I love to surf the web my favorite sites are the porn sites I just love all the women that put there photos on these sites and even there videos,
I love the amateur’s section, as these are real people and not models,

This one day I decided to do some surfing and as always you get popup messages
The usual ones are sign up for free sex and then the camcorders one’s shag a local woman in your area,

The usual crap I just want to find some good wanking material somebody wife or a sexy teen,
I was clicking on the amateur sites when I noticed this new site this sometimes happens but this one was different,
It had private f****y videos, so I clicked into the file to see what it was all about it took me to another file, which I again opened,

Wow” I thought as it opened there was a woman that looked in her late 30’s and I can only presume it was her daughter about 18 both sunbathing in a garden,
Had I stumbled upon some secret video as they were wearing very little there was no sound other than someone breathing in the background,

The video then zoomed in on both women lying on there sun loungers and you could see that the older woman was wearing a very skimpy bikinis, the woman’s breast were enormous and she had a great looking body on her the bottom of the bikini was more like a thong which was pulled up her thigh’s making her legs look amazing,

The camera was now moving closer and the breathing got heavier as it got closer,
You could now see the younger girl was wearing an all in one costume which again was pulled up the front and tied behind her neck there were two strips of material that just covered her nipples she wasn’t as blessed as the other woman but certainly had a good mouthful of tit,

I was now so intrigued by this video I was beginning to think this was put on the web in error as it was a very personal and private video and not staged like most amateur videos you see,

As the camera was getting closer you could now see that both women were unaware what they were being videoed, and as they turned over on the sun loungers the camera zoomed in onto both rears and boy did they look hot the older woman was definitely wearing a thong as her rear looked so fucking hot you just wanted to burry your face in to her butt

As the camera moved to the younger girl “Oh boy she was even better than the Mom the material was so far up her butt she looked like she butt naked “Oh fuck I thought I wanted to stick my tong in and lick her butt,
It was no good I needed to get my cock out and relieve myself all this was too much for a guy,
I paused the video with that shot of that young butt and boy did I cum what a fucking video this is and we’ve only just started,

So I continue to watch the video and then I heard the older woman say,
“John what are you doing”

I’m making a f****y video of you both!

“John you’re a fucking pervert I know what your doing now get lost”

Oh come love it’s not harming anyone its only for us to view!

“Do you not realize that you’re filming your 16 year old daughter as well”?

Yes and you both look amazing and sexy!

“John if I didn’t know you better I would say you’re a dirty old man looking at your daughter that way and filming her as well”

Oh come on love your both in the garden near naked what’s a guy got to think seeing two gorgeous girls lying in the garden practically naked
I don’t see Hayley complaining about being filmed its only you,

“Please go away and let me sunbath do what you want and go and relieve your self somewhere else”

“The daughter asked would you fetch me a cold drink please dad!
Of course I will only if you don’t mind me videoing you!

“Whatever” (she answered)

The father must have gone back inside the house to get the drink as the camera was still running,
You could see the camera being put down onto a work surface it showed the kitchen of the house,
You could hear the father talking and saying,

Oh shit I so fucking turned on she so fucking hot I going to see if I can get her to show me more of her sexy body her mom doesn’t need to find out I’m sure she’s game,
She never normally complains if I ask her to do anything for me mind you this is totally different still worth a try must get her that drink,

I could now see that the camera had been picked up and was moving back towards the garden the camera was still filming as he handed the daughter her drink,

“Thanks dad”

The camera zoomed in on her breasts while she drank then it moved downwards to her legs showing just how tight the material was between her legs you could see her pussy lips Oh boy this guy was good and he didn’t even know!

Hayley will you pose for me by walking over to the house so I can get a shot of you standing up!

“Sure let me finish my drink first”

I could now see the daughter get up and walk towards the house as she did I could see what he meant by her butt Oh boy this girl was a natural the way she made sure he butt cheeks wobbled when she walked and those legs were to die for no wonder this dad wanted to film his daughter she’s one hot fucking chick,

That’s it Hayley stand and show me your best asset!

“What’s that dad”?
Your sexy butt!
“Dad your very naughty”
I know that’s why I love you so many babes
“I love you too dad”
Do you love me enough to show me a little more!
‘Like what”
Your tits baby!

