foreplay ( poem ) for the ladies

I can feel your spot and you’re dripping wet
I whisper in your ear, on your mark, ready, set
I kiss your inner thigh and your body just shivers
You twist and moan as your muscles start to quiver
You want it so bad that you start to get pushy
So I spread your legs and French kiss your pussy
You taste hot and sweet, like peaches and cream
Your bodies so hot I can see the steam
It feels so good that your body just shouts
I have you flipped upside down, and turned inside out
You legs tighten up, straight as a pole
I tongue your clit and you lose control
I can tell that the orgasm isn’t an act
As you pull the sheets and your eyes roll back
Your whole body shakes and your toes start to curl
You bite your lower lip and your whole world swirls
You ladies love hearing how I tickle the clit
I bet you get wet just thinking of it
Now we’ve come to the end of this tale
Stop holding your breath, breathe, and exhale
Now you’ve caught you breath, and taken time to savor
I think its time for you to return the favor
You’re the kind of girl that loves to please
So here’s a pillow baby, and get on your knees
You lick your lips because your mouth can’t wait
You want my cock so bad you start to salivate
You take down my pants and you look in my eyes
Then your jaw hits the ground when you see my size
You cares my shaft with a grin on your face
Then you swallow it whole right down to the base
You slowly come up from one inch till nine
It’s the cock of your dreams, sent from the divine
You lick it soft and gentle, you’re being so kind
If feels so damn good I might lose my mind
You take it in your hands and you nibble the tip
The sensations so good that my heart beat skips
Your lips press down and begin to add pressure
My whole body shakes as I explode with pleasure
I bust in your mouth and you swallow my cum
But our fun little adventure isn’t near done
You straighten up your clothes and let down your hair
As for all you other ladies just wait right there
Slide your hands up your skirts as your thinking of me
And keep touching yourselves
The time has come, let your hands relax
Slide forward in your seats and straighten up your backs
I take off your clothes, so I can make you mine
I’ve got you right where I want you, and I’m taking my time
As I kiss your skin, I just close my eyes
Every inch of your body has me mesmerized
We climb into bed, and I kiss your lips
I move my hand down your stomach and between your hips
I spread your legs and prepare to begin
I ask you how you want, when I slip it in
Soft and slow so you’ll fall in love
Together forever like the turtle dove
Or hard and fast but you can’t complain
Cause tomorrow you’ll be limping in a joyous pain
I slide the head in and it just keeps going
9 inches in your mind I’m blowing
I’m in so deep that you scream and shout
So I pick up the pace, and I pound it out
I roll you on top and I squeeze your chest
The way you bounce your ass, baby you’re the best
We’re fucking so fast it could start a fire
It’s love, passion, lust and a hind of desire
You say your bout to cum and your body starts to shake
It hits me so hard like a fucking earthquake
I feel it in stomach, I’m about to blow
I can’t hold it no longer so I let it go
As I look into your eyes and I kiss you slow
You whisper in my ear, don’t you ever let me go
Then you close your eyes, and drift off to sl**p
And I slip out the door, without a sound or peep
As you open your eyes, to the sun’s downward beam
I’m nowhere to be found, could it all have been a dream
But the note on your pillow, says “I’m glad we met”
For that’s a one night stand, that I never will forget
Ladies don’t hide it, I know that you came
So just put a smile on and don’t be ashamed
88% (14/2)
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that was great