My Best Friends45 year old and the garages Mum (Tr

im a 20 year old lad and my bestfriends mum is 45 years old, shes just split with her boyfriend after 6 years so last weekend we got chatting on face book we'd both had a few drinks and the conversation turned sexual!!

she told me about all the things she liked doing like dogging anal bjs been licked out and doing things in public!! i told her all the things i liked doing and she was very impressed and turned on!!

we chatted for about 3 hours she asked if she could come to mine but my parents were due home so i ask to go to hers but her 13 year old son was there.. in the end we decided to meet for a cheecky kiss in come old garages near her house!

we met and was chatting she told me how she dare do anything and that she liked doing stuff outside as it was risky so i made her show me her tits and for a 45 year old they were perfect i had a little feel and a snog before i new it she had her hand down my trousers pulling my balls and tugging my shaft it felt like heaven when she twiddled my balls,

i slide my hand down her trouses and felt she had no knickers on this got me even harder... she was dripping wet and as i pushed 2 fingers in to her wet pussy she let out a moan and cum straight away! she wispered in my ear..."i cum super easy" she wasnt lying my hand and her trouser front was drenched i pulled my hand out and we both tasted her juices as we giggled we noticed the neighbour up the street was watch out of his bedroom window.

we were both turned out by this but decided to move round the corner where she took my cock out and started gulping it down to my balls then playing with my balls with her tongue!! i could of shot my load but she pulled out and start snogging me again i asked if i could bend her over and before i new it she was lent against an old garage wall with her pants down and my trouses quickly followed!! i bend down and found her holewith my hand i then licked from her arsehole to her pussy at this point i was still fingering her and she cum straight in my mouth... it taste delious and i licked it all up she then pulled me up and guided my cock to her snatch we were fucking for about 10 minutes and shed cum about 8 times her legs where shaking and before i new it she grabbed my head and told me she wanted to taste the juices shed squirted earlier and strated licking my mouth and snogging me this got me going and i shot my huge load right up her 45 year old snatch i wasnt quiet either she let out another moan and another load of cum she fell to the ground and grabbed my cock and started sucking it clean

once wed finished we had a chat for 5 mins then went our separate ways i go round alot more now and we have fun 3 times a week if not more

watch for more stories and remember these are 100% real!!
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2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Any chance of some mmf action with this milf? haha
2 years ago
you do her mum bum yet
2 years ago
Pictures, bro!