded up around her forehead as she leaned up to stop him, but, as she attempted to f***e herself up to get away, he pistoned forward and she fell backwards onto the floor.

The teen boy fucked her tight anus with thoughts of pleasure and revenge. Without losing his virginity to Carly and the effect of the statue, he would’ve have never had the confidence or courage to attempt such a thing on her, but he knew this would be his only chance for a lasting piece of vengeance.

Stretching her far beyond what she had known, he pumped in and out of her with vigour. Sam attempted to stop him, but every time the shock of it would send her back to the floor. Soon, she couldn’t help but derive some enjoyment from this, since the pain had subsided and now the only thing she could feel was that tingling sensation again.

The blonde girl reached down and rubbed her engorged clitoris and moaned as the pressure in her bowels began to feel more and more pleasurable. In only a few minutes, she shocked herself by shouting “Fuck yes! That’s the spot! Fuck me!”

Freddie had wanted this to be revenge, but now he had the feeling that Sam was enjoying herself too much for it to be any form of vengeance. He sighed and resigned himself to continuing to fuck her, the young boy would simply have to figure out some different kind of revenge against her later on.

Carly walked up behind him, her face, hair, and chest plastered with Spencer’s cum and Freddie’s semen dripping down her leg. She kissed his shoulder and whispered, “Watching those porn movies sure paid off didn’t they?” she asked before tenderly kissing him squarely on the lips.

As best a response he could muster at that moment Freddie merely grunted, but the boy was inwardly shocked to hear that she knew about the collection on his computer. This sudden realization, along with the tight fit of Sam’s ass and Carly’s lips pressed up against his was more than he could bear. With a sudden thrust inside of her he began to pump whatever semen he had left from the earlier fucking into the young blonde girl’s ass.

The brunette girl looked towards the camera as the boy collapsed over Sam’s body and smiled. “Well, this has been iCarly. So remember, practice safe sex… Do it with friends and f****y!” She turned off the camera, looked back towards the sight behind her, and sighed at her friends. “I think people are going to like are new format. Don’t you?”



I know you see
Somehow the world will cum for me
And be so wonderful

Later that day, they received hundreds of videos of different teenagers copying what they had done on the show, thousands of messages requesting different things they wanted to see happening, and millions of e-mails that just said, “That was fucking awesome!”

Have sex, Get paid
I know somehow we’re gonna get laid
It’ll feel so wonderful

The next day, the entire gang woke up and tried to figure out a way to explain the situation to the two friend’s parents. Freddie’s mother almost had a heart attack when she found out what had happened, but Spencer quickly ‘convinced’ her that he would be okay, and she quickly found out how good her son was in the sack.

My breasts are real
I’m telling you. Just take a feel.
So stand up the members of my lovers
It’s your time to be

Sam’s mother was easy to bring over. When Sam told her, the woman just said okay and wondered if this meant her daughter would be alright helping her mother whenever the woman had boyfriends, and the occasional girlfriend, over. After that, the blonde spent more time over at Carly’s when she got tired of her mother bringing home two men at a time. And the occasional small group of women.

There’s no cum, unless you make some
And the time to give a try with every gay or straight position.
Some things are meant to be

When the iCarly cast was eventually approached by an inflamed Congress, which was determined to halt the display of u******e sexual acts on the internet, the statue was sent to “testify”, and a law was passed allowing this kind of behaviour. No one wanted to vote against it, all they wanted to do was look at the aluminium antlers.

So fuck your best
And spray the rest in me
Spray it all in me
Spray it all on me
Just shoot your wad in me
100% (6/0)
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