“Oh dad your so disgusting “
No baby just an old pervert!
Well what do you say!

“Ok but not here I don’t want mom finding out”
Lets go inside the house we wont be disturbed there!

The camera was now moving towards the housed and followed the young daughter all the time filming her from behind at one time the camera showed the fathers hard on in his shorts before pointing back to her rear as she walked into the house,

“Dad if I do this for you will you buys me some new shoes”
Well I don’t know baby how much are we talking about!
“Well not too much lets say about £50”
How much I think if I’m going to pay that sort of money then I think you should be showing me more than just your tits babe!
“Like what”
I think for £50 you should be naked!
“Are you k**ding you want to see me totally naked for a pair of shoes”
Yes and not just once but anytime I want too!

“That’s not fair dad how can you expect your own daughter to pose naked just for a pair of shoe’s”
So you would pose naked for me if it were more than shoe’s then!
“No that’s not what I’m saying how doo I know that you will keep your promise if I do this”

You don’t but I will if you do this for me now!

The camera was focused on the daughter as she pulled the material to the sides to expose her breasts,
Oh my god her tits were so firm and her nipples were sticking out like bullets I could hear the father say

Oh babe your tits are wonderful and firm pinch your nipples for me babe!

I could now see the daughter start to get turned on with this posing she looked like she was enjoying herself,

Next the father asked her to loose the her costume,
Oh shit this video was becoming the best one I have ever seen on the net,
She tuned her back to him and untied it from around her neck I could now hear deep breathing coming from her father as she removed the costume,

As she turned to him she said,
“You will buy me the shoe’s daddy wont’ you”
Of course I will!
Oh baby your body is amazing I so much wanted to see you naked ever since you started to blossom and I’m not disappointed Oh fuck babe can I touch you!

“Not unless you promise to buy me a new dress to go with the shoes”
Babe you can have the shoes and a dress if I can touch you,

“Ok dad deal”

I watched as the father put the camera down and positioned it just right so that everything that was about to happen would be recorded,
As the father walked over to his girl she allowed him to suck on her tits and told him not to be so rough,
I could now see his hand move down between her legs she threw her head back and said that it felt so good,

You could now see his fingers probing her pussy,

Oh baby you feel so good and wet!
“Dad please don’t stop I want you to make me cum over your hand”
Baby can I suck your tits!

“Oh yes it feels so good”

He was now sucking her tits while he fingered her pussy,

Baby would you do something for me will you suck my cock as I’m so hard

He got up and dropped his shorts to a gasp from his daughter,

“Dad you are so big I’ve’ never seem a cock that big before “

I know babe that’s why your mom has never strayed from me!

She took his cock in her hand and started to rub his shaft up and down she had done this before with boyfriends many times but never for her father I could see her dad feeling her tits as she rubbed him,

Oh babe that feels so good please suck me put me in that lovely mouth of yours

And she did just that he told her to lie on her side and open her legs wide they took up the position of 69 as she sucked his cock her licked her pussy,
The picture was just so amazing,
I had to relieve myself again it was all too much and I paused the video again until I had cum,

What was about to come next was mind blowing,

The father got up grabbed the camera for a close up of him licking her pussy and then said,

Babe I need to fuck you and cum in you and if you let me I will buy you anything you want I promise!
“Oh daddy wouldn’t that be i****t what about mom what would she say if she found out “
Well you can ask her, as she’s standing right behind you!

“Its ok baby if you want to fuck your father then go ahead as I’m already fucking you older b*****r and have been for months so why would I mind your father fucking his own daughter,
Who will make sure you enjoy being fucked from now on we will all be sharing each other in future,

And I watched as the father got on top of his daughter and gave her the biggest fucking of her life,
I was also able to see the very sexy hot mom fuck her own son later on this video recording,
I’ve now had this video for over two years and I still sit and watch it and rub myself off while doing so,
I have never or will ever see a i****t video as good as this one in future

100% (8/0)
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7 months ago
fucking hot erotic horny story of truely erotic family:)XXXX
7 months ago
please download as you wish many thanks for your comments i'm please you liked it ,
please read my other's stories as well,
7 months ago
very fucking HOT. can I get a copy ?